How did Gregorio’s family realize that something bad was happening to him?

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Gregorio’s mother, crying, said that if he was really sick, to wait, she called his sister, her name was Greta, to please go get a locksmith. The maid and the sister ran to the door, opened it and left it open, so they leave it in the houses that something bad has happened.

How does Gregorio Samsa’s family react to his death?

But when he is unable to continue earning money, he becomes a problem, an embarrassment, and family relationships begin to strain, to the point of making coexistence impossible. In the end, when Gregor has already died, the Samsa family feels a huge release.

How do the parents and guests react to seeing Gregorio in the dining room while his sister plays the violin?

The guests stop paying attention to the violin and look at Gregorio. The father, worried about their reaction, gets up and, with his arms outstretched, leads them to the room, covering Gregorio with his body. It is then that the guests get angry and ask for explanations.

What precautions does the family take regarding Gregorio?

What precautions does the family take with Gregorio? They keep the door to his room always closed, they don’t talk about him, it’s as if he never existed. The only one who cares a little about him is his sister.

How does Gregorio’s father react when he sees him outside his room?

Gregorio’s father: he kept a hostile expression and had his fists clenched as if he wanted to put Gregorio in his room, then he began to cry.

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How do the parents and the rest of the family react when they see Gregorio’s transformation?

Because of Gregorio’s transformation, the family must find ways to support themselves, so the father and sister go to work. This causes, in some way, a metamorphosis, especially in the father, who begins to be more jovial and energetic.

How does Gregorio see the father figure?

Gregorio Samsa: He was the protagonist and I had a bad impression of him. The father: he was a very drastic and strong figure. The main employee: he was a very unfair and nosy figure. The mother: She was an understanding but submissive figure.

What did Gregorio Samsa observe to realize that it was not ringing?

Gregorio Samsa is, then, a beetle. And the beautiful observation that Gregorio unknowingly keeps a pair of wings under the shell of his back (which could have transported him miles and miles from his room) adds a new twist to the original, without changing a line. .

What happens to the hosts in metamorphosis?

As the guests sometimes ate dinner in the living room, the door remained closed some nights, but Gregorio gladly refused to open it, even some nights when it had been open he had not taken advantage of it, but, without the family noticed, he had lain down in the corner more …

How is the attitude of Gregor’s father towards his three guests?

The father shows his authoritarian character and punishes his son for his hideous transformation, throwing the apple at him that will stick into Gregor’s side and that, after becoming infected, will cause his death.

What happens to Gregorio at the end of the play?

After the metamorphosis, Gregorio is unable to work, and this will force his father, his mother and his sister to work to support themselves. He spends most of his time in his room and witnesses his family’s abandonment and disdain, which grows little by little.

How does Gregorio Samsa’s family react to being turned into an insect?

Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman who supports his family with his salary, wakes up turned into an insect. His state will force his parents and his sister to work and, with it, despise him: now he is no longer of any use to them.

How did Gregorio Samsa feel?

Gregorio Samsa’s restless dream was his restlessness in the face of the life that touched him. He became an unwanted being, but he preferred that situation to continue with his unwanted life. The sadness of the work is summed up in small dialogues. Normal conversations that relate the fatigue of everyday life.

How do you interpret the transformation of Gregorio Samsa, what do you think it represents?

With the transformation, Gregor becomes aware of his loneliness and undervaluation in the spheres in which he operates (work and family). vulgarity. But this trait makes society pay dearly: it condemns him to ostracism, degradation, loneliness.

What does Kafka mean in The Metamorphosis?

In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka addresses the issue of authoritarianism through the story of a traveling salesman named Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning transformed into an insect, turning it into a sin that leads him to suffer the greatest disappointments for part of his family, work and…

How did Gregorio’s father dress on Sundays?

When the father came back from his new job (he was now dressed in a “smooth blue uniform with gold buttons and a shiny striped hairdo”) and heard about the episode, he filled his pockets with apples from the fruit bowl on the sideboard and started throwing them at Gregorio. .

How is Gregorio Samsa’s relationship with his boss?

Samsa is a man afraid of the boss. He never, not even turned into a bug, he would dare to question his authority or the rules by which his work life is governed. And it would even be said that his degrading transformation is a kind of maximum degree of somatization of the protagonist’s servility.

What emotions does metamorphosis convey?

In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka tries to convey certain emotions of the protagonist to the story, so the reader will feel impotence, sadness and despair, understanding the young insect Gregorio Samsa.

What is the moral of metamorphosis?

The metamorphosis teaches us that everything is fiction, Gregorio Samsa did not undergo this transformation physically. But he linked the emotions in the protagonist. It is a total reflection of how his situation was with his father in an affective way. He showed exactly what life was like for him.

What happens when Gregorio dies?

The denouement of the story is when Gregor dies and the family thinks of a new future. Gregor Samsa’s metamorphosis from its beginning until he dies lasts approximately 4 months and ends around the beginning of spring.

When did Gregorio Samsa wake up?

“When Gregory Samsa woke up one morning after a restless dream, he found himself on his bed turned into a monstrous insect”, with these words the Czech writer, Franz Kafka, began his famous story “The Metamorphosis”.

How is the relationship between Gregor and the other characters?

The area where the relationships between Gregor and the female characters are established is, then, the home, the bourgeois house, the family. And that is where the conflict or confrontation between characters occurs.

What did the cleaning assistant call Gregorio?

Gregorio Samsa, Grete Samsa, Mr. Samsa, Mrs. Samsa, Assistant. Lyric.

What did Gregorio observe when he raised his head?

He was lying on his back on a hard shell and, raising his head, he saw his convex and dark belly, furrowed with curved calluses, on which the quilt barely held up, which was about to slip to the floor.

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