Optimum Altice Remote Light Blinking {6 Working Fixes}

Did you ever hear about this issue of Altice Remote Blinking? It has become very common these days. People are struggling enough with this issue and failed to fix it. To bring awareness or to develop the knowledge regarding fixing this issue, we had brought certain fixes shared below in a simple understandable language. Before we learn the fixes and reasons for Altice remote blinking, let’s learn a few lines about Optimum now.

Optimum is none other than a TV service that is offered all around the United States of America. All their TV service is good at providing great coverage, speed, and featured with many services. All they take responsibility to bring the best equipment suitable for all the homes situated in the United States of America. Also, this introduces intelligent home entertainment technology which increases the user experience to a greater extent.


Just by setting up the Optimum Altice, one can experience the smart tv features and a perfect smart remote which is perfectly paired. All the things you need to place the box which occupies a very small area and make sure you place the box away from the kids, children, pets or any. Also, the smart remote has an option called voice accessibility where the users can control and navigate the whole box with a single command. Operating it is quite easy. But in recent times, they started facing this error Altice remote blinking. Let’s go through the fixes.

Altice Remote Blinking! How to fix It?

The common issue we are seeing with Optimum Altice is Altice remote blinking which is also known as a status light. If any issue arises, making it delayed will make the working condition of the remote worse. Later, the remote stops responding. So, therefore, it is very important to fix the issue initially without making any delay. Anyhow the fixes are shared just below.

Replace the Batteries

Sometimes, the remote stops responding due to the low batteries. Whenever the batteries get low, the remote starts blinking. If you are using normal batteries, you need to replace them.


In case if you are using rechargeable batteries, once the remote stops responding, it’s time to charge the batteries. Once the batteries get charged, place and check the status of the remote. Even though it fails to work, try the below fixes.

Check the Bluetooth connectivity

Usually, the Altice smart remote transmits the signals by taking the help of Bluetooth. All this enables functionality like voice command and many more. Hence in order to activate this voice command you need to navigate the channels and menu too.


The main point not to forget is to program the remote with the one and only Altice TV box via taking the help of Bluetooth. The availability of a blinking light is going to indicate the remote is ready for pairing. If the remote failed to pair, then there is a problem with Bluetooth. Hence you need to check the Bluetooth connectivity too.

Restart the Altice box

When we see the batteries are 100% working and the Bluetooth connection is super. It’s time to restart the Altice box. Hence in order to restart the box, you need to follow the below instructions that are shared in the form of bullet points.


  • The very first step is, you need to unplug the power chord from the Altice box.
  • Wait for a while.
  • Plug it back and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

If the issue optimum Altice remote blinking is still not fixed, try the below fixes.

Reprogram the Remote

Once the batteries work efficiently and still you see the light blinking continuously, try to pair up the remote once again by following the below instructions.

  • Go to the Settings. Tap on the Home button.
  • Choose the option called Preference. Next to this, select the option called Pair remote.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select Pair remote control.
  • Make sure you press and hold the numbers 7 and 9 at a time at least for 5 to 10 seconds.

Once done, you see the message called pairing is done successfully. Also, automatically the blinking light gets disappear. If still, you see the Altice remote blinking, try the below fixes.

Reset Altice Box

Performing a Factory Reset on the box is another solution that helps in eliminating the problem or error of so-called Altice remote blinking and not working. As the remote is unresponsive, do not forget to perform the factory resetting manually. All this process can be done successfully when you follow the below instructions now. Hence, let’s go through the points.

  • Search and locate the reset button available at the back of the box.
  • Press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds until the box light blinks and will restart or reboot the box.

After the successful reboot, save and restart the entire service right away.

Visit the Optimum store

One more solution or fix to stop the Altice remote blinking is, visiting the Optimum store. If in case performing the reboot also results in the same, then it’s time to visit the store.


So that they check and diagnose the issue successfully. They check or verify whether the remote is faulty or the problem is with any other. Once found, they will exchange the things and make your problem gets permanently solved very well with great convenience.


I hope the fixes shared above for Altice remote blinking are clear and understandable. For any doubts, provide them in the below comment section. As soon as we see it, we will definitely help in clearing it out. Like and share the information which might help someone who is facing the same issue. Also, keep connected with Techly Fire for learning more interesting details that are shared here.

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