How Long Does it Take to Install Windows 10?

How Long Does it Take to Install Windows 10: Likely to learn about how long the windows 10 download process takes place? If yes, then you can directly head over to the below significant information. However, the download process sometimes cannot be determined because it depends upon certain factors. Like computer configuration, speed, and many more variables.

Hence as a result, before you begin and continue the windows 10 installation process, cross-check whether the system in which you are likely to install is satisfying the requirements. Like internet connectivity, enough sufficient storage capacity, USB or external drive. Apart from this, why usually a system takes a long time to install?

how long does it take to install windows 10

Well, it might take a long time when to transfer the large files and equally the bunch of data results in completing the entire installation process in more than 3-4 hours respectively.  The internet speed also plays a key role, hence make sure there is at least or more than 10 Mbps speed. So, therefore, by noting down all these points, let’s now start learning the details regarding How Long Does it Take to Install Windows 10 in simple and understandable terminology.

How Long Does it Take to Install Windows 10?

Usually, there is no fixed answer for how long to install windows 10. But yes, all it depends on and can be assumed based on various factors. Like, need to have enough storage capacity, speed of the internet must be greater and many more. In general, most of the time, Windows 10 installation is very much necessary, and thus performing the install, upgrade, and applying reset is done on PC. Let’s get deeper.

How long will it take to download/install Windows 10?

In general, all the processes won’t take more than 3 hours. Things go faster when you satisfied certain requirements like enough storage capacity, internet speed, and when you have the SSD which is considerably 10 times faster than the normal one. If it is the latest or new laptop/ PC, takes a very less amount of time to get installed on PC.

how long to install windows 10

But if it is the older PC, may take time due to the damaged hard dish or due to the time raking in converting the bunch of data. Even though the system is an older one or whatever, the entire process may take around 3 hours long. Once the entire Windows installation process is done, setup and remaining process take less time.

If in case, you start installing windows 10 by taking the help of a CD or USB, then the speed of the drive also determines the duration taken to install windows 10.

How long Does Upgrading to Windows 10 Take?

Updating or Upgrading is completely different. Now without disabling auto-updates, you are no more here to stop upgrading your system automatically. As a result, auto-updates were run in the background and notify you only when your system has to perform a successful restart.

The entire process to perform updates on your PC/ system is quite easy because everything is done automatically. Just it needs you when performing the restart. Any update will never take a long time to complete. But yes, if it is windows build update, there might be the chance of taking a bit more time to complete.

how long does upgrading to windows 10 take

In simple terms, Windows 10 update process may also depend on the internet speed, hardware, or any other. By taking care of these things, if you like to learn the time taken for how long does upgrading to windows 10 takes, then it is about 3 hours to complete. Sometimes, it takes time due to several factors as discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more suggestions/ complaints, go through the below Frequently Asked Questions so that you may get a clear idea about it.

how long does upgrading to windows 10 take after performing the reset?
Windows 10 reinstallation process may take time between 1 and 5 hours respectively. This is all just an assumption. However, no one can estimate or determine the time taken to complete the respective installation or download process. Because all this depends on several factors which are anyhow shared above.
how long windows 10 download takes place via USB (Universal Serial Bus)?
It may take around 10-15 minutes or any depending upon the speed of the internet and USB drive which is plugged-in to the system.
Can I leave overnight performing Windows 10 installation?
By default and unfortunately, Windows 10 update or installation process won’t finish or happen automatically. Only when the system is continuously powered on, the installation process and updates are going to end up completing successfully.
Does resetting PC removes the Viruses?
Running or performing the Factory Reset will reformat and reinstall by destroying the corrupted data stored in a PC or hard drive. Hence, as a result, it also removes the viruses present along with the corrupted data or unused data.
How to install windows 10 to the new or latest PC?
Follow the below steps to perform the Windows 10 installation on your latest or new PC.

  • Initially, you are requested to turn on the PC.
  • Now tap on the key which opens the boot-selection menu located in the system or computer like Esc, F10, F12 keys.
  • Choose the option to boot the system from the USB drive.
  • As a result, the Windows setup process begins.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and end up the entire process successfully.


Hopefully, the information shared here is clear. Do not forget to restart your PC or system after performing the auto-updates or updates if any. Also, if your system is latest or new, there is good internet speed, enough storage capacity, and the CD or USB from where you’re installing Windows 10 possessing high speed, then the entire process of downloading or installing windows 10 takes only less or 15 minutes respectively.

Other than this, if you still have any doubts, can mention at the below empty space. We will guide you. Stay connected with techlyfire for learning more interesting tutorials that were shared over here.

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