How deep should a bed be?

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It consists of digging with a depth of about 50 cm. deep, aerate the soil, fertilize it and never step on it so that the growth of the roots of our crops expands easily, the roots will grow deep instead of horizontally, thus yielding more productivity of our terraces and…

What to plant in the same bed?

First season: legumes (beans, peas, broad beans) and cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, radishes, turnips). Second season: Solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines). Third season: Compositae (lettuce, escarole), Chenopodiaceae (chard, beetroot, spinach) and Cucurbitaceae (courgettes, cucumbers).

What is a deep bed?

Deep terrace, a sustainable method for growing vegetables. In agroecological production systems, the deep terrace method has proven to be an efficient option in the use of space, water and nutrients, conserving the soil, producing more and better food.

How is the deep bed made?

First, a trench is dug lengthwise (also 40 cm wide) and the extracted soil is saved. That land along with the manure will be incorporated into the second trench that is dug and so on. That is, when we make the 3rd trench of the deep bed, it will be filled with the soil from the second. As many trenches as width will be dug.

What wood to use for terraces?


I have used 5cm thick pine wood that is more or less estimated to last us about 7 years. We can use oak or chestnut, which are much better, but looking at prices, it was too much for me.

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What wood is used to make Huerta drawers?

The cultivation of plants requires three basic requirements: light, soil and water, and space to contain the soil and the plants, herbs and flowers that are chosen. Wood, especially pine, is the perfect ally for this type of project.

How is a biointensive bed made?

Biointensive gardens: Learning to grow your food

Prepare the seedbed with double excavation.Make compost to fertilize the soil.Make dense planting.Associate and rotate our crops.Plant plants that, in addition to feeding us, produce dry material to be able to make compost.

How to make an organic garden?

An ecological and sustainable garden should have objectives such as:

Preserve biodiversity.Reduce maintenance work.Recycle and reuse.Recycle vegetable waste from the orchard and garden.Save water.Harness the energy of the sun.Use less polluting machinery.

What is needed to make a home garden?


Identify the type of terrain. … Remove the weeds. … Aerate and loosen, key tasks to prepare the land for the orchard. … pave the way. … Fertilize and enrich to prepare the land for the orchard.

What can I plant between tomatoes?

Good neighbors In a tomato patch you can plant lettuce, onion, bean or pea seedlings among the bushes. Eggplant can be planted alongside onions, lettuce, beans or peas. Swiss chard allows any crop to grow alongside it, just like carrots.

Why make terraces?

In gardening and orchards, terraces allow us certain advantages. For example, it does not allow grass and other weeds to enter the place where we have planted. This makes our work easier and allows us to better optimize irrigation water and fertilizer.

What does the word terraces mean?

Flat land that is made on a sloped terrain, and that is used for cultivation. 2. m. Rectangular piece of land, ready to plant vegetables, vines, olive trees or other fruit trees.

Where can you make an organic garden?

Growing our own greens and vegetables and being able to enjoy them at our table is an experience within everyone’s reach. We can create an urban organic garden in a small garden, a patio, a terrace, a balcony or even on a window sill.

What is the biointensive bed?

The word biointensive refers to the powerful biological development of the soil, while the biointensive method is a viable type of agriculture for organic and intense food production, which does not use machinery or chemicals.

What are Biointensive beds?

It is a land surface that is prepared physically, chemically and biologically so that it has a structure and an appropriate level that allows plants to grow healthier and more constantly.

What is the biointensive method?

It is a small-scale sustainable organic farming method focused on self-consumption and mini-commercialization, developed in order to grow the necessary food for a complete and nutritious diet in the smallest possible space, without depending on any type of input. external.

How to make a garden in wooden boxes?

How to make a garden crate

Assemble 4 boards using squares in each corner; delimit the squares with rope or cables; place the box on the ground; fill the box with soil or special substrate for urban gardens; distribute the soil well with the help of a rake; sow the seeds or the floors.

How to make a garden at home with drawers?


Sand the wood of the drawer. … If you want to decorate it, you can paint it with some water-based paint that tolerates bad weather. Next, take the fabric and pin it with the thumbtacks to one of the edges of the drawer. … Then the substrate is placed, it can be compost and the selected crops are sown or placed.

How to make planks to plant?

The planks must be prepared a few days before planting, fertilized and watered so that the soil has the nutrients and moisture necessary when placing the seeds. Once the boards are established, we proceed to fertilize with organic fertilizer (parked manure or compost).

How are cultivation terraces made?

The terraces are built following “contour lines” (lines that join points of equal height) or with a small slope that allows the water to run off without the ability to erode the soil.

How much is a terrace?

The width of the terraces will range between 0.80 and 1.20 meters and the length will not exceed 12 meters, being frequent those of 1 meter wide by 6 meters long.

How do you spell terraces?

1. sm AGRICULTURE Each one of the squares or sections into which a land is divided to better distribute the crops and the irrigation of the hillside is arranged in terraces.

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