How is the life of a Mexican sailor?

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This class of seamen trains about 14 hours a day. They lack a social life and only visit relatives every three or four months. They are permanently focused on one goal: to stop those who harm citizens. Integrated into commandos, this elite group always operates in secret.

How is the life of the sailors?

Sailors keep watch for obstacles in the boat’s path, measure water depth, turn the wheel on the bridge, or use emergency equipment as directed by the captain, first officer, or pilot.

What does a Mexican Navy sailor do?

It is in charge of the surveillance and safeguarding of the coasts, the territorial sea, the exclusive economic zone and the maritime airspace of Mexico, in order to guarantee national sovereignty and internal security; It is also in charge of inspecting inland waters, fluvial and navigable lacustrine routes,…

What kinds of jobs are there in the Navy?

Technical-professional careers

    Naval Administration and Quartermaster. Naval Aviation Mechanics. Naval Electronics. Naval Computers. Naval Diving and Submarine Works. Maritime Search and Rescue. Internal Combustion and Propulsion Systems. Electricity and Refrigeration.

How to enter to work in the Navy?

Requirements for work in the Navy

Be Mexican by birth. Minimum height: 1.55 m for women and 1.63 m for men. Have a body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9. Pass the corresponding evaluations: medical and clinical examination and psychometric profile.43 related questions found

What does the Navy offer you?

Naval Informatics. Naval Diving and Underwater Works. Maritime Search and Rescue. Internal Combustion and Propulsion Systems.

How much does a marine earn in Mexico in 2021 per month?


Salaries (or salaries) range from just over 120,000 pesos for the highest position to more than 15,000 for the lowest rank.

How much does a marine earn in Mexico 2022?

Minimum and maximum salary for a Deckhand and Related Sailors – from $4,984 to $18,761 per month – 2022. A Deckhand and Related Seaman normally earns a monthly net salary of between $4,984 and $9,953 when starting the job.

How long is he in the Navy?

Depending on the specialty that you want to take, it is the training time, the basic level lasts 7 weeks, and for special forces (the elite of the Navy) it is 10 months. There are those who also specialize in skydiving, diving, shooting, sniping, artillery, leaders, intelligence, jungle operations.

What benefits does a sailor have?

Benefits that the staff obtains upon entering.

    Monthly credit and surplus. Vacation premiums. Year-end compensation. Savings fund. Compensation for services. Life insurance. Collective retirement insurance.

What is better a soldier or a sailor?

The Navy surpasses the Army and the National Guard, in the index of government agencies that generate more confidence among the population, according to INEGI. “It’s very encouraging that people have confidence in the military.

How much do they earn in the Navy with a degree?

If you are interested in knowing how much the salary of the personnel of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) is, keep reading because here we will tell you. Let us anticipate that salaries range from just over 120 thousand pesos for the highest position to more than 15 thousand for the lowest rank.

How much does a military earn in Mexico 2022?

A Division General has a gross monthly salary of 163,910 pesos; one Brigadier, 149 thousand 205.42, and a Brigadier General, 129 thousand 929.52.

How much does a Marine earn based on rank?

Admiral: 115,309.29 pesos. Vice Admiral: 109,771.23 pesos. Rear Admiral: 96,346.66 pesos. Ship Captain: 82,433.15 pesos.

How much does a marine earn in Mexico 2021?

The national average salary for a Marine is MXN$15,977 in Mexico.

How much does a military man earn in Mexico in 2021 per month?

The position with the highest rank and highest salary is that of division general, who receives a monthly net salary of 111,000 pesos; The salary with the least benefits is that of a soldier, the lowest rank in the military hierarchy, with 12,500 net pesos per month.

How to enter the Navy 2022?


Curriculum vitae (without copies) Birth certificate.Study certificate.Unique Population Registry Key (CURP)National Military Service card or valid proof of the release process (except female personnel)Voter’s credential or replacement process receipt.

When do the calls for the Marina 2022 begin?

The dates for the call for the Naval School opened on January 24 and will close on March 22 so that the school year begins on August 8.

When does the call for the Navy 2022 come out?

The call for admission to the Naval Educational Establishments for the 2022-2023 school year of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) has been opened. This call will close on March 22 and the start of classes will be on August 8.

What is the difference between the Army and the Navy?

Unlike the Army, the Navy has a greater projection abroad and participates marginally in internal security missions. However, it also responds to a wide range of support missions to other Secretaries of State.

What is better Sedena or Semar?

The Secretariat of the Navy – Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) is the Security Institution with 90% acceptance and as the authority that inspires the most confidence “A lot” or “Some” in the population, followed by the Secretary of National Defense ( SEDENA) with 87.1% acceptance and trust, rising points more than in 2018, the …

How many hours do you work in the Navy?

Any member ratifying this Convention recognizes that the standard of normal working hours for seafarers, like that of other workers, should be based on an eight-hour working day, with one day of rest per week and with the rest days that correspond to the holidays…

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