How long does a family constellation workshop take?

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How long does a family constellation workshop take? A family constellation session in individual format lasts approximately 2 hours.

How long does a family constellation workshop last?

A family constellation session in individual format lasts approximately 2 hours.

What happens after doing family constellations?

“What happens after a family constellation?” “Family constellations act when left exactly as they were seen. It is a spatial and timeless image, from the depths, and it has its strength when left as it is. Any discussion about its content destroys the image.

How much does a family constellation workshop cost?

Or it is also possible to do it in one-two-three one-hour sessions (depending on the development of the constellation). The duration of the couple session is an hour and a half, and the price is €100 per session.

How many times can you constellate?

How often can it be constellated? The person can habitually constellate different aspects of her life. In the case of wanting to constellate the same previously constellation theme, it is recommended to allow a period of 6 months to pass between constellation and constellation.

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How do you constellate a person?

how to constellate

Two people participate in a family constellation session, the constellator and the constellation. The other members of the constellated family are represented, either by dolls, if the session is individual, or by other people who act as representatives, if it is a group.

What is a family constellation workshop like?

WHAT IS A FAMILY CONSTELLATION WORKSHOP? A family constellation workshop is a very interesting group experience with multiple possibilities for adjusting emotions and psychological health. It consists of a group that meets for a day with one or two therapists.

What is a family constellation session like?

Each participant has a turn to constellate their own family for one hour. During the session, the rest of the participants represent the unconscious experiences of the person who performs the therapy. Therefore, each participant performs their own therapy and participates in that of others.

What are constellation workshops?

The Family Constellations workshop is organized to guide family groups so that they find ways to meet their goals using family constellations as a means that will allow them to face difficult situations and family adversities.

What are the benefits of family constellations?

Family Constellations are a Systematic Family Therapy through which we can quickly bring to light the dynamics that cause any suffering, trauma or psychological problems.

How is constellation therapy done?

Each of the participants has a turn to constellate their own family, for one hour. During the time that a constellation takes place, the rest of the participants stage and represent the unconscious experiences of the person who is performing the therapy.

What is constellation therapy like?

Among the group therapies that have had more followers in recent years, Hellinger’s Constellations stand out, a technique that leads the individual to observe the place he occupies within his family, in order to solve conflicts that can even be passed from generation to generation. .

What are constellations and what are they for?

The constellations have the objective that the person perceives their implications in their family so that in this way they can provide a solution to the problem that they have raised. To do this, they are helped to place themselves in the right place within the system that makes up their family.

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What is individual constellation?

2) The Individual Constellation allows the Psychologist to collect more personalized information to understand the matter that the person exposes in the context of their family system. By having more precise information, the constellation can be guided more accurately.

What things can be constellated?

​Common Themes for Family Constellations

    ​​Family relationships, parents, children, siblings, etc. Relationships, sexuality, having children. Problems with my boss, partner and others. Health issues. Physical pain, bodily sensations. Addictions. Success at work and in studies .The finances.

What should I know before constellation?

Ask yourself if the issue you want to constellate has weight. A demand for family constellations that has no weight, it is not relevant to constellate it. Only what clearly influences your life, be it at work, in your relationship, in your career… deserves to be constellated.

What can be treated in family constellations?


A traditional constellation is aimed at working on family issues such as the relationship with our parents, spouses, children or any other family member, including distant relatives or ancestors.

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