How big is the Gog meteorite?

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Gog (1999 AN10)

On August 27, 2027, the asteroid Gog will pass 388,960 kilometers from Earth, that’s very close. And there is a 1 in 10 million chance that an impact will occur in the year 2039. It is not known precisely but it is estimated that it measures between 800 and 1,800 meters.

What is Gog 2027?

In 2027, Gog would arrive, an asteroid, according to my news, about 24 kilometers long. This object will impact the Atlantic and cause a situation… The current pandemic would be child’s play at its side.

How big is the largest meteorite?

Characteristics: This is the largest meteorite ever found in one piece, and the largest piece of naturally occurring iron ever discovered on the face of the Earth. The Hoba weighs 60 tons and measures about three meters wide by three meters long, with a depth of three feet.

What is the size of a meteorite?

Meteorites are rocky and/or metallic pieces that reach the earth’s surface, from meteoroids (astronomical bodies with sizes between 0.1 mm and 50 m) that passed through the earth’s atmosphere.

How big was the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs?

The crater measures more than 180 km in diameter, forming one of the largest impact zones in the world; it is estimated that the meteorite that formed the crater measured more than 11 km in diameter.

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Where is the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs?

NASA: This is the Chicxulub crater, the place where the asteroid that extinguished the dinosaurs was impacted. The extinction of the dinosaurs is a topic of general interest about which more details are known from time to time, such as the place where the asteroid hit and the details that surround it.

Where was the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs?

Finding in a crater in Mexico shows that a meteorite wiped out the dinosaurs. In the Chicxulub crater, Mexico, iridium dust and other metals present in meteorites were detected. The impact of one of them caused the great mass extinction, 66 million years ago.

How much does a meteorite weigh and measure?

The smallest are tiny particles, and the largest weigh more than 1,000 pounds: more than 30 tons of metal in all.

How big does a meteorite have to be to destroy a city?

The fall of rock or iron asteroids larger than 50 m in diameter occurs with an average interval of one hundred years, which can produce local catastrophes and tidal waves. Every several hundred thousand years, asteroids larger than a kilometer cause global catastrophes.

What is the largest meteorite that has fallen on Earth?

The largest one-piece meteorite was discovered a century ago on the Hoba West farm in northern Namibia. Known as the ‘Hoba meteorite’, this impressive block of iron (it is actually an iron-nickel alloy) has a peculiar rectangular shape of 3 x 3 x 1 meters and weighs more than 61,000 kilos.

What is the largest asteroid that has fallen on Earth?

    Hoba meteorite. It is estimated that the Hoba fell into our atmosphere 80,000 years ago, but you were clueless and it was not until 1920 that a farmer found it. … Meteorite Gancedo. … El Chaco meteorite. … Cape York. … Willamette.

What is the asteroid that has passed closest to Earth?

There are only two asteroids that have come closest in Earth’s history: One was asteroid 2020 QG, which passed just 1,800 miles above the southern Indian Ocean, but was also small enough not to pose a threat. for Earth, and the asteroid 2020 VT4, which flew at about …

When will Gog fall?

In 2027 an asteroid, Gog, will hit Earth. In 48 hours it will produce 1,200 million deaths, tsunamis of a thousand meters high and the planet will be left without electricity or fuel for nine years.

What does JJ Benítez say about 2027?

The “prophecy” of JJ Benítez: “a meteorite will collide with the Earth in 2027 and there will be 1,200 million deaths”

When will the 2021 meteorite fall?

NASA has notified that an asteroid will pass close to Earth at the end of this 2021, specifically on December 27. However, the probability of the asteroid colliding with our planet is very low. The celestial body is marked with the Apollo classification which, according to NASA, is the most dangerous.

What is the probability of a meteorite falling on Earth?

Nelson, a professor of earth sciences at Tulane University, made the attempt in a paper published in 2014, where he calculated that the chance of dying from a local impact from a meteorite, asteroid or comet is 1 in 1 million 600,000.

When did the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs fall?

The great celestial rock of 10 kilometers in diameter, which fell 66 million years ago in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, wiped out 75% of the species of flora and fauna of the time, but at the same time it fertilized the land so that with Over the years, new and varied ecosystems grew.

What to do in case of a meteorite fall?

Rule number 1: Yell. The stronger the better. You have to use the scream to warn other people of the impact of the meteorite. It could take about ten years to hit the Earth but it is better not to improvise.

Who is the blue father?

Juan José Benítez, better known as JJ

What happens if an asteroid falls into the sea?

Likewise, the simulation also shows different angles at which the meteorite could hit the surface of the water. According to the institute’s research, a more oblique angle would be more likely to generate a tsunami, as shown in this example.

What damage can a meteorite cause?

Everything dies: plants, animals… The atmosphere is basically composed of Carbon and Oxygen. The heat from the impact of the meteorite causes both gases to become Nitrogen Oxide, an acid that would produce acid rain: another factor that contributes to the death of plants and animals.

What does the Trojan Horse say about Jesus?

– Well, I will say it explicitly: according to the Trojan Horse, Jesus of Nazareth would be the Creator of our galaxy. One of the Sons of God. -His version of Christ differs quite a bit from the one preached by the Catholic Church.

How true is the Trojan Horse book?

Juan José Benítez insists: the story of the ‘Trojan Horse’ saga is based on reality. In the 1960s, NASA carried out a secret project to alter the fabric of reality and allow time travel.

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