How do you say bright in maya?

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Chéen ka sáasilchaj le tuʼux kʼalaʼanoʼ.

How do you say light in maya?

u kuxtal to Paal.

How to say sweep in Mayan?

SLEEP v: Poot. SWEEP v: My. BELLY f: Nak’.

How do you say jewel in Mayan?

cozcatl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say jewelry in Nahuatl?

teocuitlatl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

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How do you say honest in maya?

nemalhuiliztli – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say let’s take a bath in Maya?

The Popular Dictionary describes bath as U kúuchil tu’ux ku yúuchul ichkíil.

How do you say dance in Mayan?

In Tzotzil and Tzeltal we find the following terms for “dance” and “dance”. In these two languages ​​the root is ak’ot which is cognate with Yucatec Maya.

How do you say bread in Mayan?

PAN m: Waaj. PANTALET f: Eex.

How do you say my sky in maya?

ilhuicatl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say life in Mayan?

KUXTAL: Life, existence.

How do you say sun in the Mayan language?

In the Yucatecan Mayan language, sun is called kin.

How do you say water in Mayan?

In the current vocabulary of the Mayan region in southeastern Mexico, the Mayan term for water is still frequently used, even when speaking in Spanish. “Ha” or “Ja” means “Water” in the Yucatecan Mayan language. Examples: Chaltún Ha = Agua de la laja (name of the Mayan pyramid located in Izamal)

How do you say soap in Mayan?

amole | Definition | Spanish language dictionary | RAE – ASALE. From Nahuatl amulli ‘soap’. 1m

How do you say swimsuit in Mayan?

Another meaning of ‘leotard’ is a body-hugging, elastic garment worn by women in ballet or exercise, or as a swimsuit: The runner wore a yellow leotard.

How do you say honesty in any indigenous language?

Type: rn Translation one: oneness. Translation two: honesty.

How do you say humility in Mayan?

HUMILITY f: Óotsilil. HUMBLE adj: Ootsil. HUMBLE v: T’oonkin, sublakkun.

How do you write honesty in Otomi?

In Otomí: Ntsits’i (Friendship), Nfādi gãthohū (Let’s all take care of ourselves), Razā mpa (Good morning), Mädi (Love), Hogo’mūi (Honesty) and Razā Nxui (Good night).

What does Cozcatl mean in Nahuatl?

with your jewelry.

How do you say metal in Nahuatl?

tepostli – Wiktionary

How do you say diamond in Nahuatl?

chalchihuitl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

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