How do you say horse in Otomi?

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Hinä, nuyu̱ hingä xa mäjuäni yä fani.

What does Fanny mean in Otomi?

A barn is where animals are kept.

How do you say penis in Otomi?

tepulli – Wiktionary

How do you say flower in otomi?

Type: rn Translation one: flower or rose. Translation two: flower or rose.

How do you say cempasuchil flower in Otomi?

This flower has different names for each indigenous people of the country; For example, in Purépecha it is known as apátsicua, in the Huasteca language it is called caxiyhuitz, in Otomí jondri or cempoalxóchitl in Nahuatl.

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How do you say heart in Otomi?

Yólotl is a female personal name of Nahuatl origin whose meaning is “heart”. His reverential form is Yollotzin. It is also usually written as Yollotl, with or without an accent.

How do you say buttocks in Otomi?

xiji – Wiktionary

What does Fanny mean?

Fanny’s name is of Greek descent and its meaning is “laurel-crowned” or “one who is crowned with victory”. She is a variant of the name Estefania. Women named Fanny stand out for being friends with their friends and being faithful and honest.

How do you say Fanny in Spanish?

fanny: ass; buttocks.

How do you call the Fani?

Diminutive: Steffi, Stef, Stevie, Tefa, Tefi, Tef, Fani, Tiff, effy, Tiffi, Estefa.

How do you say I love you in Otomi?

Otomí or Hñähñu: “I love you” is “hmädi”. “Ñadi” is to ask a girl to marry. “Hmäte” is “love”. “Näbia” means “to be in love” and “rä tsaya ˈne rä humu̱i” means “I love you from the bottom of my heart”.

How do you write pork in Otomi?

pitzotl – Wiktionary

How do you write dog in Otomi?

dog translations

tsatʼyo. Swadesh-Lists.txu̲ku̲ Swadesh-Lists.

How do you say friend in Otomi?

gatˈho nu yä zi jäˈi gä nthe̱hu̱.

How do you say child in Otomi?

chilpayatl=child,6 itzcuintli=dog.

How do you say mom in Otomi?

Niánax (mom) ax emanne (I love you).

How do you say ear in Otomi?

nakastli – Wiktionary

How do you say cempasuchil flower?

In Mexico, it is called flower of the dead or cempaxóchitl. Its scientific name is Tagetes erecta. The word “cempasúchil”, as such, comes from Nahuatl and means ‘twenty flower’ or ‘flower with twenty petals’.

How do you say cempasuchil in indigenous?

The original name of the cempasúchil flower is sempôwalxôchitl and comes from the Nahuatl language. Caption, The cempasúchil flower is made up of many flowers or petals.

What is another name for the cempasuchil flower?

Tagetes erecta, also called cempasúchil, is the most widely used in Mexico, it is used in the Day of the Dead festivities to decorate altars and tombs, hence the name “flower of the dead”.

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