How did the Indigenous Resistance in Nicaragua take place?

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The heroic indigenous resistance began with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, which meant a violent process of conquest and colonization of Nicaraguan territories, which was confronted with a deep-rooted military character of indigenous culture, in which war was expressed in a great spirit of…

How was the process of indigenous resistance?

The indigenous rebellions of the colonial period are produced by various motivations that can be included in the imposition of an economic and social system that had broken the old native structures. Resistance germinates when the native decides to reject these impositions by force of arms.

How was the indigenous resistance in America?

The indigenous resistance began from the very moment that Christopher Columbus made landfall on October 12, 1492, in America. It was not an easy empowerment for the colonizers; nor for the first; nor for those who subsequently dedicated themselves to emancipation.

What is the importance of indigenous resistance?

This day serves in several countries of America to remember the indigenous people who died during colonization. In addition, indigenous groups claim their rights and demonstrate against the genocide to which they are subjected by extractivist and neoliberal policies, which damage their territories.

What happened on the day of indigenous resistance?

– In Venezuela, every October 12, the Day of Indigenous Resistance is commemorated, the day in which the cruelest bloodshed of our native inhabitants began, who were victims of the violence of the Spanish colonizers for 525 years and for more of three centuries.

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What is celebrated on October 12 in Venezuela summary?

On this day, since 2002, the Day of Indigenous Resistance has been celebrated in Venezuela. On October 12, it was declared by the National Government, as a way to vindicate the indigenous struggles during the period of colonization of America.

What is commemorated on October 12 and why?

Historical reflection, intercultural dialogue, recognition and respect for the native peoples.

What is celebrated on October 12 and why?

On October 12, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America is “commemorated”, or “celebrated”.

What is commemorated on October 12 and why?

Cultural diversity in Argentina today

Since 2010, October 12 is the “Day of respect for cultural diversity”. The idea of ​​the existence of human “races” was left behind, forged from the European conquest and the rights derived from it.

What does indigenous resistance mean in Venezuela?

The Day of Indigenous Resistance commemorates the rebellion of the Native Americans against the Spanish conquistadors. Previously, this important date was known as Columbus Day and its meaning was totally opposite to the reason that is celebrated today.

What does respect for Cultural Diversity mean?

Respect for diversity is a deeply interpersonal skill, and can be defined as the understanding that people participate equally in a common ethical world, by virtue of their human condition, while recognizing the uniqueness and differences of each individual.

What is respect for Cultural Diversity?

The defense of cultural diversity is an ethical imperative, inseparable from respect for the dignity of the human person. It implies a commitment to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the rights of persons belonging to both minorities and indigenous peoples.

What does World Day for Cultural Diversity mean?

It is an international day in which we must delve into the great values ​​of cultural diversity: Raise awareness of the importance of intercultural dialogue, diversity and inclusion. Getting all of us to commit to and support diversity through real gestures in our day-to-day lives.

What is Cultural Diversity and an example?

Types of cultural diversity

Linguistic diversity, which consists of the coexistence of different languages ​​and/or dialects within the same territorial unit. Religious diversity, which consists of the practice of different religions and/or mystical or spiritual traditions within the same nation.

What is abstract diversity?

The term diversity refers to the difference or distinction between people, animals or things, to variety, infinity or abundance of different things, to dissimilarity, disparity or multiplicity. The term diversity is of Latin origin diversitas.

How can respect for diversity be realized?

In this case, reading stories or watching movies that talk about other cultures or religions, listening to music in other languages ​​or trying food from different countries are some of the simplest ways to instill respect for diversity.

How to respect diversity?

The child must understand that diversity exists and as such must be respected. Children must learn to make friends and respect others, regardless of their skin color, their features, what their hair is like, whether they are Chinese, Arab or indigenous, whether they speak another language, and to respect their culture and traditions .

What is celebrated on October 12 for children?

It is a celebration of the diversity between Native Americans and Europeans. In the United States, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October. In Mexico, this celebration aims to commemorate the common history and the ties that were created between the American countries and Spain.

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