How important is food for the Mapuche culture?

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Food is essential for the Mapuche, if you go to the countryside, the first thing they serve you is bread, eggs, this is called commensalism in the anthropology of food, for the Mapuche these ways of eating are super important, such as a form of exchange, an exchange of knowledge, an exchange…

What is Mapuche food called?

traditional recipes

Catuto (mültrün): Food based on ground wheat and water, served with jam or honey. Chochoca (trutru): Dough made with raw and cooked potatoes that is prepared roasted over embers. Kako iael: Stew whose main ingredient is the mote. Karütun: Raw liver minced.

What do the Mapuches grow?

The Europeans found that the ancient Mapuche cultivated poñu (potato), uwa (corn), dawe (quinoa), trapi (chili); in addition to some types of cereal such as magu (similar to rye), weguen (similar to barley) and teak (Torrejon and Cisternas, 2003:49-50; Montalba-Navarro, 2004:24).

What are the main activities of the Mapuche?

The main economic sustenance of Mapuche society was the possession and raising of a large number of sheep, cattle and horses; activity mainly developed by men who were skilled horsemen and domesticators.

What are the main activities of the Mapuche?

Their way of life was nomadic and their main food was obtained from the guanaco and the rhea, which they hunted with bows, arrows and boleadoras. They also collected roots and seeds and prepared alcoholic beverages.

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What do you eat in We Tripantu?

Food is gathered: poultry, pork, beef or horse meat; muday (fermented corn drink), catuto, toasted flour, sopaipillas, ember tortillas and others. They all eat mültrün (catuto), mote, tortillas on the embers, müllokiñ and drink muday.

What is Caritun?

A traditional Mapuche meal is CARITUN. It is prepared with a corduroy of lamb recently extracted from the animal. Chop the corduroy lamb into cubes and wash well with cold water to remove all the blood.

How did the Mapuches cook?

Mapuche cuisine is mainly based on the collection of cereals and legumes available according to the season, honoring the strong connection with nature that this original people takes to the center of their beliefs and daily life.

What foods do we inherit from the original peoples?

Get to know traditional food recipes of the original peoples, including dishes such as kalapurka, pachamanka, tripe, goat ribs with mote stew, charquicán de toyo or pejegallo, causeo, tunu ahi ika, beans with napor (yuyo) and patataska.

What did the Araucanians eat?

Mapuche food is based on foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and derivatives of animals such as sheep, wild boar and lamb. The traditional diet is prepared with cultivated agricultural products such as wheat, potatoes, peas, garlic, onions, peppers, corn, nalca, yuyo, turnips and a wide variety of mushrooms.

What fruits did the Mapuche collect?

For this reason, their diet was varied, including pine nuts, small birds, fish and different wild fruits. With arrows and traps they hunted guanacos and huemules, although they were not great consumers of meat. They obtained corn, potatoes, peppers, pumpkins and some cereals such as teak and magu.

What happens on the night of We Tripantu?

That day the Mapuche rituals consist of dances, the offering of typical food dishes and the action of submerging in rivers or under a waterfall. In addition, at night bonfires are made that evoke the renewal of Mapuche thought and the preparation of the fire of life.

What do they eat in the indigenous New Year?

It is a day of celebration and joy, where food, mote, sopaipillas, catutos and the inevitable muday (wheat or corn juice) are shared, which accompanies any ceremony or prayer.

What is done in the Mapuche New Year?

The We Tripantu Celebration represents the beginning of the change of season and renewal of the vital energies of nature.

How is the diet of the indigenous peoples?

Many indigenous peoples recognize themselves as children of corn, sweet cassava, broad beans, quinoa, potatoes or pigeon peas, depending on the worldview of each people in relation to nature and its nutritional potential.

What did the indigenous people eat before the arrival of the Spanish?

Quelites, quintaniles, corn, cocoa, beans, amaranth or alegría seeds (huauhtli), chili of different species, pumpkin seeds, various types of potatoes, avocados, chilacayotes, huauzontles, nopales, spirulina algae, yerba santa or acuyo, achiote , the herbaceous known as chipilín, epazote, hearts of palm, vanilla, …

What is appreciated in the indigenous new year?

In this festival, offerings are given to Mother Earth or Pachamama to thank her generosity, with the aim of reestablishing harmony, all in a community spirit along with dances, music and food.

What do the Mapuches celebrate on June 24?

Every year the Mapuche people, the majority native ethnic group in our country, celebrate the “We tripantu” or Mapuche New Year, a festivity that takes place during the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere between June 21 and 24.

What is the importance of We Tripantu for the Mapuche people?

“The We Tripantu is a ceremony of great relevance in the Mapuche world, present 12 thousand years ago, which marks the beginning of a new cycle in our lives, a stage of renewal of the energies of the earth and of us, its children” .

What natural and ancestral fact occurs in the We Tripantu?

In the Mapuche worldview, We Tripantu means the renewal of many processes, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, where all the elements of nature sprout again, so it is an important moment that allows renewing energies and many positive things. for the year that begins, from …

How did the Araucanians dress?

Formerly, they wore the fluke, a woven cloth that was placed between the legs as pants. Today, they wear cloth pants and a shirt, a sash, a poncho and, occasionally, a headband tied across the forehead.

What is the diet of the Tehuelches?

The diet of the Patagonians or Tehuelches was based on raw or cooked meat and it was very varied, turning between guanacos, wild boars, deer, rheas, mules or furry ones, hares, pumas, fish and seals, but later, with the arrival of the colonizers added the meat of horses, sheep and cows.

What did the Huarpe Indians eat?

They were fishermen and hunters, they cultivated potatoes and corn in a rudimentary way, although making canalizations like the one made by the cacique Guaymallén in the Huentata valley (province of Mendoza). They collected fruits, especially alpataco, one of the carob species, and other vegetables.

How did the first settlers eat?

The earliest hominids obtained energy and protein from fruits, vegetables, roots, and nuts. The transition from tree life to the plains was made possible by the emergence of the upright posture, hairless skin with numerous sweat glands, and dark color.

How did the Tehuelches live in Argentina?

They lived by hunting Guanacos, Ñandúes or other smaller animals such as foxes and rabbits in order to obtain their meat for food and leather for housing, clothing and other household implements.

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