How do you say girl in Nahuatl?

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cihuatl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say women in Nahuatl?

Spanish: woman. Tutunaku: puskat. Don’t forget huasteco tenek please! I am a Nahuatl speaker and it is misspelled, it is: cihuatl not sihuatl.

How do you say goddess in Nahuatl?

Teotl – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How do you say girl in Nahuatl?

Siwapil, Sihuapilli: «Girl», «Little daughter».

How do you say beautiful woman in Nahuatl?

“Cihuacuacualtzin” means “beautiful woman”.

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How do you say princess in Nahuatl?

Itzia: of Mayan origin, it means “princess”. Ixchel: of Mayan origin, it is the name of the Mayan goddess of the moon, love, medicine and pregnancy. She means “blonde woman”. Iyali: in the Nahuatl language, it means “heart of the earth”.

How do you say boy or girl in Nahuatl?

Piltontli: child, infant, boy.

How do you say baby in Nahuatl?

chilpayatl=child,6 itzcuintli=dog. However, the revised Nahuatl dictionaries either do not record them, as is the case with chilpayatl, or do not incorporate the expected meaning, as happens for the other two.

How do you say girl in Mayan?

Girl: àdà (neutral word, it is a girl and a boy) and dxá’gu = girl.

How do you say God in Nahuatl?

Any creature they saw to be imminent in good or evil, they called it teutl; it means “god”. So they called the Sun Teutl because of its beauty: the sea too, because of its greatness and ferocity.

What is Tlazocamati?

Tlazocamati can be translated as You know how to be in the fire of love, to recognize in a person the ability to (literally) burn in the fire of love. Appreciate the gesture of a person like thanking the heat and energy that fire transmits.

How do you say Thank God in Nahuatl?

Tlazohcamati miyac (thank you very much).

How do you say my wife in Nahuatl?

She is my wife. Nocihuatl.

How do you say woman in Kaqchikel?


How do you say pretty boy in Nahuatl?

Chiquitzin: Affectionate words to say child in Nahuatl.

How do you say daughter in Nahuatl?

xocoyotl – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

What is Nahuatl for children?

Nahuatl is the language of the Mexicas, also known as Aztecs or Nahuas. ‘Náhuatl’ means ‘soft or sweet language’.

How do you say soul in Nahuatl?

yolia – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say success in Nahuatl?

ihui – Great Nahuatl Dictionary.

How do you say sweet in Nahuatl?

In Nahuatl, the sweet was called tzoalli or tzoualli, a word that was Spanishized as suale.

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