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You must have come across the name “Android emulators”. For those who are not familiar, Android emulators will aid you to use the Android apps and games on your Windows PC and Mac. These emulators will allow you to experience the Android environment, with the advantage of testing the various apps right on your desktop.

Furthermore, you will love the experience of playing your favorite mobile games on the big screen. The Android operating system as we all know is one of the most widely used OS in the world. Statistics reveal Android is dominating the mobile operating system market, with a share of nearly 86.2%.

Best Android Emulators

The open-source platform of Android contributes to its immense popularity. You can make use of the Android emulators to have a better know-how of this hugely acclaimed OS. In this post, we are talking about the best Android emulators for Windows and Mac and their functionalities as well.

Functionalities of an Android Emulator

The list can get pretty exhaustive, so we are going to list out some of the notable advantages you would get by emulating Android on your computer. And later, you are going to witness the 5 best Android emulators you can get your hands on.

Here, is a short glimpse of why you should consider the Android emulators in the first place.

  • An Android emulator will help you run Android applications on Windows and Mac OS. However, evidently, it does not mean that an emulator can replace the actual need of having an Android smartphone. Yet you will be able to access the various functionalities of Android on your computer.
  • The Android emulators are similar to any other software; you can download and install them easily without any hassle.
  • You can deploy Android emulators for testing apps, switching quick toggles, and testing other functions.
  • Using an Android emulator will not impede the normal operations of your desktop. You can run both the desktop and Android apps simultaneously. Although, few emulators also have the provision of a drag-and-drop feature, which makes the data transferring between your PC and the emulator a piece of cake.
  • The ability to play high-end games on your PC with the help of these Android emulators is one of the reasons that makes them so popular.

Best Android Emulators

And here’s the most awaited section you were looking for – The Top 5 Android emulators.

The name Bluestacks has become synonymous when we mention the Android emulators. But, in the present day, some more Android emulators are also hogging the limelight due to their robust performance. So, let us get down to the business and present to you the names of the Top Android Emulators. Not to mention, we tested several of them and handpicked only the best of the lot.


This emulator has earned an enormous reputation owing to its superb reliability and quality. You have the option to access the Google Play Store to download apps and games, just as you usually do on your Android phones. The installation procedure of the Bluestacks emulator is also super-easy. You can choose to download between the free and the paid version of this emulator.

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The computers with proper configurations will make the emulator work better. Bluestacks offers support for keyboard mapping, but it can cause problems with the gestures. One of the drawbacks of this very popular Android emulator is its sluggishness when you are trying productivity apps. If recurrent sponsored ads disturb you, consider getting the premium version of the Bluestacks App Player which can cost around $24.

Nox Player

The Nox Player Android emulator will be more feasible for individuals who desire to enjoy their Android experience minus the ads. Specifically, the Nox Player emulator targets the gamers in mind. Well, that does not mean, you will not be able to test the other apps. With the help of the Nox emulator, you will be able to map the keys of the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. The emulator supports gestures, which makes the experience even better. With the Nox Player, you also have the additional freedom of mentioning the amount of CPU and RAM for getting the best out of the gaming experience.

top 5 android emulators

While, everything seems to be perfect with the Nox emulator, at times it can put extra load on the computers. So, you need to be careful about the types of apps you choose to run on it. You will also be able to root the device well under a minute. You will love the extra features available in this emulator, which are easily accessible from the vertical toolbar that appears on the right-hand side of the window. Some of the notable features include the video recording shortcut and screenshot, a link to macro a record, and most interestingly, an option that allows you to install apps outside of the Google Play Store.

KO player

As we kept testing the various Android emulators, we realized, most of these Android emulators seem specifically for the sake of game lovers. The KO Player is another such Android emulator that does full justice for the gaming freaks. You can use the emulator in two modes, speed, and compatibility. Understandably, when you are trying out the games, you can try the speed mode. In case, you encounter some problems; you can switch to compatibility mode to steady your ship. After the successful installation of this emulator, you can enjoy lag-free gaming experiences.

best android emulators for pc and mac

This emulator is not free of ads, but the featured ads are much lesser in comparison to some of the other free versions. KO Player also gives you the opportunity to use keyboard mapping and gamepad emulation. Like the other emulators, you can also use them for trying other apps apart from the games. But, at times, this Android emulator can become frustrating, as it crashes even when it is running in compatibility mode. You may also encounter issues when trying to uninstall it. Nevertheless, you will appreciate the easy setup procedure and the simple user interface.


So far, MEmu is the youngest member of the league of Android emulators. However, within a short period, it has earned a lot of reputation in the respective market. No prizes for guessing, this Android emulator also focuses much on the gaming experience. If you are looking to extract the best out of this Android emulator, you should enable virtualization for your CPU. The emulator supports the AMD and Nvidia chips. You will fall in love with the keyboard mapping options.

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MEmu seems to be heavily inspired by the Nox emulator, as it also features a similar vertical toolbar that has a host of possibilities. The emulator includes a great feature; you can set your virtual location on Google maps. The downside of MEmu is the poor graphics. Now and then you will witness small textures and the absence of smoothness. If the developers can fix this problem, it can become an unbeatable choice in the world of Android emulators.

Remix OS

Finally, we could lay our hands on an offbeat Android emulator. The Remix OS, unlike the other emulators, is not game-specific. Precisely, you are going to experience the real feel of an Android OS. The emulator is the brainchild of some of the ex-employees of Google.

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Thus, you can rightly expect it to have some useful features. You have the advantage of putting the Remix OS on a USB device and then booting it from any computer. Those, who are in for trying various productivity apps will find this emulator very good. You will not be able to use it for playing hardcore games, only middle-end games can run smoothly on this emulator.


While reviewing the various Android emulators, we had specific considerations in mind. The Android OS is loved and appreciated not only because it has a plethora of games but also features some of the best productivity apps. We hope you find this guide to be helpful.

After analyzing the pros and cons of each of the Android emulators listed here, you can choose how you want to experience Android. So, go on, test them out, the fascinating world of Android beckons you. For more useful guides, stay tuned to the Techly Fire website.

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