How to Add Playlist to iPhone Using Different Methods {Guide}

How to Add Playlist to iPhone? Is there any method to implement? Well, there are and now we go with different methods in a clear and better understandable format. Moreover, the process to add Playlist to iPhone/ iPad will be a bit different accordingly.

All this purely depends on the version the user uses. Setting up playlists and listening to music plays a predominant role among music lovers. As a result, the user need not sync all the songs at a time. Based on the probability you listen or the way you choose can be set without any second thought.

add playlist to iphone

In other words, it is the ultimate job to make ourselves active, for time passes, for dinner parties, and much more. Just simply check for compatibility,  create and add so that you can fill some entertainment in your livelihood. Let us start analyzing in a clear and better understandable format.

How to Add Playlist to iPhone

Music playlists are usually considered one of the great options that make your mood relax completely. The user can create a playlist, share, and save successfully without any bug. Here we go with the whole process provided for how to add a playlist to the iPhone step by step.

  • How to Add Playlist to iPhone Without Losing Data
  • Add Playlist to iPhone using iTunes
  • How to Sync Playlists to iPhone/iPad

How to Add Playlist to iPhone Without Losing Data

How to add Playlist to iPhone? Is there any process? Well, here and now, let’s start using AnyTrans which is very much fast and effective enough. Consists of a user-friendly tool to manage the respective iPhone without any fail. One can move the content from iTunes to iPhone and add the playlists successfully. Follow the below steps one by one and use the tool without fail.

how to add playlist to iphone itunes

  • Initially, get the AnyTrans app which is compatible enough and supported by iOS.
  • Connect the iPhone with the system using the original USB cable. Open the Anytrans once it completes the whole process.
  • Access the iTunes library by performing a click on the iTunes Library tab respectively.
  • All set to access its library very well. Tap on playlist-> now select the song you like to transfer-> click on the device button available on the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Remember, Anytrans is a great option for transferring playlists without removing data. That’s all!!!
  • Get ready to access and enjoy all the light music effectively.

How to Transfer Playlist From iTunes to iPhone

Well, doing this does not need any technician. We ourselves are better enough to fix and save all the valuable time. Here let’s add playlist to iPhone using iTunes implementing certain steps accordingly. This is considered as number one and today, millions of users access it without any fail.

It is free and one can easily set their mood by listening to such wonderful music. The only thing, the user has to synchronize two devices in a perfect way. As a result, all this mainly depends on compatibility, and how efficient it delivers is taken into consideration. Let’s begin with the process provided in detail to “Add Playlist to iPhone”.

how to add playlist to iphone through itunes

  • Firstly, connect the iPhone with the respective system using an original USB cable. As a result, launch iTunes accordingly.
  • Now if you see, choose music available on the left panel on the screen.
  • It is a must and should choose the sync music box if not taken automatically. Simply enable it.
  • Tap on selected playlists, artists, albums, and then genres with no doubt.
  • Select the playlist you like and tap on sync. To go into detail about the synchronization process, implement the steps one by one provided below. That’s all!
  • All set to listen and enjoy the music greatly.

If you are confused or not able to add, simply contact us for getting more information and easy steps to successfully connect with it.

How to Sync Playlist to iPhone/iPad

There are two different ways that help to sync playlists without any fail. Here we go with different steps provided one by one accordingly.

Verify Songs to Synchronize

Usually, iTunes helps to allow what songs to sync and enable the option respectively. One can control what exactly to sync. Follow the below instructions one by one to get synchronized successfully.

  • First and foremost, connect both iOS to the system with an original USB cable.
  • Now perform a click on the summary tab available in the form of options.

add itunes playlist to iphone

  • Verify Sync only checked songs and videos respectively. As a result, tap on apply.
  • Go back to the respective iTunes library-> verify the songs need to be synced-> perform on apply and it starts accordingly.

Playlist Synchronize

  • Firstly, connect the iOS to the system and iTunes using an original USB cable.
  • Choose the device available in iTunes respectively.
  • Now tap on the music among various tabs.
  • There you see the radio-option known playlists, artists, albums, and genres respectively.
  • If in case, you fail to create a playlist, try to create it right now.

how to add a playlist from itunes to iphone

  • The songs which were added can be synced automatically to the respective iPhone successfully.
  • Creating a playlist is possible by a single tap on the + icon and naming it accordingly.
  • Adding songs through iTunes or with a drag and drop interface is very much possible.
  • That’s all!!! All set to enjoy the wonderful music according to the mood swings of the respective user.


I hope you are cleared enough of all the methods for “how to add Playlist to iPhone” provided above. If you have any doubts or like to get more information, drop down a comment in the below rectangular box. Therefore, if you like the article, you can share it with friends and also on social networking sites without fail. Thank you. Stay in touch with Techly Fire for more interesting articles.

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