How do I legalize my university degree?

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This procedure consists of five acts: Acknowledgment of the signatures of the Academic Authorities that issue the document, by the Notary who knows them. Acknowledgment of the signature of the previous Notary by the Dean of the Notarial College to which he belongs. Legalization itself.

How to legalize titles in Venezuela?

Steps to legalize a university degree in Venezuela

You must first go to the university where you completed your higher studies, to request a certification of the university degree. This certification must be signed by the highest authority and must have the university’s wet seals.

How to legalize a university degree in Spain?

To homologate your foreign university degree in Spain, you must legalize it, certify it, make a sworn translation and deliver it to the Ministry of Universities together with the application and payment of the 107 fee. Only then, and after a process that can last up to two years, will you obtain the Approval credential.

How to validate a university degree in the United States?

7 steps to validate your title in the United States

Select an accredited organization to evaluate international credentials. Visit the NACES or AICE websites. 2. Identifies all the requirements necessary for validation, including original certified and translated documents.

What documents do I need to homologate my title in Spain?

What is needed to homologate a title in Spain? Photocopy of the identity document (DNI, passport or NIE). Photocopy of the certificate of the courses taken, where the subjects taken and the grades obtained must be stated.

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How long does it take to homologate a title in Spain 2021?

The homologation of university degrees that allow foreigners to practice their profession in Spain will be resolved in a maximum of six months, instead of the more than two years on average that it takes now due to the bureaucracy of the process and that has created a “neck of bottle” of thousands of pending files.

What titles are approved in Spain?

The professions that can be approved are the following:

    Medical. Veterinarian. Male nurse. Physiotherapist. … General Sanitary Psychologist* Engineer: Roads, Canals and Ports. of Mines. … Architect* Technical Engineer: Mining (in the corresponding specialty) … Lawyer* Court Attorney*

What races are valid in the United States?

The careers that will open the doors to work in the United States are:

    Computing and Mathematics with 22,000 positions. … Architecture and Civil Engineering with 2,875 positions. … Business and Financial Operations with 2,431 positions. … Administration with 2,253 positions (6% of H-1B visas).

How do I know if my university degree is valid in another country?

How to certify a university or tertiary degree so that it is valid abroad?

1) Apostille the original title. … 2) Photocopy the apostilled title. … 3) Certify the copies. … 4) Legalize the copies. … 5) Translate the title with a certified translator.

How much does it cost to validate a title in the United States?

Although prices may vary, expect to pay around $100 for a general study evaluation and approximately $175 for a more detailed, course-by-course evaluation. If the evaluation is needed urgently, it is necessary to pay extra.

Who legalizes university degrees?

It must be processed exclusively by the corresponding University. The diploma must have the prior intervention of the Ministry of Education (National Directorate of University Management of the Ministry of Education) and the Ministry of the Interior.

How to legalize university degree in Venezuela 2021?


All documents submitted to the GTU for certification must be signed and sealed by the highest authority of the university where you graduated. You must carry with you 0.5 UT in tax stamps for each document.

Where is the university degree legalized in Venezuela?

To carry out the process of Certification of Signatures of the Authorities of University Education Institutions, the first step is to go to the respective Embassy or Consulate, in order to find out about the documents required by the country where the study will be carried out.

Where are titles legalized?

By Joint Resolution 1-E/2017, secondary and tertiary diplomas and analytics issued after 2010 are not legalized in the Ministry of the Interior. They must be certified directly at the Ministry of Education of the province where you want to present it.

What races are valid in other countries?

Races with the most starts

    Medicine: 99.4% of graduates in this discipline find a job in just six months. Education: The UK needs teachers. Therefore, it is not surprising that 92.6% of students find work.Veterinary: Do you like medicine and animals?

What countries accept Argentine titles?

The countries with which we have a mutual recognition agreement are Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba (only Argentine scholarship holders), Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Ukraine.

How to know if a title is legalized?

Contact the Directorate of National Validity of Titles and Studies of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation via mail to: Do not forget to indicate the following information in the email: Full name of the degree and/or certificate.

What can I study in the United States if I am illegal?

Undocumented students have the legal right to attend public school and apply to colleges, regardless of their legal status. Approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from America’s high schools each year thanks to this right.

What is the best career to study in the United States?

1. ANESTHESIOLOGY. The ranking of the best paid university careers in the United States is headed by anesthetist. According to this ranking, the annual income of this sector amounts to 208,000 dollars a year on average and the unemployment rate is barely 0.4%.

What is the highest paying career in the United States?

In general, jobs in health and medicine are the highest paying jobs in the American Union.

What titles can be approved?

Regarding the homologation of a title:

    Physician.Veterinarian.Occupational Therapist.Nurse.Dentist.Pharmacist.Speech Therapist.Optician / Optometrist.

What races can be homologated?

These professions are the following:

    Doctor.Veterinarian.Nurse.Physiotherapist.Dentist.Pharmacist.Speech therapist.Optician-optometrist.

What titles can be validated?

What titles can you validate? Degrees that correspond to a level of higher education in the country of origin of the degree; these must be of formal higher education, must be completed and duly apostilled or legalized, as well as translated into Spanish.

How long does the approval process take?

In Spain, the homologation of a foreign university degree can take on average between 9 months and 2 years. During this period your file will be open and the Administration may request additional documentation in order to close the process.

How long does an approval take?

How long does the homologation certificate last so as not to have to do the Technical Review? According to the provisions of the Law, you must carry out the technical review within a period of no less than 24 months, nor more than 36 months from the date on which the Individual Homologation Certificate of your vehicle was issued.

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