How can I know the origin of a car?

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The 17 characters that make up the VIN include data such as vehicle attributes, factory code, model year and, of course, country of origin. To find out where your car was made, just look at how the VIN starts. Each country has its own code with one or two characters.

How to know with the VIN the origin of the car?

The first three digits of a truck’s VIN are part of this first section.

The first digit identifies the country of origin or the final point of assembly of the vehicle. The second digit indicates the manufacturer. The third, grouped with the first two, indicates the type of vehicle or manufacturing division.

How to know if a car is national or imported?

There are two ways to see if a car has been imported:

Through the technical file: In the “Observations and authorized reforms” section, an indication of its importation may appear, for example: “Imported vehicle. … It can also be seen in the circulation permit.

How to know if a car is American or Mexican?

You can find out the status of a vehicle by going to, selecting the option “Know the Status of your Vehicle”. You must enter only one of the search criteria listed below: – Plate Number (without spaces or hyphens). – NIV (Vehicle Identification Number).

Where is the VIN of a car found?

On the circulation card or on the registration papers of your vehicle.

On the front of your dash, driver’s side. Normally, it can be seen from the outside. On the door molding located on the driver’s side. On the circulation card or on the registration papers of your vehicle.16 related questions found

Where to check the VIN of a car for free?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau ( makes it easy for you with its VIN Vehicle Identification Number Check Tool. The site will tell you if your vehicle has been: Reported lost or stolen. Recovered.

What is the VIN number on the circulation card?

The serial number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is known as the identification sequence with which each vehicle produced worldwide is “born”. It is like a fingerprint of the car, van, truck or motorcycle, made up of letters and numbers.

How to check the series of an American car?

Carforsale ( is a website where you can check American vehicle histories for free. You just have to put the VIN. On the page you can know the owners, if it has had accidents, if it has been remanufactured and more.

How can I check the title of an American car?

If you suspect any type of fraud you can check the car title through the Department of Motor Vehicles -DMV for its acronym in English- or you can buy a car history report.

What does it mean that a car is imported?

It is that vehicle that has an original title or invoice issued by a foreign agency, and with an import request from the customs office through which the vehicle was brought into our country, where the payment of the respective taxes for its importation is recorded and that it is effectively legally located in Mexico.

How to know the year of the vehicle with the VIN?

This section is known as Check digit. It is a security number that uniquely identifies the VIN and is authorized by the manufacturer. The number ten number denominates the year of the car. Each year has a code, from the years 80 to 2000, each one had a letter, for example from 2000 it was Y.

How to check a title?

To consult the authenticity of the professional licenses, you can access the page: where you must look for the link with General Directorates; then the General Directorate of Professions, where the National Registry of Professionals is located.

Where is the VIN and how should it go?

Probably the simplest way to find the 17-digit number is, from outside the vehicle, to look at the dashboard on the driver’s side. In the corner where the dash meets the windshield you will find the 17-digit VIN number.

How to make a Carfax for free?

There are three ways to get a free Carfax report:

When you buy a used car on the Carfax website or on sites like and On a car dealer’s website or at a car dealer. Through a private seller.

How do you know if you have a professional title?

How to check if my professional title is registered?

Go to the Services section and click on the option “Verify if you are registered in the National Registry of Degrees and Titles”. Enter your ID number or names and surnames. Then, enter the security code from the image and click in ‘Search’.

How do I know if my degree is registered with the Argentine Ministry of Education?

As I do? Contact the Directorate of National Validity of Titles and Studies of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation via mail to: Do not forget to indicate the following information in the email: Full name of the degree and/or certificate.

What if a car is American?

You can buy an American car without any problem, but to use it in Mexico without restrictions, you must process its legalization. Otherwise, circulating with an American car without you having regularized it can bring you problems. Among them, the difficulty in contracting auto insurance.

What is imported and border?

National vehicles: Those that have been manufactured in Mexico. Border vehicles: Those that, having registration in the United States, have an import document that allows them to circulate within certain distances in Mexico.

What documents should an imported car have?

What documents are needed to import a used vehicle?

    Identification of the natural or legal person (you must be Mexican) CURP (for natural persons) Power of Attorney (for legal entities) Property Title (endorsed in favor of the importer) Request (issued by customs agent)

What documents does an American car bring?

What is the American car license in Mexico for?

    Ownership title of the vehicle in the name of the importer or endorsed in his name. Valid official identification of the importer. Voting card with photograph. Passport. Professional ID. Immigration form with photograph. Military Service Card.

What are the border cars?

In the case of border cars, these are cars that are given a renewable permit with which they can circulate only through border cities and states. The phenomenon of nationalized and border cars has its origin in the migration of Mexicans to the United States.

What are the border plates?

The border plates allow foreign cars imported into Mexico free transit through the country’s highways and cities, limited to 21 kilometers from the border with the United States.

What cars become border?

In this way, the car may enter if it is used and meets the following requirements: The year/model of the vehicle is 8 to 9 years prior to the year in which the import is made. That is, during 2021 vehicles whose model year is 2012 or older can be imported.

Who can drive an American car in Mexico?

The person who has the permit, the spouse, parents, children or relatives, these people can drive as long as they meet the one who has the vehicle permit.

Where can you circulate with UCD plates?

Your vehicle can fully circulate in Michoacán, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Durango and Coahuila. You have a 24-hour emergency number to provide advice and support.

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