As an independent worker, can I only pay a pension?

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The general rule is that every person must be affiliated with the comprehensive social security system, and comprehensive means health, pension and labor risks. For this reason, it is not possible for a person to pay only pension contributions, without being affiliated with an EPS as a contributor.

How much does an independent pay for pension?

one . How much should an independent pensioner contribute? The amount that must be assumed as a pension contribution is calculated on 40% of the income received by the independent worker, and 16% is settled on this value.

How much should an independent pay for health and pension 2021?

Health: 12.5%. Pension: 16%. Occupational risks: 0.522%. Family Compensation Fund: 2% or 6% (optional).

When is it not mandatory to pay a pension?

As a general rule, all salaried or self-employed workers are obliged to contribute to a pension, regardless of age, because there is currently no law that excludes such an obligation.

What people should not pay pension?

Mentioned below are the people who do not have this obligation: Women over 50 years of age or men over 55 years of age who have never contributed to a pension, will not be able to contribute to a pension because they would not be able to meet the minimum period of contribution to be able to access the old-age pension.

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Which users do not have to pay a pension?

Who does not pay due to age? Those who have never contributed to pensions and have: Women 50 years or older and. Men 55 years or older.

How much is paid for health and pension 2022?

16% goes to pension, 12.5% ​​to health and 0.522% to the ARL. But it should be remembered that the minimum contribution base is precisely the minimum wage.

How much health and pension is paid as an independent 2022?

The percentage of health contributions for 2022 continues at 12.5% ​​of the contribution base income –IBC– of the independent worker. For dependent workers, the contribution is distributed 8.5% by the employer and the remaining 4% by the worker.

How much should an independent person pay for health and pension?

The independent worker must pay the full monthly contribution, which corresponds to 12.5% ​​of the base income for the contribution to the General System of Social Security in Health and 16% in pension matters.

What is the increase for pensioners in 2022?


In these cases, the pension will be readjusted according to the CPI, which for 2022 was 5.62%. You will be able to see these adjustments reflected from the payroll payment of January 2022. In addition, the increase will be adjusted in monthly payments 13 and 14.

How much social security is paid as an independent 2022 with the minimum?

Independent social security payment.

Law 1955 of 2019 in its article 244, states that all independent workers who obtain monthly net income equal to or greater than a minimum wage must contribute to social security on 40% of monthly income.

How much is a worker worth in Colombia 2022?

Minimum salary in 2022 is $1,117. 174 for the worker and approximately $1,600. 000 for the employer.

What people are entitled to the pension bonus?

Who is entitled to a pension bonus? Those people who have contributed 150 weeks (equivalent to 3 years) to the defined-benefit average premium pension scheme, prior to joining a private pension fund.

How do I know if I am entitled to the pension bonus?

Who is entitled to this benefit? Those people who have contributed 150 weeks, equivalent to three years, to the Average Premium Pension Scheme with defined benefit and prior to being linked to a private pension fund.

Who is entitled to the Colpensiones pension bonus?

Those affiliates who, prior to their transfer to the individual solidarity savings scheme, meet any of the following requirements are entitled to a pension bonus: -That they have made contributions to the Social Security Institute, or to the public sector pension funds or savings banks, for a total …

What is needed to apply for the pension bonus?

Have at least 1,000 weeks of contributions, which translates into having contributed for more than 19 years. Request the bonus when there are 2 years left to be a pensioner. Remember that as of 2015 the age to access the pension in the case of women is 57 years and in that of men it is 62.

When can I request my pension bonus?

At age 60, if you are a woman; or 62 years, if you are a man. 500 weeks after the cut-off date, if on April 1, 1994 the person was over 50 years of age, in the case of women; and over 55 years, for men. The date he would complete 1,000 weeks of valid employment.

When can the pension bonus be requested?

People who have contributed for at least 150 weeks (3 years) to Colpensiones or to public sector savings banks or funds are entitled to the pension bonus; also, those who have worked in entities that recognize pensions in both the public and private sectors.

How much does a pensioner receive in Colombia 2022?

Pensioners for a minimum wage will have an increase of 10.7%. In this way, in 2021 they received 908,526 pesos, in 2022 they will receive one million pesos. For this population this year the contribution to health was reduced to 4%, so they will actually receive a total of 960 thousand pesos.

What happens to pensions in 2022?

The table of the amount of pensions for 2022 also establishes a new maximum limit of 2,819.19 euros per month (39,468.66 euros per year divided into 14 payments), 111.69 euros more per month than last year. This means that no pensioner can collect an amount greater than the established limit.

How much does a special agreement with Social Security cost?

What is the cost of the special agreement with Social Security? It will depend on the contribution base chosen by the interested party, which can range from the minimum (1,050 euros per month) to the maximum (4,070.10 euros per month).

How much is paid for the special agreement with Social Security?

To find out the fee you have to pay for this special agreement with Social Security, you would have to do the following: €1,150 (contribution base) x 28.3% x 0.94 = €305.92 per month.

What is the age limit to contribute a pension in Colombia?

The main recommendation is perseverance, given that the minimum pension requirements are between 23 and 26 years of contributions (depending on the pension scheme to which you are affiliated). Likewise, the pension age in Colombia is stipulated at 57 years for women and 62 years for men.

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