5 Best Offline Android Games to Play without Internet

Games are the best thing which keeps us away from boredom and entertains us in the free time. However, We have online and offline android Games, but knowing what is offline and online can be tricky. But remember,  here we need the internet to download both offline and online games.

Maybe Playing with the internet, the game will be stuck-up due to poor internet, the phone gets hanged, it leads to irritation and you may lose the interest to play further. To get rid of this irritation and for a smooth flow game, we have an offline game where we can play anywhere and at any possible time.

Best Offline Android Games

However, Mostly in the game description where we get to know the details of the game features and how to play but not described whether it is online or offline so far. Anyway, Feeling bored! but, no internet? Don’t worry, here are  5 offline games that get you rid out of the boring moods.

5 Best offline Android games to play without the internet

So here we are going to show you some best android offline games which can be played without the internet. You can enjoy all these games without any data connection. Just download the game and start playing right away.

5. Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the best offline Gaming, where you have escaped from the Demon and have to collect some coins, diamonds, and some powerups to keep yourself away from obstacles, gain lives, and new characters. Also, you will go through some levels as you go on playing.

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It’s quite interesting when you are trying to escape from demons and it boosts your spirit while playing. It’s one of the best offline entertaining games that kill your free time and keeps you away from boredom.

4. Candy Crush

Candy Crush is another puzzling offline Game with Creative thinking, where you have to match three or more similar candies. With the matching of more similar candies, you will get some special candies in between to crush the similar or large quantity of candies and collect them as per the level suggests to unlock the next level, and you also win some rewards.

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It’s a tricky game where you have to finish the game as fast as possible from a given time so that you can get the three stars and gain more points with some rewards. However, it has 5 lives, if you lost the game one live will be misused and if you lost all the lives you have to wait for the 1 live to filled back again to play the level.

It enhances the enthusiasm to play more and a best relieving game to play in your free time.

3. Subway surfer

It’s a surfer who tries to escapes from an inspector, who runs across and on the trains and has to collect the coins to buy powerups and also collects some power-ups for a  fast run. You feel excited and cheerful when you try to escape from the inspector.

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But, you will be caught by the police when you hit by the train or by any other obstacle. This game consists of rewards that are used to unlock the characters and power-ups. It’s a funny game where you really love to play.

2. Hill Climbing Racing 2

Hill climbing Racing 2 is a driving game race over hills with different vehicles and you find the fuel on the way of your racing to fill your fuel tank, where we have to complete the level to unlock the next level.

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You may also find some unlocked vehicles but you have to unlock the further levels to unlock them. The ones who are interesting in racing over the hills will definitely love to play this game.

1. Brain Games

Brain Game a tricky puzzle game where you have to find the treasure (or) things that are hidden. In this game, you will be given a question and also hints followed after it. Based on the question you have to find the hidden things and gain the points that boost your mind to think more creatively.

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Brain games are good, interesting, and time passing games for those who good at creative thinking to get rid of their boredom. Playing these types of offline android games makes your brain sharp. Start playing them right away.


Hope that this article will be helpful for you to find out the list of best android offline games. Which you would like to play in your free time to avoid your boredom without any worry of poor internet. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section. We are here to answer your questions as soon as possible. Share the article with your friends and make them save their internet. Stay tuned to TechlyFire for more informative guides. 

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