How is the character of an Aquarius woman?

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The Aquarius woman has a sociable and sensitive personality, a look that oscillates between distraction and curiosity about the person in front of her and she is so nice that she melts anyone. Women born in late January and early February have so much charisma that they are always surrounded by friends.

How does an Aquarius woman behave?

The Aquarius woman is organized, intelligent, generous, independent and rigid in her convictions. The Aquarius man is original, diplomatic, idealistic, revolutionary and daring in his thoughts.

What is the Aquarius woman like when she gets angry?

It is very unpredictable. Despite his detachment, Aquarius is very sensitive and does not like fights at all. When he gets angry, he needs time and space to cool down. While the anger lasts, he will not fish his cell phone or messages on social networks.

How is the character of Aquarius?

Likeable, original and brilliant, Aquarius is also a very humanitarian sign, as well as being independent and intellectual. Its negative points are found in its instability and inaccuracy and in its tendency to take the opposite almost by system.

What are the faults of Aquarius?

Addicted to novelty and change, Aquarius has an innate tendency to get bored when they don’t find stimuli appealing enough. And consequently it can fall into uncontrolled pecking in all areas. Yes, in the sentimental also unless you find someone who is really stimulating.

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What is the weakness of an Aquarius?

The main weakness of those born under the sign of Aquarius is how dreamy they are: everything is rosy for them, but precisely that creativity they have is one of their greatest strengths.

Why is Aquarius so cold?

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Why are Aquarians so cold? It all has to do with Aquarians who want to control their emotions, and would like other people to, too.

How are Aquarius people in love?

How is Aquarius in love? He is rarely fooled and acts very confident in love. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t keep it. The Aquarius woman loves above all things freedom and independence.

What does Aquarius like?

They really like spending time with people who give them knowledge and experiences of any kind. If you’re that kind of woman, you’ll drive him crazy. Aquarius men are very attracted to independent, intelligent women, with clear goals in life, personal goals, and defined hobbies.

Why are Aquarians the best?

His fascinating personality makes Aquarius the best sign. They are fun and spontaneous, but they don’t take anything lightly. They are capable of doing everything, and they put their best effort into doing it well. It is one of the signs most admired and respected by everyone around it.

When does Aquarius feel hurt?

Aquarius is used to being considered the oddball of the zodiac, and most of the time they may not mind being on the sidelines. But, when an Aquarius man really cares about someone, he will feel upset and hurt if he is ignored and once again treated as “other.”

What do Aquarius women like?

Respect their beliefs and tastes. Aquarius women connect with different things. They seek to have different values ​​and like to learn new things. If you are looking for a harmonious relationship with a woman of this sign, never put her on trial, only if she asks you, give her your opinion on the subject under discussion.

What is the most compatible sign with Aquarius woman?

What are the signs that make a good couple with Aquarius? Aquarians get along better with Gemini, with Cancer, because they are very tender, and Aquarius, for being very sincere. They are compatible with Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius people, with whom he is very attracted and in love.

How does an Aquarius woman like to make love?

Aquarians are attracted to security and sharing good moments of intimacy. They do not want anyone to restrict their freedom, they want to be able to maintain their own space. The less you overwhelm an Aquarius, the better sex life they can offer you. It is a sign that the freer he is, the better lover he will be.

How to act with an Aquarius?

Forbidden to be superficial.Let him show you his affection without pressing.No gossip about his things.Make him feel free.Respect his space.Do not enter the jealousy game.Do not limit yourself to being another sheep in herd. After reading this, do you have serious doubts that Aquarius is for you?

What do Aquarius like in love?

Personality of Aquarius women

They love the opposite sex and have a great need to feel loved and protected, even if they don’t admit it.

What sign is the soul mate of Aquarius?

Aries. These two horoscope signs are characterized by having a good sense of humor, so laughter will never be lacking. It is considered an ideal couple. Aries and Aquarius will always try to be in a good mood and their energy will be contagious for their close circle.

How dangerous is Aquarius?

Aquarium. Although they can keep their emotions hidden and under control, they will destroy the other person if they betray this sign. They can seem really mysterious because that is when they are hatching a dangerous plan to hit the most vulnerable part of a person.

Why is Aquarius so difficult?

Aquarians love so intensely that when their hearts are broken it is a catastrophic event. Appearing to be emotionally connected is their method of defense, and with each disappointment in love, this defense becomes harder and harder to break easily.

What hurts an Aquarius the most?

Although Aquarians don’t usually have many relationship problems with other signs, the ones that get in their way the most are usually the earth signs, “since they tend to house more stable people who move less.” We talk about Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

What is Aquarius’ weakness in love?

Weakness for lost causes

Aquarius sees someone helpless and rushes to offer their support. But beware if you are thinking of using it as a conquest strategy. If he is fake, he will never forgive you, never…

What is the strength of Aquarius?

Strengths. Above all, Aquarius is noble, humanitarian, honest, loyal, progressive, original, socialist, independent.

What is the weakness of each zodiac sign?

What is your worst weakness according to your zodiac sign?

    Aries: Demand things impulsively, could be the most impulsive zodiac sign of all. … Taurus: Possessive, materialistic and superficial. … Gemini: Gemini has so many personalities! … Sagittarius: Sagittarians are direct and honest.

What sign is not compatible with Aquarius?

The water-type zodiac signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are too emotional and sensitive for Aquarius, it is likely that in a love relationship with them Aquarius will feel overwhelmed.

What is the worst partner for Aquarius?

Aquarium. Aquarians will have problems with the rigidity and stubbornness of the Taurus and Scorpio because they want things to be done their way. The opposite sign is Leo as they both want to be the focus of attention.

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