How do you spell egunon or egun On?

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– Egun on : “Good morning”. The word “on”, which means good, is linked to the time of day: in the morning “Egunon”, at noon “Eguerdion”, in the afternoon “Arratsalde on” and at night “Gabon”.

How do you say hello in Basque?

Officially in Basque, to say Hello you say Kaixo, but around here, it is rare to hear someone say a kaixo (we speak clearly, from Urdaibai) and the most common thing is that they greet you with Apa, Aupa, Api, Epa and variants.

What do the Basques say when toasting?

Txin-txin! It is the expression that is used when toasting with people for a reason, while glasses or glasses are gently colliding.

How do you spell Eskerrik Asko?

Thank you in Euskera or Basque: eskerrik asko. milesker. mila esker.

How do you say hello in Eus?

Agur_ It is a word of greeting that serves the same to say hello as goodbye, but it is used above all as a farewell. If the end of your stay in Euskadi has come: Agur!

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How do you say thank you in Navarra?

Thank you very much: Eskerrik asko or thousand esker. Eskerrak means thanks, if we associate it with the word asko, we would be saying thank you very much, if we associate it with a thousand, well, a thousand thanks, simple right?

What does the word Gabon mean?

The word Gabon is the name of an equatorial country on the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, which became independent from France in 1960.

What does OPA mean in Basque?

opa – Basque-Spanish etymological dictionary. Offering. Animail tail. From hopa “toupee, tuft”.

What is Gabon in Spanish?

gabon – Basque-Spanish-French-English etymological dictionary. (16th century) Good night, Christmas Eve. From gau, gab- “night” and on “good”.

How do you say family in Basque?

The correct way to say familiar is senitarteko.

How to say cordial greetings in Basque?

He cordially bids farewell. Adeitasunez, agur. Yours sincerely. Begirunez, agurtzen zaitut.

How do you say goodbye in Basque?

To say goodbye in Basque, agur is used. For example: agur, Mikel! And if you are in the Basque Country, saying agur will always be correct to say goodbye, since it is a very neutral goodbye.

What does Gabon mean in Bilbao?

Good night dear. Gabon, Dorita. Good night, Dorita.

How do you spell Arratsaldeon?

1agur-interj. good evening. Arratsalde on eta ondo etorri! Arratsalde on!

How do you spell Gabon?

The name “Gabon” comes from the Portuguese gabão, which means “gabán”, since that is the shape of the Komo River estuary in Libreville.

How do you say 68 in Basque?

Compound numbers beyond nineteen are formed by starting with the ten to which the conjunction (e)ta (y) is suffixed, and then the unit digit separated by a space (example: berrogeita bat [41]hirurogeita zortzi [68]).

How do you say family in all languages?

Family in different languages

    Afrikaans: familie.Albanian: familja.Amharic: ቤተሰብArabic: أسرةArmenian: ��������Azerbaijani: ailəBasque: familia.Belarusian: сям’я

What does neba mean in Basque?

(pl.) siblings, brother(s) and sister(s).

How do you say family?

family. 1. f. A group of related people who live together.

How do you write the word family in Arabic?

family translation | Spanish-Arabic dictionary

عائلة n.

How do you say family in Aramaic?

משפחה – family – Hebrew conjugation tables.

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