How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7353-5101 in a Few Easy Steps

Got Netflix Error Code M7353-5101? It feels annoying when you plan to stream Netflix and chill but the situation goes the opposite way. Errors like the Netflix error code: M7353-5101 often appear in streaming applications and video games since they have a fair amount of requirements to run.

Netflix is the largest on-demand video streaming service available right now. With more than 200 million active subscribers, Netflix offers great service to its users. From award-winning films to exclusive content, Netflix got your back on everything ranging from adults to kids’ choices.

error code: m7353-5101

But, the issue we are talking about in this post is the error code: M7353-5101. This error code has been a frequent guest on a lot of Netflix users’ accounts and doesn’t let them stream anything. We are going to show you how to fix this Netflix error M7353 in this post.

What Is Netflix Error Code M7353-5101

Netflix Error Code M7353-5101 is a streaming or playback error. This error, for sure, doesn’t occur due to the server issue on the Netflix side. M7353 error appears if the user which means you have some issues on your device or network. The main reason why this Netflix error is triggered is due to the lack of signal transmission. The browser extensions on your device may mess up the signals and don’t let Netflix stream properly.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code M7353-5101

Now, we will show you the most effective and working methods to fix Netflix error code M7353-5101. Follow each method by going through the steps given below and get back to your Netflix app right away.

Temporarily Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are the main cause behind the Netflix error codes. So, disable or turn off the extensions temporarily by following the steps given below.

For Chrome users: 

  • Open Chrome and type “chrome://extensions” in the URL bar.
  • Press Enter to go to the Chrome Extensions page.
  • Once on the extensions window, disable all the extensions.

Fix Netflix Error Code M7353-5101

  • Refresh the browser and stream Netflix.
  • Hopefully, the Error code: M7353-5101 will be fixed.

For Firefox users: 

  • Open the Firefox browser and press Ctrl+Shift+A keys simultaneously.
  • Now, from the left pane, click on the “Extensions” tab.

netflix code m7353-5101

  • Once on the extensions page, disable all the extensions.
  • Refresh the browser and check if the Netflix error is fixed.

Clear Browser Cache

Follow the steps given below to empty the browser cache so that your browser gets refreshed.

For Chrome Users: 

  • Launch Chrome and click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner.
  • Now, go to “More…” or “More Tools..” and click on “Clear browsing data..”.
  • Next, on the Clearing page, select the Time range as “All Time”.

Netflix error code M7353-5101

  • Check the boxes for cookies and cached images and files.
  • Finally, click on the “Clear data” button.
  • Once the cache is cleared, restart your device and check on Netflix.

For Firefox Users: 

  • Launch Firefox and type “about:preferences#privacy” in the URL bar.
  • Press Enter or click on the search icon to go to the Clear data page.
  • Now, click on the “Clear Data” option.

netflix error code m7353

  • Next, check the boxes for Cookies and Cached Web Content.
  • Finally, click on the “Clear” button.
  • Once the cache is cleared, restart your device and check on Netflix.

Update Windows OS

If you see that the Netflix app is still showing the error code: M7353-5101, then you should update your operating system. Follow the steps given here to update Windows.

  • On your Windows PC, go to the search bar and type “updates”.
  • Click on “Check for updates” from the results to open it.
  • Now, download the pending updates for Windows if there are any.

how to fix error code: m7353-5101

  • If your system is up to date, then you will see a screen like this.
  • Restart your device after the updates are installed successfully.
  • Open Netflix and try to stream a video. Check if the error code: M7353-5101 appears.

Turn Off Proxy Server

Using a Proxy Server on your device? Disable it temporarily to let your Netflix stream without error codes. Here is how to disable a Proxy Server.

  • Firstly, press Windows+R keys to open the Run box.
  • In the box, type “inetcpl.cpl” and click on the “OK” button.
  • A mini window will appear as shown in the image.

fix netflix error code M7353

  • Now, click on the “Connections” tab.
  • Next, under Local Area Network settings, click on “LAN settings”.
  • Under Proxy Server, uncheck the box for “Use a proxy server”.

error code: M7353-5101 Netflix

  • Click on “OK” and then click on “Apply” to save the changes.

Update Widevine Content Decryption Module

If you are using Chrome on your device, then you have to update the Widevine Content Decryption Module once in a while to run your apps efficiently. This method can fix the Netflix error code: M7353-5101.

  • Launch Chrome and in the URL bar, type “chrome://components”, and press Enter.
  • As shown in the image, click on the “Check for update” button under the Widevine Content Module.

Netflix Error M7353

  • Once the module updates are installed, restart your device.
  • After rebooting the PC, open Netflix and check if the error code: M7353-5101 is fixed.

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Disable Antivirus Software

If you have an antivirus application installed on your computer, then temporarily turn it off. Antivirus applications tend to block some apps with ads and also if it detects it as a threat. So, turn off your Avast, AVG, Norton, whatever antivirus app you are using. Then check if Netflix is streaming without an error code.

what is error code: m7353-5101

Avoid Secondary Display

If you were using Netflix on a dual monitor, then this can also cause streaming issues sometimes. So, disconnect your monitor from the secondary display, and then try to use Netflix. Hopefully, the Netflix app will stream normally this time.

netflix error code m7353-5101 fix

Switch To Netflix Web

If none of the methods are fixing the error code: M7353-5101 Netflix, then we suggest using Netflix on the browser. Without using the Netflix application, sign in to Netflix on your Chrome, Firefox, etc. This time you will not see any error code for sure.

why is netflix showing error code: m7353-5101


We have given the 8 best methods to fix Netflix error code: M7353-5101 in this post. Error codes are common, so don’t worry if you see an error. Try out the solutions given here and easily fix your favorite streaming application to watch your favorite movies and shows without any interruption. For more useful guides and fixes, visit Techly Fire.

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