How to Block Texts on Samsung Galaxy Phones { 3 New Ways}

How to Block Texts on Samsung Galaxy Phones: Having control over what text messages are received on a Samsung Galaxy device (which is used by the Korean company’s Android operating system) is something that is not complicated at all. But you may not know how to get it. Here, we will explain the steps to take to achieve this, and therefore, you are unbothered by unwanted contacts.

Thanks to the inclusion of the TouchWiz user interface, getting text messages from one number (or more) blocked is not complex at all, and best of all, no additional application is required. In addition, the steps to take are not very numerous. So getting to a good end is not exactly tedious in the Samsung Galaxy devices.

block texts on samsung galaxy phones

By the way, if at any given time you need to remove the block, this is completely possible and, in this way, the flexibility offered by the software layer above Android offered by the Samsung Galaxy is quite large. The case is that all this can be done without excessive problems. Now let’s see how to block texts on Samsung Galaxy phones or how we can block the text messages on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Methods to Block Texts on Samsung Galaxy Phones

There are generally two straightforward ways to block texts on Samsung Galaxy. Here we will show you 3 effective ways to do it so that you can choose the one that best suits you at all times (and needs). You can check all the 3 ways and choose the best one. All these three methods will solve the problem. But each method has a unique feature and it may differ from the other one. So choose according to your choice.

Blocking Texts On Samsung Galaxy Phones (Unknown Numbers)

The first is the one we recommend for numbers that are not known since it is the most direct. When you receive text messages from unknown numbers, then just do the following process to stop messages from them.

  • You must run the Messages application and select one received by the number you want to block.
  • Click on More in the top right and then Block number.

block text messages on samsung phones

  • A new window appears in which you must use the corresponding slider
  • Once this is done, click on Accept

That’s it!! Quite a simple process to block texts from unknown numbers on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Blocking More Numbers at a Time

The second way is the one that allows you to establish a batch lock, making it the most suitable for when there are several numbers in mind.

  • You have to use the Messages application you have on your Samsung Galaxy again.
  • Click on More and then on the Settings option

block messages on samsung phones easily

  • A new screen appears in which to choose Blocklist
  • Here it is possible from entering a specific number how to access the Contacts and selecting the ones you want to block.

Using these ways also you can block texts from more numbers on your Samsung phones.

Block Texts on Samsung Galaxy Phones

To block texts on Samsung Galaxy phones like Galaxy S5, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge, Grand Prime, or more, follow the given procedure.  How to send text messages to the spam box on Samsung. Block a number from sending you text messages with Samsung S5. So you can use this method on any of the Samsung phones.

  • Enter Messages, then tap the menu button in the upper right corner.
  • Then click Spam messages

samsung galaxy how to block text messages

  • Scroll to the bottom and tap ” Spam Filter “.

how to block text messages on samsung

  • Turn Spam Filter on and then go to “Add to Spam Numbers” to customize your block list.

how to block text messages on samsung a50s

  • Once you add numbers to your Spam List, you will no longer receive text messages from that number in your inbox.

So you can use these methods to block texts on Samsung Galaxy phones and enjoy using your mobile without any problems from unknown & unwanted messages.


I hope you got the complete information regarding the best ways to block texts on Samsung Galaxy phones. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below. We are here to assist you for sure with any problems you face on this topic. Share the article on social media networking sites if you like this guide. Also, stay tuned to Techly Fire for more awesome tutorials and step-by-step guides.

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