How do Venezuelans call the vagina?

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The vulva in Venezuela receives names such as: cuca, spoon, pussy, cucón (exaggerating the size, nugget (in some places and always related to young women).

How do you call a woman in Venezuela?

The Jeva. Although most Venezuelans hate this informal expression that replaces the word “woman”, it is commonly used by young people to speak of us in the third person.

What is Cuca for Venezuelans?

feminine noun Internal and external genitalia—that is, vagina and vulva—of the female. Scope: Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Peru.

How do you say in Venezuela to make love?

Take. – Copulate, make love, have sex.

How to call the act of making love?

colloquial terms

acoston (Mexico, Ecuador; rude) brincadera (Peru) cacha (Chile, rude) cap (Spain)cogida (Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay; rude) cuchiplancheo (Mexico)27 related questions found

What is a chinazo in Venezuela?

chinazo | Definition | Spanish language dictionary | RAE – ASALE. 1m Blow given with a china (‖ small stone).

Why is it called Cuca?

Cuca’s name does not have an origin in ancient languages, like most names. It is a hypocoristic (affectionate way of calling someone) related to the name Refugio. Therefore, we could say that Cuca means “Asylum”, “Protection” or “Refuge”, since its meaning would be that of that name.

What can you call a penis?

50 ways to call the penis

Anaconda. Bin bin (used in the Dominican Republic). Arm and ‘child. Cachano. Cyclops. Darth Vader. Finger without a nail. The big head.

How do you say hello in Venezuela?

Epale = Hello!

How do you say handsome in Venezuela?

Chévere: typical Venezuelan phrase, which means great, great, excellent.

What is a chamo in Venezuela?

Chamo. Child, youth or friend, an unknown person.

What name is Cuca in Spain?

The truth is that Cuca is a very popular name in Mexico, but in Spain it is usually a hypocoristic -family or affectionate diminutive- of a female name, be it Pilar (Piluca, Cuca), Carmen or Concepción (Concha or Cuca), as This is the case of the popular spokesperson, whose full name is Concepción Gamarra Ruiz-Clavijo.

What is the vagina called in Colombia?

In Colombia, the female organ is called arepa, biscocho, cosa, cuca, chimba, chocha, chucha, pan, panela, panocha, papo, toad and turtledove (Haensch and Werner, 1993).

What Cuca in Colombian?

Since they were in Colombia, he was referring only to the offer of a delicious cookie; although cuca also means (in Colombian) something tasteful or beautiful.

How do you say Chinazo in English?

being hit with a stone n.

How to ask someone to fuck?

Asking someone what they enjoy sexually or what they fantasize about puts you in a vulnerable position. Let him know that he can trust you and that you won’t laugh at him or judge him. Confirming something about yourself first can help him feel more comfortable with you. Tell him how you like to be touched or a position you like.

How to ask for sex without asking for it?

How to ask for sex without saying it directly

«I have a house alone» Basic and infallible. … «Netflix and Chill» It fulfills the double entendre. … The indirect ones. Bring sex into the conversation during your date to see how she plays out on the subject. … Shall we close the door? … A sensual story. … You don’t have to ask.

How to propose sex to a person?

The cynical manual to have sex without commitment (and without love)

Be direct. That she guess your intentions is ideal, but of course, you must give her clues. … Don’t lie to flirt. What’s more, you should never lie to him (about anything), whatever your intentions. … Don’t tell her that you love her just for living together.

What does Chamo and Chama mean?

the word chama means dirty rag, ponytail, that is, they are words with which it is known. … In Venezuela it means girl, girl, girl, young lady, adolescent. Feminine of chamo. In Bolivia it means person of bad taste.

Where is chamo used?

Chamo, coroto, chévere, are some words of everyday speech of all Venezuelans, and that at some point we have all used them to refer to a young person, an object in the house or express positive qualities in a situation or person.

How to insult in Venezuela?

Venezuelan insults

Eat a piece of shit. It is an expression of rejection that invites a person to annoy the other side. Face ass. It is a kind of friendly insult towards a person. … Table face. It speaks of a person who is cynical and brazen. … Guevon. … Bachaquera (or) … Head ‘and yam. … Talk straw. … Touch.

How do you say stupid in Venezuela?

silly, silly, bad person, is the second most Venezuelan insult there is. “That guy is a motherfucker” is very petty.

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