How long should a forum last?

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– The Forum is scheduled to last 120 minutes, that is, 2 hours; with the participation of 4 panelists, according to the methodology and times presented below. TWO INTERVENTIONS BY EACH PANELIST IN TWO ROUNDS: *. – FIRST ROUND OF 12 MINUTES 48 m.

How is the forum carried out?

Forum Planning

Announce the topic or objective before moving on to the other points. Presentation of the panelists. Determine the time for the discussion and for asking questions. At the start of the discussion, each one of the panelists is introduced indicating their data.

What is a forum and example?

An internet forum is a place where people can exchange ideas on topics of interest. Its members can post discussions and read and reply to messages written by other participants.

What is a forum and what are its characteristics?

A forum is a space for asynchronous communication (not in real time) in which students dialogue and/or debate around a specific topic. In Moodle there are different types of forums, each one has different characteristics and their use depends on the type of discussion you want to raise.

How many people can be in a forum?

Forum: Is ion of a given topic that is generally carried out by four people: a maintainer and three speakers.

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What are the names of the participants in a forum?

Forumist (Is the participant who is interested in the topic and participates with questions and opinions. They can be students, service operators, activists, interested public).

What rules must be taken into account when organizing a forum?

Limit the time of the exhibitions. It controls the spontaneous, unpredictable and heterogeneous participation of a large and unknown audience. they are for discussion, and all the factors related to the convened topic enter. The moderator starts the forum explaining precisely what the problem is to discuss.

What is the main function of a forum?

The forum feature provides an area for logged in site visitors (community members) in the publishing environment to: Create new topics. View and reply to topics. Follow a theme.

What are the characteristics of a virtual forum?

Definition The virtual forums represent a meeting solution through electronic means in situations in which the participants cannot meet in person and the projects allow asynchronous debates.

How to write in an example forum?

How to add a message in a forum

Decide in which forum we want to add a message. Type the “Subject” and the desired “Message”. Optionally we can include some file in the message. It gives us a warning indicating that during the following 30 minutes you can re-edit your message.

How to make an example virtual forum?

The Virtual Forum will be developed mainly through an email list, which will allow the distribution of messages among the participants. By sending a message to the list address, it will reach the emails of all the people registered in it.

How to participate in an example forum?

Recommendations for participation in the forums

    Make contributions strictly related to the topic under discussion and with the line of debate. Carry out previous readings that allow them to support the contributions theoretically. Contemplate the affirmations of classmates to question or enrich them.

How to make a forum in the classroom?

It contemplates several elements such as number of participations, dates, evaluation, etc. It is born from a generating question or a topic of discussion. The moderator or tutor must indicate the guidelines for participation. In this, all participants must make at least one valid contribution and in accordance with the topic of discussion.

What are the advantages of a virtual forum?

Some of the main benefits of using the Virtual Discussion Forums are: Reinforces learning and improves its significance. It allows to know the attitudes of the students in front of certain subjects. It favors the development of social skills through interaction.

How do you greet in a forum?

You can talk about greetings and farewells: Greetings: hello, how are you?, good morning, etc. Farewells: goodbye, see you later, etc.

What does a moderator do in a forum?

The Moderator is the referee and the facilitator. His role is to help participants have the opportunity to provide input and guide the plenary to reach their own conclusions, not a role as a subject matter expert.

What is done in an academic forum?

academic or learning forums are intended to discuss the contents raised in an activity, a course or training program; in them it is oriented towards inquiry and reflection on some issue raised.

What is an academic forum?

A forum is a space for interactive and enriching communication between students with the constant supervision and accompaniment of the teacher. It is this person who raises the topic of discussion, who guides the participation and who finally generates the conclusions.

What is needed to make a discussion forum?

INITIAL. • Start with a brief welcome to the space and a cordial greeting. … It is a communication tool that can be synchronous or asynchronous. It can be defined as a space where students and teachers can share, discuss, comment, ask, debate, agree, among others. … a. … a.

How to give your opinion in a forum?

But regardless of your role in the discussion forum, there are some behaviors that are essential to convey credibility and not create confusion when offering your opinion:

Be clear. … Give constructive criticism. … Avoid polemics. … Learn to take criticism. …Keep a good tone.

How to interact in a forum?

– Avoid talking and interacting in the forums only with the same person. These spaces are for conversation and learning among all. All participants have much to learn and much to teach; That is why communication and interaction must take place in several directions. – Enter the forum frequently.

What is a forum and how to participate?

It is basically an interaction space for students. To participate in a forum, the following must be done: Below the description of the forum, the student finds the button “Add a new discussion topic”.

How do you work in a virtual forum?

The work to be developed in the forum will be, by the moderator:

Exposition of the case to be worked on. Explanation of the contents to be worked on and objectives to be fulfilled. Establishment of norms for the debate. Establishment of the periods of time for the development of the activity.

How do you participate in a discussion and opinion forum?

The discussions are usually moderated by a coordinator or facilitator who generally introduces the topic, formulates the first question, stimulates and guides, without pressing, gives the floor, asks for foundations and explanations and synthesizes what has been said before closing the discussion.

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