How effective are body massages?

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Some benefits of reductive massages

They stylize the contour of the figure, achieving a more aesthetic silhouette. Tones and shapes the body naturally. Benefits blood and lymphatic circulation. They help to intensify the circulation and metabolism of the body.

How many massage sessions are needed to reduce a size?

A treatment with reductive massages requires at least 10 sessions to see results, always accompanied by exercise sessions and a good diet. The ideal is to do 2 or 3 per week and then 1 per week to maintain the treatment.

How efficient are massages?

Reductive massage is effective if performed by experts and if people do not have adequate food and nutrition, the results will not be as visible, it is very important to be clear that reductive massage reduces measures not weight, that is why it is important to go to nutritional help to eat healthier,…

How many times a week do you have to do reducing massages?

Up to 10 centimeters in size can be reduced in 5 sessions; each massage lasts 40 to 45 minutes. It is convenient to carry out almost every day of the week to obtain results in less than a month. They firm and tone the muscles, thus compensating for the lack of exercise.

What happens to the fat when we do massages?

Benefits of reducing massages

It helps to dissolve the adipose tissue in the abdominal area, making the unwanted localized fat to be eliminated much more easily.

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How is fat removed with massage?

This is done with strong pressure and faster speed than the traditional way. The movements that are made cause heat, which helps to dissolve the body fat that you want to eliminate during the sessions. Precisely, this massage is performed in the areas with the greatest amount of body fat.

When are the results of reducing massages seen?

Up to 10 centimeters in size can be reduced in 5 sessions; each massage lasts 40 to 45 minutes. It is convenient to carry out almost every day of the week to obtain results in less than a month.

How many times do you have to do reducing massages?

You must be convinced that at least 12 sessions are needed. In such a way that the tissues begin to disintegrate from the accumulated fat. It is convenient that these sessions have a frequency of 2 to 3 times a week to then dedicate a weekly session as a maintenance method.

How long should reducing massages last?

Normally, the massage sessions last between two and three hours and the areas of the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, torso and arms are worked on, in order to reduce excess fat, shape the figure, eliminate toxins and get rid of the so unsightly cellulite.

What happens if I get massages every day?

The benefits of massage may include: Reduced stress and increased relaxation. Reduction of pain and inflammation and tension of the muscles. Improved circulation, energy and alertness.

What should not be done in a massage?

Contraindications of therapeutic massage

Acute inflammation. Acute period of trauma, sprains, bruises, joint effusions. Beginnings of phlebitis and vascular fragility. Open wounds.

What massages help lose weight?

Reductive massage, lymphatic massage and liposculpture are the best massages to lose weight and eliminate fluid retention, respectively.

What effects do reducing massages have?

The main benefit of reducing massages for the body is that they allow the figure to be shaped. The constant movement of the hands on the skin, in addition to mobilizing the fat, allows the body to adopt the shape that the massages draw.

How is the reducing massage?

It is a massage that is performed in a strong and firm way, in order to break or deform the adipocytes (fat cells), which are found in the area to be treated. Improves skin irrigation and local metabolism, making it easier to eliminate fat and increasing skin oxygenation.

How is a reducing massage performed step by step?

Steps to do a reducing massage from home

Lie on your back or stand up. … Start the reducing massage in the belly area by making circular movements with the fingertips. Apply pressure gradually, but without hurting or causing discomfort. … Pick up the pace little by little.

What to do after a reductive massage?

After the massage do not drink coffee or other exciting drinks. This can tense relaxed muscles and even produce a strange sensation. If you feel hungry after the massage, eat, but not too much. In any case, first drink plenty of water.

Why does a modeling massage hurt?

What you really feel is muscle fatigue since the therapist has worked the muscles, and it is usually more noticeable in this type of massage. This happens because the muscle fibers have contracted, hardened for different reasons such as too much tension in the area or poor posture…

What are the benefits of abdominal massage?

Benefits of abdominal massage

Helps eliminate retentions and regulates traffic. Relieves muscle discomfort and gas pain. It relaxes the diaphragm (main respiratory muscle), relieving the feeling of suffocation, and what we commonly define as “having the mouth of the stomach closed”.

How to eliminate localized fat in the abdomen?

Cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking or cycling for at least half an hour a day will also help our metabolism to burn fat. It is important to take care of the last meal of the day, since this can help burn abdominal fat in a short space of time.

How to remove fat from the abdomen?

How to burn belly fat

Manage stress.Follow a diet to lose belly fat.Eat a good breakfast and light dinner.Be careful with drinks.Take spices with fat-burning power.Try to rest well.Exercise to burn abdominal fat.Use a reducing cream.

Why are reducing massages bad?

With a reductive massage you can NOT:

Dissolve body fat. Reabsorb body fat. Significantly increase daily calorie expenditure.

What are the draining massages?

Manual lymphatic drainage or draining massage is a massage that is performed with the hands using very soft, slow and repetitive movements that favor the circulation of lymph and the elimination of liquids. It is indicated for the treatment of edematous conditions, inflammations, retentions of liquids and is a…

Who can’t get massages?

The kinesiologist warns of a number of contraindicated pathologies for standardized massages: “they should not be applied when there are skin infections, lupus, phlebitis, thrombosis, acute sprains, muscle tears, gout, fibrosis, rheumatic diseases, tumors and acute kidney problems.

Where can not massage?

Bruises, recent hemorrhages, unhealed wounds, acute sprains, contusions, acute edema and joint effusions. Acute diseases or in the evolutionary phase, such as feverish states, nausea, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

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