How do I know if I am contributory or subsidized?

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National free line of the Contributive Regime 01 8000 954400. Website of the Administrator of the Resources of the General System of Social Security in Health – Adres. Affiliate Service Offices.

How do I know if I have subsidized EPS?

To find out which EPS you are affiliated with, you can consult: Health line for all (3649666). Website of the District Health Secretariat:, link: Check the status of affiliation.

What is the difference between the contributory and the subsidized regime?

The contributory regime is the system that collects workers who contribute a portion of their salary to have health coverage for themselves and their families. The subsidized regime welcomes those people who cannot pay their health affiliation.

How to consult my EPS in adres?

We tell you the step by step.

Go to the entity’s website: Select the third option from the main menu: ‘Check your EPS’. (…Once there, you will find a space to select your document type. …Then, type in your identity document number.

What does the tax regime cover?

Affiliates to the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa) in the Contributory Regime enjoy the basic coverage guaranteed by the Health Services Plan (PDSS), which offers between 80% and 90% in outpatient, maternity services (except medical fees for normal childbirth, covered at 100%), …

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What are the tax regimes?

The contributory regime is a set of rules that govern the connection of individuals and families to the General System of Social Security in Health, when such connection is made through the payment of a contribution, individual and family, or a previous economic contribution financed directly by the affiliate or in …

What is the contributory regime and who belongs to it?

People who have a labor relationship must join the contributory regime, that is, with the ability to pay, such as formal and independent workers, pensioners and their families.

What population can belong to the contributory regime?

The Contributory Regime must be affiliated with all persons linked through an employment contract, public servants, pensioners, independent workers with the ability to pay, community mothers and apprentices in the teaching and productive stage.

Who administers the tax regime?

It is made up of: The State, through the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which acts as a coordinating, directing and controlling body; the Health Promotion Entities (EPS), responsible for affiliation and the collection of contributions and for guaranteeing the provision of the Mandatory Health Plan to …

Who administers the subsidized regime in Colombia?

The National Superintendency of Health will authorize the operation of the subsidized regime to entities that meet the following requirements: 1. Have legal status and be organized as health promoting entities or solidarity health companies.

Who will be in charge of the administration of the subsidized regime?

The direction, control and surveillance of the subsidized regime of the General System of Social Security in Health, corresponds to the Nation, who will exercise it through the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Who is in charge of the subsidized regime?

People classified in levels I or II of the Sisbén and special priority populations can be affiliated to the Subsidized Regime, such as people in a condition of displacement, abandoned child population in charge of the ICBF, minors released from the armed conflict, indigenous communities; …

Where do I get care if I don’t have EPS or Sisbén?

If you need emergency care and are not registered in Sisbén, or affiliated with any EPS, you can go to any public entity that provides health services.

How does the subsidized regime work?

The Subsidized Regime is the mechanism through which the poorest population in the country, without the ability to pay, has access to health services through a subsidy offered by the State.

How is the subsidized regime financed?

The Subsidized Regime is financed mainly with fiscal contributions that increased substantially as a result of Laws 60 and 100 of 1993, in line with the decentralization process that is simultaneously being carried out in Colombia, which implies a delegation of functions to the territories, …

Who regulates IPS?

National Superintendency of Health.

When was the subsidized regime created?

Beneficiaries of the subsidized regime are defined as people who receive less than two minimum wages and are not required to enter the contributory regime. March 19, 1995, 12:00 a.m.

What is the EPS in Colombia?

What are EPS? The Health Promoting Entities are responsible for the affiliation and registration of the affiliates and the collection of their contributions.

What are the most common EPS in Colombia?

These are the five EPS they would most recommend:

    Dusakawi (subsidized) 99.70 percent. Savia Salud (subsidized) 97.46 percent. Anaswayuu (subsidized) 95.48 percent. Sura (contributory) 94.56 percent. Coosalud (subsidized) 94.40 percent.

What are the public EPS?

An EPS together are companies that provide medical services. People join the EPS to then be treated in clinics and hospitals, which do provide medical services but do not charge patients for them.

Which is better Sura or Sanitas?

On a scale of 0 to 100, in the general ranking, the lowest ratings were Nueva EPS (51), Medimás (53), Coomeva (55) and Ambuq (55), while the best-performing EPSs were: Compensate EPS with (79), EPS Sura (77), Mutual Ser (71) and EPS Sanitas (69).

What type of users can access an IPS?

As for a State Social Enterprise or a private IPS, all its users could participate, be they from the Contributory Regime, the Subsidized Regime, or the uninsured poor, including special or exceptional regimes, who demand health services.

What is population linked to Health?

Those people who do not have any affiliation to the Health System in any of the two subsidized or contributory regimens, these people may or may not be identified by the Sisbén and their care medical is performed at…

What are the requirements to join the contributory regime?

contributory regime

    Fill out the employer registration form. Copy of the chamber of commerce (30 days of validity). Copy of the RUT of your company. Copy of the identity card of the legal representative.

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