How do you know when to cut a pumpkin?

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Harvest. Pumpkins can be harvested when they turn a deep, even color (orange for most varieties) and when the skin is hard. If the plants are healthy, harvest in late September or early October, before hard frosts hit.

How do you know the pumpkin is ripe?

When to tell if pumpkins are ripe

Among the different ‘signals’ that tell us that a pumpkin is at its harvest point are: Change in the color of its rind, which is orange for most varieties. Fruit rind of firm and consistent consistency. lignified peduncle.

When should the pumpkin be removed from the plant?

The harvest takes place 3-5 months after sowing. Depending on the variety and destination, they are harvested before they reach full maturity, half or 3/4 of the way through, that is, when you can poke your finger. The fruit is harvested, leaving a piece of the peduncle for a more adequate conservation.

How to ripen a pumpkin off the plant?

Cut the leaves that surround the pumpkin to allow as much sunlight to reach it as possible. Heat, light, and time are the key factors for pumpkins to ripen. If frost is likely, cover the plant with a plastic sheet at night and on cold days.

How long does it take to grow pumpkin?

Winter squashes, like Des Moines squash or butternut squash, take at least three months or more to mature and develop a thick skin. But if they have thick skin, they also last longer. Seed packets include this information.

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How many pumpkins can come out of a plant?

The usual thing is that in a family cultivation -not professional- we can obtain between 5 and 10 pumpkins per plant. The greater the quantity, the size of the fruits will be greatly reduced. And on the contrary, if we leave only one pumpkin per plant, its size will be exceptional.

How many kilos does a pumpkin plant produce?

The productions of both species are very variable, depending on the variety, cultivation system, number of irrigations and form of marketing, being able to estimate between 40,000 and 60,000 kg/ha for pumpkin and around 20,000 kg/ha for dry land. the cider

How much does a zucchini plant give?

As for its harvest, you will have to wait between 40 and 50 days if you do it in a greenhouse. Each plant can produce between 3 and 4 kilos of fruit.

How does a pumpkin plant grow?

Pumpkins have two types of growth, determinate and indeterminate. Those of determinate growth grow like a “bush”, while those of indeterminate growth, generate branches that spread out on the ground.

How do you take care of the pumpkin plant?

Pumpkins should be watered if there is a long-term drought in early summer. Pumpkins tolerate short, hot, dry spells quite well. Insecticides can kill the bees needed to pollinate squash and squash.

How long do pumpkin seeds take to germinate?

Pumpkin seeds usually take 6 to 10 days to germinate, depending on the degree of humidity and the weather they may germinate sooner.

How are pumpkin seeds prepared for sowing?

How to sow pumpkin seeds

The first thing is to prepare the seedbeds with their substrate. … Take your pumpkin seeds and let them soak in water for about three hours. Fill your seedbeds leaving room for some more substrate afterwards.

Why do pumpkins rot?


Just as if we find cracked pumpkins when ripe, it is because the irrigation has been insufficient or it has suffered times of drought.

How to grow pumpkins at home?

You can sow the seeds either in the final place or in a seedbed, placing groups of between 2 and 3 seeds. Calculate that from each group of seeds about 4 fruits will come out. Between the rows you should leave about a meter of distance, since the pumpkins need a good amount of space.

When and how to plant pumpkins?

The ideal time to plant pumpkins is from spring. In this period it begins to get hotter and the days are brighter and sunnier. For example, May is the most suitable month to plant our first plants. The pumpkin needs at least 10-12 hours of sun to develop properly.

How does the pumpkin bloom?

Pumpkin plants produce new flowers every day, which are open only in the morning and wither at noon. In this period, the female flower must receive more than a hundred grains of pollen to produce fruit.

How to know if the pumpkin flower is female or male?

The female flower lacks these long sepals and almost as soon as it begins to form, it presents a thickened ovary inside the calyx, which will be the future fruit if it is pollinated by a male flower. Inside are the bilobed stigmas. They are perfectly recognizable as soon as they are formed.

How long does the pumpkin flower last?


This trick will keep the pumpkin flower for at least four days longer than normal. They will be in perfect condition and great to be cooked. NOTE: It is important that you do not clean the flowers before storing them, do it until you are going to consume them.

What is the best moon to plant pumpkin?

Like most fruit vegetables, squash must be planted on a crescent moon if we want to take lunar influence into account.

When to plant pumpkin and zucchini?

Pumpkins can be planted at the beginning of spring, directly from the seed to the terrace, while zucchini is best sown at the beginning of summer, it is also easy from seed.

What nutrients does pumpkin need to grow?

What the pumpkin plant requires

The pumpkin plant needs all three macro elements in a balanced way, namely Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), as well as all other elements like Magnesium, Sulfur, Calcium, Manganese, etc.

How to care for pumpkin plant in pot?

Fill the pot with a good quality humus-enriched potting soil mix. Add organic matter like manure or compost to the soil. Plant your seeds or seedlings and water immediately. Place the pot in a sunny location where your pumpkin plant receives at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.

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