20 Sites Like Fingerhut to “Buy Now Pay Later” with No Credit Check

Best Sites Like Fingerhut in 2021: Fingerhut is one of the largest online retailers in the United States who provide credit card shopping. This company is best known around the US for its “Buy Now Pay Later” strategy. Customers can pay for things with credit and make monthly payments for their purchases. But, do you know there are also other companies like Fingerhut?

Fingerhut is an American catalog/online retailer company founded in the year 1948. This company started with selling automobile seat covers and then later became a mail order catalog company that sells towels, dishes, and tools. Fingerhut was one of the largest credit card providers in the United States in 1996. This retail company offers services that are different from other stores and online shopping sites.

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On Fingerhut, you can buy now and pay later. Your complete purchases for a month can be paid off with credit at the starting of the next month. Most customers are choosing this “Buy now pay later” service over spot payments as these are more customer-friendly. While Fingerhut is the largest credit shopping site, there are also other stores like Fingerhut.


Best Sites Like Fingerhut

Fingerhut is the most popular catalog retail site that offers credit card shopping. Then, why are we discussing sites like Fingerhut? Well, a lot of people like to explore other areas of a particular subject before making a decision. If you want to take a look at the sites like Fingerhut, then we have a list prepared for you. You can check the best websites like Fingerhut here and then choose which one would you like to go for.

The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is no doubt one of the best sites like Fingerhut. This online shopping website offers quality products at affordable costs with amazing discounts. TSC site has a variety of products in fashion, jewelry, beauty, cosmetics, kitchen appliances, home decor, and other categories.

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Just like Fingerhut, you don’t have to worry about spot payment on this site. The Shopping Channel offers both instant payments or Buy Now Pay Later methods. You can go with the one you are comfortable with.


Ginny’s Buy Now Pay Later $10 shopping is a little expensive than Fingerhut, but it is still worth it. Ginny’s is another one on our list of sites like Fingerhut that you can choose to shop from. This catalog shopping website has all the necessities for your home.

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From furniture and home supplies to bed and bath supplies, you can find everything at Ginny’s. Not only that, but you can also purchase some special gifts and toys for your family and friends. The minimum credit for a month at Ginny’s is $10.

Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network, popularly known as, HSN is another website that is on our list of the top sites like Fingerhut. HSN services are available on both web and a mobile application format. Now you can shop from HSN whenever you want on your mobile phone or tablet by using the HSN app.

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Thousands of branded products are available at HSN to shop from. The Home Shopping Network company provides you with a credit card that you can use for shopping. At the end of the month, be prepared to pay your bills with credit on HSN.


Gettington gives you a free credit account with no annual membership fees, over-limit fees, and extra bills. This is one of the top sites like Fingerhut and is even more offering than this site. Gettington’s site offers unbelievable discounts on all of its products.

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So, you can buy all the necessities for your home from Gettington at cheaper prices. That too you don’t have to pay instantly. Gettington says “buy now pay later”, so you can pay the expenses for your purchases on a monthly basis.


FlexShopper is also one of the sites like Fingerhut that offers great options. To start with FlexShopper, you just have to apply for a credit card on their site. Once your credit card is issued, you are good to go. You can shop from FlexShopper anytime and then pay later.

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The FlexShopper catalog site has a variety of electronic gadgets and is best known for these products. You can find appliances like toys, mobile phones, cameras, and stainless products at FlexShopper.


StoneBerry is another one of the best places like Fingerhut. On StoneBerry, you can get a variety of products ranging from furniture to bedding items, electronics to decor items, and much more. If you want something for your home and don’t have money at that instant, then you don’t have to worry.

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StoneBerry gives you a credit account that can be used to purchase whenever you want from this website. The lowest price that you can repay in monthly credit payments is $5.99 per month which makes it cheaper than Fingerhut. This website has no additional fees, annual membership fees, or bills to be paid.

Country Door

If you are looking forward to shopping for home decor items for your home, lovely home, then Country Door is no doubt one of the best sites like Fingerhut. Country Door offers catalog shopping of a variety of home decor products on its website.

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With their “buy now, pay later” program, you don’t have to worry that your favorite piece of decor will go out of the sale by the time you receive your payslip. Country Door has plenty of coupons, vouchers, and discounts piled up for their regular customers. So, don’t miss out on this chance.

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If you are a person who loves to shop for music gadgets, then SkyMall is the perfect place for you. SkyMall has all the options that you need for purchasing music gadgets, electronic appliances, furniture, bedding items, clothing, and even pets.

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On SkyMall, you can purchase with credit just like Fingerhut. You can choose from the online catalogs and purchase online easily. SkyMall lets you select the products from a variety of stores on its website. You can explore a great number of options before you make your final purchase.


AfterPay is another website on our list, but it is not exactly similar to Fingerhut. On AfterPay, you won’t have to pay your entire bill with credit at once. This shopping site splits your bill into four equal installments. Once every 2 weeks, you will have to pay each installment.

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This means you get a total of 8 weeks to pay your bill on AfterPay. The process of purchasing and billing credit is somewhat different on AfterPay, however, it is still one of the best sites out there to shop with credit.


MDG is another website that offers online shopping with catalogues like Fingerhut. You can use the credit shopping system on MDG to purchase electronics, home appliances, bedding supplies, and even furniture from MDG.

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The MDG catalog stores offer laptops, desktops, tablets, HD TVs, electronics, mattresses, furniture, and many other products needed for your home and office. You can use up to $3,000 to shop with credit online on the MDG website.

More 10 Sites Like Fingerhut

We have already seen the best 10 sites like Fingerhut. These are the 10 other sites that are top Fingerhut alternatives. These sites also have the “Buy Now Pay Later” service provided at their shopping sites.

  1. Monroe & Main
  2. Seventh Avenue
  3. Ashro
  4. QVC
  5. The Swiss Colony
  6. Midnight Velvet
  7. Zebit
  8. Masseys
  9. Zzounds
  10. Overstock


What is Buy Now Pay Later?
Buy Now Pay Later is a credit-based shopping system provided by retailers. Your complete purchases for a month can be paid off with credit at the starting of the next month.
Is Fingerhut overpriced?
Fingerhut catalog shopping site is actually overpriced when compared to other sites. The minimum monthly expense is higher and the products are also expensive than on other sites.
Which are the best sites like Fingerhut?
The top 10 sites like Fingerhut are:

  1. The Shopping Channel
  2. Ginny’s
  3. Home Shopping Network
  4. Gettington
  5. FlexShopper
  6. StoneBerry
  7. Country Door
  8. SkyMall
  9. AfterPay
  10. MDG
Does Fingerhut help with credit?
If you are trying to build your credit, then Fingerhut is one of the reliable ones. Fingerhut reports your credit history to the three major consumer credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion that helps in building your credit.
Is StoneBerry similar to Fingerhut?
StoneBerry is a site like Fingerhut but even better than Fingerhut. StoneBerry offers shopping with credit with a monthly payment as low as $5.99.


We have shared the best 20 sites like Fingerhut in this post. Fingerhut is a good online catalog site that offers “Buy Now Pay Later” services. If you think this site is overpriced, then you can switch to its alternatives anytime. If you like this post, then share it with your friends too. To get more updated guides, keep visiting Techly Fire.

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