How is a senator elected?

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Elected senators are those who are directly elected by the citizens. In accordance with the Constitution, the elected senators are distributed as follows: Four senators for each peninsular province. As there are 47 provinces of this type, 188 senators are elected.

How are members of the Senate elected?

To be elected as a Representative to the Chamber, it is necessary to be a citizen in good standing and to be over 25 years of age on the date of the election. The members of the House of Representatives represent the people, their vote before the collegiate body must be nominal and public, except in cases determined by law.

Which Islands elect 3 senators?

Senate. The province of Las Palmas is divided into three to elect senators, each division represents an island, which by virtue of article 69.3 elects: Gran Canaria: 3 senators. Fuerteventura: 1 senator.

How many senators corresponds to the island of Gran Canaria?

The Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands is divided into three to elect senators. Each division represents an island, except in the case of Ibiza and Formentera, which together represent a single electoral constituency. By virtue of article 69.3 they elect: Mallorca: 3 senators.

How many senators are elected in each province with the exception of the islands and Ceuta and Melilla?

The electoral system is partial plurinominal majority vote. Each voter can cast up to three votes in provincial constituencies; two on the larger islands, Ceuta and Melilla; and one in the remaining islands.

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What is the difference between House and Senate?

What is the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Republic? The main difference between these two corporations is the way they are elected, the Senate is elected by national constituency and the House of Representatives by territorial constituency.

What is the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate?

Basically, the House of Representatives and the Senate differ in the way their members are elected. Let us remember that senators are elected by national constituency, while representatives by territorial constituency.

What do the House of Representatives and the Senate do?


What is the camera? To reform the Political Constitution through legislative acts. To elaborate, interpret, amend and repeal laws and codes in all branches of legislation.

What does the Senate do and what does the House of Representatives do?

The Senate of the Republic is one of the two chambers of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, it is a fundamental part of the Legislative Branch. The Senate of the Republic is a collegiate body of direct representation of the people and must act in consultation with justice and for the common good.

What are the functions of the House of Representatives?

Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards within the Corporation. Conduct bids and enter into contracts. Order spending and exercise the Legal Representation of the House of Representatives in administrative matters and state contracting.

How is a senator elected in Colombia?

In accordance with our Political Constitution, the members of the Congress of the Republic represent the people and must act in consultation with justice and the common good. His election is carried out by direct vote of Colombians who are summoned to the polls every four years, on the second Sunday of March.

How is the allocation figure for Congress calculated?

It consists of dividing the total number of votes obtained by a constant or distributing figure and obtaining the number of vacancies proportional to the votes obtained.

How to vote for the Senate and House?

⮞ At the voting table, the citizen will have the option of choosing an electoral card for the Senate of the Republic, an electoral card for the House of Representatives, and additionally, they may request an electoral card for inter-party consultations.

How many congressmen will be elected?

The 2018 Colombian legislative elections were held on Sunday, March 11, 2018, where the 273 representatives of the House of Representatives, Senate were elected.

What is the distribution figure in Colombia?

The “distribution figure” was implemented to assign seats proportionally to the vote obtained by the different political parties or movements and independent movements, by allowing the use of a variant of the D’Hondt Method, which has been adopted in various Latin American countries .

What are the functions of the Chamber of Commerce?

The chambers of commerce promote commerce in their area, seek municipal regulations for businesses in the region they belong to, offer information and statistics for the use of members, use and promote free software and have a reference blacklist.

What is the function of the Chamber of Commerce in Colombia?

ICC Colombia will be in charge of facilitating the exercise of business activity and the growth of Colombia’s competitiveness in a globalized environment. It will be the bridge between our businessmen and the CCI, that is, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce will be the voice of Colombian businessmen worldwide.

How are the votes distributed to elect congressmen?

The Congressmen of the Republic are elected in a Multiple Electoral District, through direct, secret and obligatory suffrage, applying the method of the distributing figure with a double optional preferential vote.

How many seats does each party have?

On each side, the first row has 10 seats in the first row, 13 in the second, 20 in the third and 24 in the last row.

What elections are there in 2022 Colombia?

The Colombian presidential election of 2022 will be held on May 29, 2022, and in it the president and vice president of the country will be chosen for the period 2022-2026.

What is Citrep in Colombia?

Special Temporary Peace Elections (CITREP)

How many representatives to the Chamber are there per department?

Two representatives for each territorial constituency and one more for every 365,000 inhabitants or fraction greater than 182,500 that are in excess of the first 365,000.

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