How do you say Sun in Tzotzil?

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sun, translation to Tzotzil, kʼakʼal.

How do you say sun in tzeltal?

sok bin ma lek ta pasel.”

How do you say Moon in Tzotzil?

Avakʼojbe spajeb li mukʼtik nab.

How do you say rain in Tzotzil?

Jaʼ ta xacʼ tal voʼ.

How do you say rain in Tseltal?

yuʼun te haʼale.”

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What does mere lek mean?

I’m glad to see you”.

What does Kolval mean in Tzotzil?

So darling, loving God.

How do you write Moon in the Mayan language?

Metztli – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How do you say Sun in the Nahuatl language?

Tonatiuh, the Sun; It is the metaphorical way of speaking Nahuatl, it means “it is giving light and heat”. Tonalli, the Sun, the day; It is the common way of speaking Nahuatl. It is pronounced: to-nál-li.

How do you say sun in the Mayan language?

In the Yucatecan Mayan language, sun is called kin.

How do you say Sun in Nahuatl?

Tonatiuh (in Nahuatl: Tonatiw ‘the sun”tona, to be hot; -tiw, is going to be’) or Tonatiuhtéotl in Nahua mythology is the god of the Sun. The Mexica people considered him to be the leader of the sky.

What does ACH IX mean in Tzeltal?

Rain, but the literal translation is curious, I couldn’t handle it; the suffix denotes lack of possessor, some absolute form. Ach’ix: Girl. Young who is not jNantic yet; then immature. Kerem: Boy.

How do you say heart in Tzeltal?

jaʼtskʼelbe li yoʼntone.

How do you say I love you in Tzotzil?

chavakʼ kʼusi chtun kuʼun.

How do you say fool in Tzotzil?

Xolopitli: silly, goofy, idiot, stupid.

How do you say tortilla in Tzotzil?

Vaʼun, sventa jtakʼbee, la jakʼbe ta sventa li srelijion stuke.

How do you say moon in latin?

Lúnula comes from the Latin lūnŭla, which is nothing more than the diminutive of lūna (‘the moon’, that is, our natural satellite), with the suffix that indicates smallness, -ula, -ulo, from the Latin, -ulus, as in the words cell (small cell) and capsule (small box).

How do you say moon in ancient greek?

In Greek mythology, Selene (in ancient Greek, Σελήνη Selếnê) was the titan who personified the moon, daughter of the titans Hyperion and Tea. Her equivalent in Roman mythology was the Moon goddess.

How do you say child in Tzeltal?

Te sbiil la yakʼbeye, jaʼ Samuel.

How do you say flower in Tseltal?

Maʼyuk nichimetik, teʼetik sok chambalametik.

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