How does the National Junior League work?

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National Junior League.

The participating clubs will face each other in a double round using the points system, establishing the final classification according to the points obtained by each of the contending clubs, at the rate of three points for a game won, one for a draw and zero for a loss.

How many drop from the Junior Honor Division?

declines. The teams that occupy positions from thirteenth to eighteenth or twenty-second (the latter, supposedly in the case of group 4, which, as we pointed out above, should be made up of 22 teams), will be relegated to the National League.

How many changes can be made in the youth league?

In grassroots football competitions, in youth, cadet and child categories, already in the previous season there are 5 changes allowed, at any time during the match and without the number of substitutes being able to exceed five.

What happens if you win Division of Honor?

Following a league system, the teams in each group face each other twice, in their own field and in the opposite field. The winner of a match gets three points while the loser gets none, and in the event of a tie between two teams in the same match, there is one point for both.

How many teams go down in Liga Nacional Juvenil FCF?

Relegations: They do not exist as it is the last division. 2021/2022 season: 4 teams, those outlined in the previous groups through a two-leg tie to determine the two teams with the right to promotion. Promotions to First Cadet: 2 teams. Ranked 1st in each group.

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How many teams are relegated in the first youth?

In the 2021-2022 season, the Preferential Youth will be increased by one group (From 4 to 5), the 10 groups in First Youth will be maintained and the groups of 18 teams will be recovered in those of 20, and 16 in National Youth.

How many teams come down from First Youth?

The first classified in the league will be promoted to the Junior Honor Division. The teams that occupy the 15th and 16th positions will be relegated to First Youth.

How many groups are there in the Honor Division?

The Division of Honor is made up of seven territorial groups, which are formed according to the proximity between the teams or their ease of movement in order to avoid large costs at the training age.

What happens if a team withdraws from the competition?

– If a team withdraws from the competition of its own volition or is expelled from the competition during the first round, all matches of that first round are annulled; if it happens during the second round, the results of the first round will be valid and those of the second round will be annulled except in the case that …

Where to watch the Division of Honor matches?

The entire Honor Division League can be followed live on LaLigaSportsTV

    On any smartphone with iOS (Apple) or Android operating system. On computers and tablets. On Smart TVs: Samsung. LG. … Other options (such as Mirroring) indicated in the same ‘Devices’ tab.

How many changes can be made in the 2020 2021 league?

The rule will allow a maximum of five changes per team in tournaments that have already started or intend to play again, and whose end date has been extended to the end of the 2020/21 season.

How many changes in the 2021 league?

The possibility of leaving the five changes per game forever was given the green light; while the proposal to increase the rest time was dropped.

How many changes can be made in the 2022 League?

Conclusions: Each team will be able to make a maximum of five substitutions. To reduce game interruptions, each team will have a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the game; Substitutions can also be made at half-time.

How many teams go up to the Junior Honor Division?

10) The two best-ranked Andalusian teams from group 13 and 14 of the National Youth League will be promoted to the Youth Honor Division, Group IV. Andalusians worst classified. 12) This agreement will be reviewed at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

How many groups are there in the Junior Honor Division?

The category will consist of seven groups divided into two subgroups each. The highest category of Spanish youth soccer will start on November 1 in all its groups and subgroups, except for group 4, which will start on October 25.

How many teams go down to Second B 2021?

(Five groups of 18 teams) Relegation: Last five of each group and two of the 13th classified. – Third RFEF (320 teams in 18 groups). For the first time in the history of Spanish football, the fifth level has a national category.

When a team loses by not showing up?

The regulations establish in a general way and for any competition that the absent team loses the match in dispute. If it is a championship with points, the final score will be 3-0. These many are added to the goal differential for and against, both the winning team and the absentees.

How much does a 2 RFEF referee earn?

Each referee whistles about 20 games per season, so the First referee earns between 180,000 and 200,000 euros per season, while the Second referee between 90,000 and 100,000 euros. Some figures, without a doubt, quite far from what they earn with their supposed official jobs.

What is it called when you win by absence?

Walkover – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How many divisions are there in Spanish football?

The National Professional Football League has organized the First Division and the Second Division since 1984, while the Royal Spanish Football Federation organizes the RFEF First Division, the RFEF Second Division and the RFEF Third Division. The regional divisions are the responsibility of the regional federations.

How many descend in First Youth Madrid?

2. – DESCEND: To Second Category of Cadets, the four (4) last classified of each one of their eight (8) groups. Second Category of Cadets (16 groups of 14 teams): 1.

How many teams are promoted in second youth?

With 19 groups of 18 teams, four of 17 teams (7, 15, 19 and 23) and another of 16 teams (22), the first two of each group are promoted to Second Amateur, with no relegation as it is the lower category.

How many changes in the Spanish League?

The teams could make five changes instead of three and call up 23 players instead of 18. The measure was taken on a temporary basis to safeguard the health of the players given the high load of matches and the condensation of the schedule due to the break by the pandemic.

How many substitutions can a soccer team make?

During the match, both teams: may use a maximum of five substitutes. will have a maximum of three opportunities to proceed with a substitution * may make substitutions during half-time.

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