How is the violet flame activated?

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HOW TO INVOKE THE VIOLET FLAME? Close your eyes and connect with your breath. Out loud, lovingly ask the beings of the violet flame—ascended masters and angels—for help and guidance. First invoke your inner divinity called “I am”, and then the divinity with whom you feel affinity.

How does the Violet Flame work?

The violet flame: your power to transform any negative energy. … It is a very powerful tool to transmute any energy, taking it from its current vibrational state to a higher vibrational state. That is why it is invoked when it is necessary to produce a profound change or transformation.

What does purple light mean?

Violet light is the monochromatic type violet that corresponds to the visible spectrum of light whose dominant wavelength measures between 380 and 420 nm. If the wavelength is greater, there is blue light and if it is less, there is ultraviolet radiation, which is not visible but has a higher energy per photon.

What is the most powerful flame?

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The Violet Flame is a sacred fire that exists in higher dimensions, it is a powerful tool of transmutation, it is a gift of light from the Father Mother God for his children. And the guardian of the Violet Flame is the ascended master Saint Germain.

What does the transmuting violet flame mean?

The violet flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. … It is the spiritual energy that incorporates love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation. The ascended master Saint Germain teaches how to use this spiritual energy.

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What does the word transmuter mean?

Adjective. This word is of obsolete use, the definition of transmuter is the one that transmutes, alters, alters, converts, varies, changes, changes or transforms something into another, object or element without inverting or modifying some similar characteristics or qualities.

What does the color violet mean in the spiritual?

The combination of lilac and purple tones provides exceptional aesthetic results. It has to do with spirituality, it is mystical, it is the color of thought, meditation, serenity and reflection.

What is the strongest flame color?

Average temperature and color of fire

They are present between 500 ºC and 1000 ºC. On the other hand, the orange flames appear when the temperature is around 1100 ºC and 1200 ºC and finally the blue flames are those that appear at higher temperatures, above 1300 ºC.

What is the ideal flame?

Remember: – If the flame is BLUE: it is the ideal flame because it indicates that the gas combustion that our appliance is making is correct. Always check that the flame is blue. – If the flame is YELLOW: it indicates a combustion with oxygen deficiency (which is provided by the air).

What is the blue part of fire called?

premix flames.

– When the fuel and comburent are mixed prior to combustion, as in the case of a bunsen burner. In these flames the combustion is more complete and they allow higher temperatures to be reached, presenting other characteristics such as the blue hue.

What does the color violet mean in meditation?

Violet maintains the balance between the physical body and the higher mind, favors meditation and is highly recommended if you have insomnia so we already know where we should put it: in our bedrooms.

What does it mean to close your eyes and see purple?

What happens is that we are witnessing the so-called phosphenes, from the Greek “phos” (light) and “phainein” (show). They are flashes that are perceived, even if there is no light outside, due to the stimulation of the retina and the visual cortex.

What is the name of the angel of the Violet Flame?

Archangel Zadquiel is in charge of the violet ray of the light spectrum. Zadquiel is the angel of benevolence. He personifies the mercy of God and teaches trust in the divine will. He is the archangel that accompanies the human being in his most difficult hours.

Where is the flame produced?

The flame is caused by the emission of energy from the atoms of some particles found in the combustion gases, when excited by the intense heat generated in this type of reaction.

What is the difference between blue and YELLOW flame?

If the flame is BLUE: it is the ideal flame because it indicates that the gas combustion that our appliance is making is correct. Always check that the flame is blue. . If the flame is YELLOW: it indicates a combustion with oxygen deficiency (which is provided by the air).

What if the flame is orange?

flame color

If the flame has a red, orange or yellow hue and crackles, it means that the combustion is not taking place well. In these cases we must urgently call a registered gas fitter.

What color of fire burns more?

The part of the flame closest to the candle or wood will usually be white, since the temperature is usually higher near the fuel source. The blue color indicates an even hotter temperature than the white. Blue flames usually appear at a temperature between 2,600º F and 3,000º F.

Why is the flame blue?

As the air intake increases, less soot is produced with black body radiation in the flame since combustion is more complete, so enough energy is created to excite the gas molecules, which gives rise to the characteristic blue color.

Why is fire orange?

Yellow or orange: there is a fault in the mixture with air (oxygen), this generates poor combustion, generates carbon monoxide and needs a quick review, since cleaning may be necessary and that explains the low oxygen intake. Now, they require other options such as green or red.

What does violet mean in the Bible?

Its meaning is “The modest”. The origin of the name comes from the Latin ‘Viola’.

What does the light purple color mean?

For this reason, it is a color that: relaxes, provides tranquility, freshness, produces calm and self-control. Light or bright purple is used for feminine products. It produces nostalgic and romantic feelings. Dark violet is used for sumptuous products.

What does the color violet mean in love?

It is also considered the color of sensuality, royalty, nobility and luxury. Purple is the color to use if you want to invoke the feeling of richness and luxury in a space. Depending on the tones, violet or purple has a meaning associated with sensuality and romance.

What is the transmutation of souls?

Description. Transmigration is something like the journey that the Spirit makes through the various forms of life that he animates momentarily, during his life, and then withdraws without undergoing any change.

What is asked of Saint Germain?

Saint Germain

If you want our Radiance and Assistance, do not absorb onions, garlic, alcohol, or tobacco. We do not want and cannot intensify the energy in you or around you, when such emanations are in the atmosphere.

What is energetic transmutation?

The notion in spirituality and sexuality

Certain religions and beliefs speak of transmutation to refer to the internal change that a person experiences when he moves away from harmful elements (from actions to thoughts) and approaches God.

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