How to Fix Wyze Error Code 90 {8 Working Solutions}

Do you have a problem with your Wyze application? Is your Wyze cam app showing Wyze Error Code 90? A lot of Wyze users have been facing the same problem. When tried to open the app, the server shows “Please try to power cycle the camera (error code: -90)”. But, power cycling the device won’t always fix the problem.

Wyze Camera is one of the smartest home appliances that are widely used for indoor surveillance. The Wyze application is used to monitor the activities of the Wyze camera using an Android, iOS, or Windows device. However, error codes as always make their way into this too.

wyze error code 90

One of the most common issues found in this Wyze cam is the error code 90 Wyze. This error is mainly caused due to lack of connection or compatibility issues. In this post, we are going to show you some simple ways to fix Wyze error code 90 by troubleshooting the problem.

How To Fix Wyze Error Code 90

The Wyze Error Code 90 is given as shown in the image below. It asks you to power cycle your device. However, a power cycle alone is not able to fix this issue.

wyze camera error code 90

We are not going to waste your time anymore. Start performing the solutions given below one by one and easily fix the Wyze cam pan error code 90.

Restart Your Device & Wyze Cam

First of all, before you try those tricky solutions, start with the simpler ones. When you see that your Wyze cam is not connecting to your smartphone and an error code is showing up, restart your device.

  • Restart your smartphone or whatever device you are using for Wyze Cam Pan.
  • Now, launch the Wyze Cam application and try to connect to your Wyze Camera.
  • Next, turn off the Wyze Cam and wait for a few minutes.

what is wyze error code 90

  • Then, turn on the Camera and check the LED light.
  • A solid blue light indicates that the camera is working properly.

Check Compatibility

You must make sure that the device which you are using for Wyze Cam is compatible with the app. Wyze Cam has some particular system requirements for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, to be able to connect to it.

wyze cam pan error code 90

  • Wyze app is supported for Android (5.0+) and iOS (9.0+) devices only.
  • Wyze app can’t be used on Windows phones and Kindle Fire tablets.

Examine The USB Cable

Make sure to check the cable of your Wyze Cam Pan. Go to the Wyze Cam and examine the USB cable at its back.

  • Thoroughly check the cable and make sure it is inserted properly.
  • You can just remove the cable and insert it back to the adapter.

error code 90 wyze

  • Also, make sure you are using the original USB cable of the cam.

Connect To Strong Internet

Having your smartphone connected to a weak internet connection can cause Wyze Camera Error Code 90. Here is a list of things you should go through to fix the error.

  • Check your wifi signal strength in the Wyze app.
  • If your signals are weak, restart your router and reconnect.

Fix wyze error code 90

  • Still having issues, click on the “Reset” button and reset your router.
  • Place the router and the camera without any obstacles in between.
  • If your router’s Firewall is enabled, disable it temporarily.

Change Router’s Channel Bandwidth

One of the system requirements of the Wyze Cam is using a router of 2.4 GHz frequency. So, if your router is not abiding by the condition, it may lead to Wyze error code 90. Here is how to change your router’s channel bandwidth.

  • Go to your Router’s IP Address Settings page using any browser.
  • Enter the username as “admin” and enter the password which is given on your router.
  • Now, once in the Router settings, go to Channel Bandwidth.

how to fix wyze error code 90

  • Select “2.4 GHz” and save the changes.
  • Restart your router and then connect to the Wyze Cam and its app.
  • Hopefully, the error code will be fixed this time.

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Reinsert SD Card

Still not able to fix the problem? Check on the microSD card inserted in the Cam. If the SD card is not properly placed or was damaged, then this can be a problem.

  • Remove the SD Card from the Wyze Cam.
  • Check if the SD Card is completely fine or broken.
  • Insert the card properly this time.

wyze error code 90 reddit

  • Now, try to connect the cam to the app.
  • Check if the Wyze error code 90 still appears.

Reinstall Wyze Cam Application

If you are facing the same error code even after trying the solutions given above, start as a new one again. Uninstall the Wyze Cam app from your smartphone and get a fresh installation.

  • Uninstall the Wyze Cam app from your device and restart your device.

how do i fix wyze cam error code 90

  • Now, from Google Play Store or App Store, install the Wyze Cam app.
  • If you are using any VPN, make sure to disable it to avoid errors.
  • Set up your app with the Wyze Camera from the start.
  • By performing this solution, the Wyze error code 90 will be fixed for sure.

Contact Wyze Support

No matter what you try, if you are still not able to fix the Wyze error code 90, directly take help from the official customer support of Wyze.

  • Visit the Wyze Cam official support website on
  • Explain the Wyze error code 90 issue to customer support and wait for their reply.

wyze error fixes

  • They will surely get back to you and will help you to resolve the problem.

Final Words

We have given the best 8 ways to fix the Wyze error code 90 in this post. Start with the simpler ones and easily fix your Wyze Camera error code 90. This error can be caused due to a compatibility issue or connection problem. Strengthen your internet signal and make some changes if necessary. We hope this fixing guide was able to help you. For more helpful guides like this, visit our website at

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