How can I know if I have been granted disability?

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In order to see your disability file and check the status of the application, you have to go to the INSS website and then enter the Electronic Office. Here you will be asked for the digital certificate, or a username and password to be able to access your profile and personal area.

How long does the INSS take to resolve a disability?

The maximum term contemplated by law for you to receive a resolution is 135 business days. The INSS will notify you of the resolution in writing (normally with prior notice), and it is common for this to occur in a much shorter period than the legal maximum contemplated.

How long does it take for the 2021 disability letter to arrive?

The maximum term to resolve and notify the resolution will be six months, counting from the date of receipt of the request in the registry of the competent body for its processing.

How to see INSS resolution?

Once inside ‘Your Social Security’, you must go to the ‘Your data’ section, at the top, and click on the ‘Management’ section that appears on the right side of the screen. There you can consult your procedures, follow up and check the files already resolved.

How to obtain a copy of the pension resolution?

The pension resolution is obtained after starting the process to obtain this benefit, for this you must collect the requested documents, start the process with the IMSS through the means provided by the institute, finally you will be able to collect your copy of the pension decision.

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How to obtain a copy of the retirement resolution?

The retirement resolution can be consulted by going to any Social Security Service and Information Center (CAISS). As in the case of the application, it is not necessary to go to the nearest center, any one will do.

How long does it take to send a disability card?

Within a period of three months you will receive the Accreditation Card of Degree of Disability at the address that appears in your application, by ordinary mail.

How much do they pay for a 33% disability?

Disability less than 33%

A certificate of disability that is less than 33% does not entail any financial benefit, nor tax or social benefits. There is therefore no 33 per cent disability pension.

Who issues the disability certificate?

The certificates are issued by the autonomous communities, except in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, where the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) does so.

How long does it take to get the decision of the medical tribunal?

How long does the Medical Court take to notify us of the resolution? The term established by law is 135 days to resolve and notify the resolution resulting from the medical evaluation.

What entity grants the certificate of disability?

It is a document issued by an evaluation board in the health institutions authorized for this purpose by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, which certifies the existence of the disability, its nature, its degree and the possibilities of rehabilitation of the person.

How is the disability certificate processed?

As I do?

I gathered the necessary documentation with the health team that treats you (medical certificates, reports, forms, complementary studies). With the documentation gathered, go to the place assigned to you in the personalized consultation and request a turn for the Evaluation Board.

Where can I get the certificate of disability?

WHERE TO PROCESS THE CERTIFICATE OF DISABILITY? The procedure takes place at the Zonal Social Service closest to your address that appears on your Identity Document.

What benefits do I have with a disability of 33?

The person who accredits a minimum of 33% disability may benefit from the deduction of family income, the reduction of personal income tax for working people with disabilities and deductions in the purchase of housing and pension plans. -Discounts on leisure and culture.

How much is disability pay?

The amount of the pension is established based on your personal income and/or that of your Coexistence Economic Unit, and it cannot be less than the minimum of 25% (1,474.90 euros per year) nor more than 5,899.60 euros per year. year. The monthly payment for a full non-contributory disability pension is 421.40 euros.

How much do they pay per degree of disability?

Amount of disability pensions

-In general, the disability pension is 414.86 euros per month and 5,808.04 euros per year. -If the disability is 75% or more, the amount of the pension becomes 622.32 euros per month and 8,712.48 euros per year.

How to obtain pension certificate online?

You just have to access the ‘Your Social Security’ service and identify yourself with the Digital Certificate or the Cl@ve (DNI and password). Within the ‘Your Social Security’ profile, in the ‘Work’ section, you can select the option of the pensioner or non-pensioner certificate, depending on your personal case.

How to consult files in Anses with DNI?

Consultation of files in My Anses

Enter My Anses with CUIL and tax code. Once inside My Anses, select the “File Query” option. A grid with procedures in progress will be displayed on the screen. To select the file to consult, click on the desired file number or cover page.

How long does the INSS take to send the 2021 retirement resolution?

According to Social Security, the average time for the resolution of a retirement pension application is 19.97 days so far in 2021.

What happens if the medical tribunal discharges you?

If the Medical Court confirms the discharge, you will have to return to your job, but you will still have the option of initiating a disagreement procedure with the medical discharge. In this way, your leave due to temporary disability will also be extended for the duration of the resolution.

When does the Medical Court call you while you are on sick leave?

12 months off: the turning point

The first, as we pointed out before, is that you will receive a notification summoning you to go through the medical tribunal (EVI, or SGAM in Catalonia). This is how the INSS review occurs after 12 months of sick leave, through the evaluation of the court’s medical inspectors.

What do I have to do if I am fired while on leave?

When a worker is on leave, the normal method of notifying the dismissal is through a burofax. It is always advisable to collect these notices, to be notified and to be able to defend yourself. On other occasions, the company may ask the worker to go to the company’s offices.

What happens if I am discharged and cannot work?

This means that if you are discharged, you must request reinstatement to the job and then, once you have reincorporated, claim against it. The fact of presenting the claim against medical discharge does not allow you not to return to work.

Who has to discharge you?

During the first 365 days, those responsible for managing registrations and cancellations are, in general, the Mutual (in the event of an accident at work or professional illness) or the Public Health Service of the Autonomous Community (in the event of common illness or non-occupational accident).

Who sends you to the medical tribunal?

A medical inspector, proposed by the management of the Health Service of the Autonomous Community. A medical doctor belonging to the INSS. A labor and Social Security inspector proposed by said body. An official in charge of the corresponding procedures before the Provincial Directorate of the INSS.

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