How long does the pain of an ear cartilage piercing last?

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Is pain normal days after ear piercing? The first thing to keep in mind is that this type of piercing takes between 2-3 months to heal completely, however, there are people who may feel discomfort and inconvenience in the pierced area even 6 months after having it done.

How long does a cartilage piercing stop hurting?

The earlobe heals in 6-8 weeks and the cartilage 4 weeks, the folded edge of the upper part of the ear or helix 6-9 months.

How long does it take for an ear cartilage piercing to heal?

The average healing time for a cartilage piercing “is 8 to 12 months, while a lobe will take between 3 and 4 months,” David tells us.

How to get rid of ear piercing pain?

Apply ice to the earlobe.

Ice helps decrease swelling and pain. Use an ice pack or put crushed ice in a plastic bag. Cover it with a towel and place it on your earlobe for 15 to 20 minutes every hour or as directed.

How to reduce inflammation of the ear cartilage?

Ear chondritis treatment: end ear pain. Treatment of auricular perichondritis is aimed at reducing inflammation. Therefore, corticosteroids are often used together with antibiotics that cover Pseudomonas. In addition, pain relievers are also recommended.

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How do I know if I have perichondritis?

The most common symptom of this infection is pain, swelling, and redness in the ear. Initially, the infection appears to be a skin infection, but it progresses rapidly and involves the perichondrium. The redness usually surrounds an area of ​​injury, such as a cut or scrape.

Why does ear cartilage swell?

Perichondritis can occur for various reasons, among the most common are trauma to one side of the head, sports in which there is physical contact, cartilage perforation (piercings), burns, acupuncture or insect bites.

How to make ear piercings heal?


Always wash your hands before touching recently pierced ears. Leave earrings in your ears for six weeks or more, even overnight. … Regularly wash the ears and the ‘piercing’ with soap and water. …Turn the earrings several times a day. … Apply alcohol.

How to quickly heal an ear piercing?

How to speed up the healing of a piercing?

Avoid touching the piercing with your fingers and remove the crusts that may form in the wound. Disinfect and clean the piercing only with products indicated by the professional who performed the piercing or a doctor.

How to sleep with an ear piercing?

The first nights you should try not to rest your ears on the pillow, as it could hurt you. Think about sleeping facing up for the sake of your piercing. Above all, avoid products in the area, such as creams, perfumes, etc. All this can cause infection and discomfort.

What is the piercing that hurts the most?

The septum, located in the middle of the nostrils at the end of the cartilage, is one of the most painful piercings since it crosses a highly sensitive sector of nerve channels.

Which piercing takes the longest to heal?

Perforated area and time it takes to heal:

Ear lobe: 6 weeks. Ear cartilage: 4 months to 1 year. Eyebrow: 6 to 8 weeks. Tongue: 4 to 6 weeks.

How to cure an infected cartilage piercing?

First wash your hands with soap and water. Next, make a salt solution with 1 cup (0.24 liters) of water and about 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Stir until the salt dissolves. Do not remove the jewelry from the piercing, soak a bit of cotton in the solution and place it on the affected area.

How much does an ear piercing hurt?

As in any area of ​​cartilage, there are not many nerve endings here, so the pain when drilling will not be very intense. Many compare it to a quick burning sensation. The discomfort that you may notice will be at most 4 on a scale of 10.

How long does it take for a piercing to get infected?

The area around the piercing is likely to swell for about 48 hours while the body adjusts to what it sees as an injury. When that time has passed, the swelling should begin to subside.

How long does it take for the ear hole to close?

Healing Time for Ear Piercing

Healing time can vary from person to person. These values ​​represent averages: Lobe (soft lower part of the ear): 6-8 weeks. Ear helix (the folded edge at the top of the ear): 6-9 months.

What to do if my piercing does not heal?

You may notice that sometimes the piercing discharges expelling a whitish liquid. It is something normal and you just have to continue curing it as we have indicated. If you see that in a few weeks it does not improve, it may be infected and that is why it is better that you go to your doctor to prescribe an antibiotic ointment.

What is the best to disinfect a piercing?

in a hot water bottle. Dip the infected area in the solution or use a cotton ball dipped in the solution and gently place the cotton ball on the infected or painful area. For mouth piercings, make a mouthwash with the saline solution and spit it out.

How to cure an inflammation in the ear?

antibiotic treatment;

antibiotic treatment; incision and drainage of abscesses; corticosteroid treatment to reduce pain; ear surgery in the most severe cases.

What happens if my ear swells?

Perichondritis of the ear can be a diffuse inflammatory process, but not necessarily infectious, causing diffuse swelling, erythema, and pain of the auricle, or an abscess between the cartilage and the perichondrium.

How do I know if my ear is infected?

Ear piercing symptoms

Mild ear piercing infection. Symptoms are pain, redness, crusting, and swelling at the site of the ear piercing. Spreading redness is more serious and needs to be seen by a doctor.

What to take for perichondritis?

Doctors treat perichondritis with antibiotics (such as a fluoroquinolone such as ciprofloxacin) and often an oral corticosteroid. The choice of antibiotic depends on the severity of the infection and the bacteria causing it.

What specialist treats perichondritis?

In case of recurrent perichondritis, a biopsy of the cartilage and a consultation with a rheumatologist should be considered for a correct diagnosis.

How to drain a perichondritis?

Treatment of perichondritis

If there is an abscess (collection of pus), doctors make an incision to drain the pus, allowing blood to reach the cartilage again, and leave a small drain in place for 24 to 72 hours. Antibiotics are given orally (by mouth).

What cream to use for infected piercing?

There are several antibiotic ointments that can help us, such as Iruxol Neo or Mupirocin.

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