How long does the Barcelona Sardinia ferry take?

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The Barcelona Porto Torres ferry route connects Spain with Sardinia. At the moment there is only one ferry company that provides this service, Grimaldi Lines. The crossing runs 2 times a week with a duration of 12 hours 30 minutes.

How to go from Barcelona to Sardinia by boat?

Grimaldi offers with its fleet of ferries the possibility of reaching Sardinia by boat from Barcelona. The advantage is that you can take your own car and thus not rent it, and simply go as a passenger on the boat to the port of Porto Torres, on the north coast of Sardinia.

How much does the ferry to Sardinia cost?

Ferry to Porto Torres (Sardinia). Tickets from €43

How long does a ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza take?

How long is the ferry trip from Barcelona to Ibiza? The duration of the Barcelona – Ibiza crossing ranges between 8 and 9 and a half hours depending on the type of ferry and the company.

How to go to Sardinia by boat?

The only way to travel by ferry from Spain to Sardinia with a direct connection is through the port of Barcelona. The shipping company Grimaldi Lines connects Barcelona with Porto Torres every week.

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How long does the ferry from Valencia to Sardinia take?

The best way to get from Valencia to Sardinia without a car is to train and ferry which takes 21h 25m and costs €130 – €200.

What to see in Sardinia in 5 days?

5 days in Sardinia from Cagliari

    Day 1: Cagliari. Visit Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. … Day 2: Villasimius. … Day 3: Chia and Teulada. … Day 4: Island of Sant’Antioco. … Day 5: San Pietro Island. … Day 1 and day 2: Emerald Coast. … Day 3: Maddalena Archipelago. … Day 4: Island of Caprera.

How to go from Barcelona to Ibiza by boat?

The Barcelona Ibiza ferry route connects Spain and Ibiza and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies. Trasmediterranea operates its crossings up to 5 times a week, Balearia 7 times a week and the Grandi Navi Veloci service is available up to 4 times a week.

How much does it cost to go by boat to Ibiza?

How much does it cost to travel by ferry to Ibiza by car? You can travel by ferry to Ibiza by car from €35 from Formentera, one way. If your port of departure is Denia (Alicante), traveling by ferry to Ibiza by car costs €65, more or less, and from Valencia €50 each way.

Where to catch the ferry in Valencia?

Maritime Station of the Port of Valencia.

How many airports are there in Sardinia?

The main airports in Sardinia are at Cagliari (Elmas), about seven kilometers from the capital of Sardinia, Alghero (Fertilia) and Olbia (Costa Smeralda), which link the island to the main national and international airports.

How to go to Corsica by ferry?

By ferry. From Spain there are no ferries to France, but you can go by car (in your own, or if you wish, you can rent one) to Marseille, Toulon or Nice, and when you arrive, you can take a boat that will take you to Corsica.

How to go from Corsica to Sardinia?

The fastest and most frequent line is the one that leaves from the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura and arrives at Bonifacio. There are several daily departures and, since the crossing takes less than 1 hour, it is possible to reach Corsica for just one day in Bonifacio before returning to Sardinia with the last ferry.

Where is Sardinia Italy?

It is located in insular Italy, bordered to the north by the Bonifacio Strait that separates it from the French island of Corsica, to the east by the Tyrrhenian Sea, and to the south and west by the Mediterranean Sea.

How long does it take to get to Ibiza by boat?

One of the best ways to travel from the peninsula to Ibiza and vice versa is through the Denia – Ibiza ferry route. Only 3 and a half hours separate the town of Alicante from the Balearic island, so, together with the comforts of the Baleària ferry, the trip will fly by.

Where do you take the boat to go to Ibiza?

Baleària’s high-speed boats depart from the port of the capital of Ibiza and in just 30 minutes you will disembark at the port of Formentera, in the urban center of La Savina.

How long does it take to get from Valencia to Ibiza by boat?

The duration of the Valencia – Ibiza crossing ranges between 5 and 7 hours depending on the type of ferry (high-speed or standard).

How far is Barcelona from Ibiza?

The distance between Barcelona and Ibiza (Island) is 276 km.

What is the most beautiful area of ​​Sardinia?

Costa Smeralda, the best known area to see in Sardinia

Without a doubt, the best towns to stay in are Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, as they are very close to the most beautiful coves to visit in Sardinia.

What is the most beautiful thing about Sardinia?

The southern part of Sardinia stands out for its natural landscapes as beautiful as those of Dorgali, full of cliffs and steep coasts that mix with the blue-green of the sea. Some of the cliffs are home to paradisiacal coves such as Cala Luna or Cala Goloritze, which are of unique beauty in the entire Mediterranean.

What can’t you miss in Sardinia?

What to see in Sardinia: 10 essential places

Ruins of Nora. … The Cape Testa (Capo Testa) … Neptune’s Cave (Grotto di Nettuno) … Alghero. … Archipelago of La Maddalena. …Cagliari. … National Archaeological Museum. … Cala Goloritze

What is the best airport to go to Sardinia?

The best airport to get to is Cagliari to the south, Olbia to the northeast, Alghero airport to the northwest, and Tortoli (Arbatax) to the east coast center.

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