How do you say ball in the Mayan language?

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How do you say ball in Mayan?

ball in Mayan language

Kex beyoʼ yaan kʼiineʼ chéen pʼel u tsʼoʼoksik máak u beetik wa baʼax meyajileʼ tsʼoʼok u kʼaʼabéetchajal u beetik uláakʼ.

What does Kalan mean in Mayan?

KALAN: Take care. KALA’AN: Drunk, intoxicated, intoxicated.

How do you say my sky in maya?

ilhuicatl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say light in maya?

u kuxtal to Paal.

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How do you say bright light in maya?

The Mayan language is very complex and there are many words that cannot be translated into Spanish, such as Izamal, which alone refers to a very bright light, or Xaman, which tells us about a woman who knows the secret of the stars.

How do you say shine in maya?

Jeʼex tu yaʼaliloʼ, bejlaʼeʼ tsʼoʼok u pʼáatal maʼatech u yeʼesaʼal yaabilaj ichil le familiaoʼ.

How do you say soul in maya?

In the Mopán Maya, the soul is taken as a reference, which in these languages ​​is indicated by a noun that is generally possessed /ool/, the same thing happens in the Yucatec Maya and in the Itza Maya (1997: 194).

How do you say heart in Mayan?

Yólotl is a female personal name of Nahuatl origin whose meaning is “heart”. His reverential form is Yollotzin. It is also usually written as Yollotl, with or without an accent.

How do you say honey bee in Mayan?

Xunan kab – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What does tlachtli mean?

The tlachtli or ball game was a ritual activity where territories and even life were won or lost. Each team had between one and seven players. The ball was solid unvulcanized rubber and weighed about three kilos.

How do you say papa in Mayan?

FATHER m: Yuum, taat, taat.

How do you say backpack in Nahuatl?

#DidYouKnowItacate comes from the Nahuatl: Itacatl, which means backpack.

How do you say strange in Mayan?

“Mitztemoa noyollo” is “my heart is looking for you”, a very romantic way of saying “I miss you”.

How do you say Celeste in Mayan?

celestial in Mayan language

Le bix u péek le Luʼum yéetel le Lunaoʼ ku beetik u yantal yáaxkʼiin, jaʼajaʼalil yéetel keʼelil.

How do you say navy blue in Mayan?

“Chooj” is how the color blue is said in Mayan.

How to say sweep in Mayan?

SLEEP v: Poot. SWEEP v: My. BELLY f: Nak’.

How do you say bathe in Mayan?

Xeen a kéextabaaj, go and try to do [la necesidad]. The meaning of each one is broad, just as the meaning of “bathroom” is not only ichkíil (bathing) but a place where one can urinate and defecate. And other things.

How do you say sunrise in Mayan?

DAWN v: Píik’il, sáastaj. AMANSAR v: Suukkin.

How do you say sunbeam in Mayan?

Sasil/Saasil/Zazil: It is “dawn, clarity, light”, its origin is related to the Mayans. Sugey: Its meaning is “sunlight”, it is of Aztec origin.

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