How is the current educational reality?

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The educational reality is a temporal and spatial phenomenon, it is a transcendental process and at the same time a concrete fact in which various structural and super-structural, material and human elements converge, among the latter there are basically the students, the parents of the family and especially teachers…

How is education today 2021?

As of March 2021, more than 168 million children around the world had been left out of any form of face-to-face learning for nearly a full year. This figure does not include children who have completely dropped out of school as a result of the pandemic.

How is the educational reality in Peru?

Education in Peru: What is the situation of Regular Basic Education? According to the World Economic Forum, Peru is ranked number 27 in quality of the educational system[1]. In addition, under this context of a pandemic, the educational gap has increased due to the implementation of virtual classes.

How is education currently conceived?

From the social point of view, education is conceived as a socializing process, which seeks the adaptation and incorporation of the subject to his physical and social environment, through the acquisition of the elements of culture (language, skills, customs). , attitudes, norms, values, etc.,).

How is education manifested?

The educational process occurs through research, debate, storytelling, discussion, teaching, example and training in general. Education is not only produced through the word, it is also present in all our actions, feelings and attitudes.

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How is education today in Ecuador?

In Ecuador, education is guided by the National Education System, which includes the Bilingual Intercultural System, and the Higher Education System. Thus, the National Education System is made up of the levels of education: initial, basic general, high school and higher education.

How is education in Peru 2021?

The 2021 School Year has been one of the most complex, like the previous one, facing the covid-19 pandemic through digital tools for distance education.

How is education going in Peru 2021?

The Ministry of Education established the Good Return to the 2021 School Year in 3 phases: 1) I learn at home, which will continue with the distance modality through the use of tablets; 2) I learn at school, which will be given in a semi-presential or face-to-face form according to the conditions established by the Ministry of Health (MINSA …

What is the problem of education in Peru?

ST: The biggest problem is the low quality of education. Other problems are the low pedagogical level as a result of limited teacher training, school desertion and the lack of work from and through art, which is relegated to primary education.

How is education in Guatemala 2021?

MINEDUC organized the return to classes in 2021, ensuring that the four support programs are available to be delivered from the first day of classes: school meals, supplies for students and materials for teachers, as well as supplies for the hygiene of children. educational centers and protocols…

What is the problem of education?

There are many difficulties facing education in Mexico, among which are poor educational quality, obsolete plans and programs, lack of access (coverage-inequality), economic problems, infrastructure, poor teacher training , among others.

What is the educational problem?

In the educational field, there are various problems that influence the school performance of the subject; One of them is bullying, which occurs daily in educational institutions worldwide, causing an impact not only on the performance of those affected, but also…

What is the problem of lack of education?

For the individual, the effects of lack of education are several: Limited ability to obtain and understand essential information (political, social, cultural, sexual…) Unemployment is 2 to 4 times higher among those with a very low level of education with respect to those who have Completed ESO.

How has education evolved in Ecuador?

The results of the Third Regional and Comparative Study (Terce), applied by the Latin American Laboratory for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education (LLece) of UNESCO, show a significant improvement in the educational system of Ecuador.

How is the quality of education in Ecuador?

The quality of education in Ecuador is an issue that has become very relevant today, and recently, the substantial change in the structures of the Education System has been defined by the government as a state policy, therefore, the institutions that intervene in the educational area they have had to …

What are the causes of lack of education?

Here we tell you the most common causes.

Financial problems. … Poor school preparation. … The career does not convince the student. … Conflict between study, family and work. … When subjects are constantly failed. … Lack of quality interaction with teachers and counselors. … Unmotivating environment.

What are the consequences of a bad education?

Consequences of a bad education

    1️⃣️ Disobedience and indiscipline.2️⃣️ Boys and girls with emotional discomfort.3️⃣️ Intolerance to frustration.4️⃣️ Lack of respect towards others and towards themselves.5️⃣️ Bad behaviors and problems associated with them.6️⃣️ Low academic performance.

How is education in Guatemala today?

Guatemala has historically had a very low level in the field of education. The level of schooling in Guatemala is extremely low, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) estimates that the average is only 2.3 years. Even lower in the majority indigenous departments (1.3 years).

How has education been in times of pandemic in Guatemala?

The Ministry of Education proposed and implemented educational strategies according to the possibilities of the establishments and the families of the students, many were through virtual platforms, and others, through chats and many more with study guides so that the children will do the chores and…

How has the pandemic affected education in Guatemala?

Children and young people are among the people most affected by the pandemic, because their education will be different and they will have different levels of learning than the previous groups. They have stopped socializing, they have stopped attending school, they have stopped developing some learning and skills.

How has the pandemic affected education?

The coronavirus is instantly changing the way education is delivered, as school and home now become the same place after the necessary regulations have been put in place.

What effects did the pandemic have on education?

School closures caused by the coronavirus have disproportionately affected children, because not all have had the opportunities, tools or access to continue learning during the pandemic.

What effects is the pandemic having on education?

The consequences are evident in the increased risk of child labour, school dropout, child marriage and other forms of abuse. The prolonged closure of schools, as well as the lack of access to technologies, alarmingly threaten the learning of millions of girls and boys in Mexico and the world.

How is distance education in Guatemala?

Distance education in Guatemala also called HomeSchool is a form of study from home. This means that there is no need to attend an educational center to study. This service is regulated by Ministerial Agreement 3590-2011.

What does the Ministry of Education say about virtual classes?

Return announced by the Minedu

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education indicated that the operation of the provision of the educational service will be face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and distance.

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