How do you get high with scopolamine?

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The way to administer this drug is varied. It goes from the natural form that is in powder that is given to smell through a cigarette, a kiss or ingested with alcohol to enhance its effect. It is also administered through the skin through bracelets or seals that are placed in the caves.

What happens if I touch scopolamine?

Symptoms of drug intoxication

The intake of scopolamine can cause the following effects: Dryness of the mucous membranes. Dilation of the pupils. Blurry vision.

How can they scopolamine you?

Scoplamine is very well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and is most frequently administered orally to victims of crimes in sweets, chocolates or beverages such as soda, coffee and liqueurs. Due to its mechanism of action, its permanence in the stomach can be prolonged.

What to do when you get high with scopolamine?

The clinical stabilization of the patient is a necessary and urgent condition, in case of ingestion and consultation within a period of less than two hours, a nasogastric tube can be placed and a dose of activated charcoal administered to reduce the absorption of the substance.

What type of drug is scopolamine?

Scopolamine is a natural alkaloid obtained from the Borrachero or Sabanero cacao seed (Datura stramonium), which blocks cholinergic impulses due to its action on the effector cell, inhibiting its responses to the stimulation of postganglionic cholinergic fibers and to acetylcholine. , …

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What is scopolamine and what is it used for?

Scopolamine is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or medications used during surgery. Scopolamine is in a class of medications called antimuscarinics.

What is the drug called burundanga?

Burundanga is a tropane alkaloid-type drug generated by certain plant species after carrying out their metabolic process. This substance has hallucinogenic effects and causes symptoms such as sleep, submission, hypertension and even in large doses, respiratory and cardiac deficiencies.

How long do the effects of scopolamine last?

Scopolamine is a highly toxic drug that takes 3 or 4 minutes to take effect on the victim and its effects last 2 or 3 hours.

How do I know if they gave me scopolamine?

Burundanga poisoning causes dry skin and mucous membranes, thirst, difficulty swallowing and speaking, dilated pupils with slow reaction to light and blurred vision for close objects. The skin reddens due to cutaneous vasodilation and decreased sweating and marked hyperthermia.

How does the truth drug work?

A truth drug (or truth serum) is a psychoactive medication used to elicit information from a person who is unwilling or unable to provide it.

How to avoid being a victim of burundanga?

How to prevent the consumption of burundanga

Keep your drink and food in sight at all times when you go out to party or to dinner. Do not leave your drink alone or neglect what you drink at any time. Do not accept drinks from strangers or invitations to eat anything.

How to protect yourself from the drug burundanga?

Avoid individuals who approach you with the excuse of asking for an address or requesting that you read them a paper, particularly if you are in less crowded places. Do not accept that they approach you with a handkerchief indicating that you have a stain on your face or clothes. Do not allow yourself to be sprayed with perfume or asked to smell it.

What happens if I play burundanga?

Scopolamine (burundanga) causes dryness to arrhythmia, tachycardia, and psychosis, but not mental control and other symptoms to which it is attributed. León also adds that, today, it is impossible for a few minutes of contact with the skin to release the effects of a drug.

What is scopolamine to steal?

This substance is usually supplied in sweet drinks. While it is true that unscrupulous people use scopolamine to steal from their victims, scopolamine is a drug that must be ingested for it to have any effect on the body.

What is the drug that sleeps?

Rohypnol is sold in some countries as a sleeping pill, but it is illegal in the US Because it can cause severe drowsiness (and even fainting), it is often used in rape.

How to know if you have taken burundanga?

Burundanga or scopolamine is a type of drug used by thieves and rapists to commit their crimes, since it numbs the victim, leaving her at the mercy of criminals. This substance is diluted in liquids and is almost imperceptible. To find out if you have been drugged you must take a blood test.

How do you know if something has been added to your drink?

When some foreign liquid or substance is introduced, the tone may look different or look diluted. The taste: It is one of the most common indicative. If what you are taking tastes strange or unusual, stop taking it immediately. Ice: May contain enervating substances.

What effects does floripondium have?

The signs and symptoms produced by the consumption of this plant are decreased salivary secretion, thirst, swallowing and speech disorders, dilation of the pupils with slow reaction to light, blurred vision, hypertension, tachycardia and reddening of the skin and hyperthermia, which can be up to 42 °C.

What is the name of the drug that leaves you without will?

In the emergency services of Spanish hospitals they have become familiar with this type of case and a word, burundanga, a popular name for scopolamine, a substance that cancels the will, produces disinhibition and creates amnesia.

How much does burundanga cost?

How is it achieved? On the internet today it is easy to get burundanga. Five powdered doses cost about 100 euros, ten doses are already paid at a discount, at 170 euros, and a 50-milliliter bottle of liquid burundanga (about ten doses) is available at 140 euros.

How is the drug burundanga applied?

How is it administered? The alkaloid is a colorless, odorless and tasteless substance. It can be administered both orally and cutaneously. In this way, it can take effect with just turning the page of a newspaper, with a hug, giving a kiss, smelling a handkerchief, with a breath or handling a bill.

Where can burundanga be found?

The drug is extracted from a plant known as Datura Estramonio, ornamental in appearance and very easy to find in Spain and Latin America. From the branches blooms a white, bell-shaped flower and seeds composed of two alkaloids, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

What is another name for scopolamine?

It is also known as hyoscine, which comes from the scientific name of the crazy herb, Hyoscyamus niger. It is an atropine-like substance found in belladonna (Atropa belladona). PRESENTATION OF THE PRODUCT: It is presented in white powder or in the form of tablets.

What is scopolamine?

1. f. chem. Alkaloid extracted from different solanaceous plants, with effects similar to those of atropine, which is used as an antiemetic in situations of dizziness.

How is truth serum made?

Sodium thiopentete or truth serum is a drug derived from barbituric acid, better known by the names of sodium pentothal, sodium amytal or trapanal. It is classified as an ultra-short-acting barbiturate because the hypnotic effect of small doses of the drug disappears within a few minutes.

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