How To Change IP Address On Phone {Step by Step Guide}

How to Change IP Address on Phone: Today, practically everyone has a smartphone connected to the internet through a mobile data or Wi-Fi network. These devices are characterized by being simple to use so that virtually no one has problems, so many of the settings are made automatically.

One of these automatic configurations is the smartphone’s IP address, which is received through the DHCP server of the router we connect to. Although receiving the IP address from the DHCP server is very fast and simple, it is dynamic, that is, it can vary every time we connect.

how to change ip address on phone

If we are normal users and do not usually make use of applications that, for example, allow us to connect from the computer to the mobile, we will not have problems. However, if we need to make use of this type of application, that the mobile changes IP every few times it can be a mess, which we can solve by assigning a fixed IP address. Or you can even change IP Address on phone whenever you need it. The same process will be followed.

How To Change IP Address On Phone

Before we explain how to change IP address on phone, let’s take a look at why exactly should we do this. Here are the advantages that come with changing the IP address of your phone.

Advantages of Changing the IP Address on Phone

Having a fixed IP makes us easy prey for hackers. They will know that the equipment is in a specific IP address and therefore can attack with more precision and ease. It is much harder for them to attack a changing target (dynamic IP).

advantages of changing ip address

In addition to the anonymous browsing and security offered by dynamic IP, another advantage of changing the IP address has to do with downloading applications. You may have encountered the message “The application is not available in your country or region” on more than one occasion when trying to download an ‘app’ in your app store. Well, by changing the IP address, you could download that application without any problem.

It can also be useful in some countries that censor certain websites and online services, for download pages on the internet that only allow one download per day. In this case, change IP address on phone and try downloading. Changing the IP address could download content without restrictions that can be done by using a VPN.

 how to change my phone ip address permanently

You need another country’s IP address to unlock anything which is locked in your country. This is where the VPN Software or apps come into the picture. If you want another country’s IP, then proceed with a VPN.

How to Change IP Address on Phone(Android)

The following steps will show you how to change IP address on phone.

  • To assign a fixed IP address to an Android smartphone, the first thing to do is open the settings panel to access the Wi-Fi configuration section.
  • Once here, we will see a list of all Wi-Fi networks within our reach.
  • We select the network, to which we are going to connect, and we will see the screen where we are asked for the password.
  • At the bottom, we will see the “Modify Network” section.

change your ip address

  • Click on it and we will see two new sections. Select ” IP Settings ” and choose the ” Static IP ” option.
  • The screen will change and we will have all the sections that we must manually enter an IP address for our Android smartphone.

The data that we must enter are:

  • IP Address: The IP we want to give our Android.
  • Gateway: The router IP through which we go to the Internet.
  • Network prefix length: The subnet mask.
  • DNS 1: First DNS server.
  • DNS 2: Second DNS server.

We enter this information in its corresponding sections and then the password of our Wi-Fi network. Android will automatically connect to our network and register on the router with the IP that we have specified.

From now on, if we want to connect, for example, from our computer to the smartphone, we must do it using that IP address, with the certainty that, even if we disconnect it from the network, we connect more devices and even restart the computer, it is not going to change.


That was how to change IP address on phone successfully. We remind you that each version of Android is different, and each manufacturer tends to customize the menus to your liking. So the exact routes and appearances can fail. Make sure to use trusted VPNs so that you won’t get in trouble. For more related articles, visit our website Techly Fire.

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