How many CBC subjects can be taken by UBA XXI?

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Through UBA XXI you can take all the subjects of the Common Basic Cycle (CBC) of the chosen career. There is no limit to the number of subjects that can be taken.

How many subjects can be done by UBA XXI?

There is no limit on the subjects that can be taken through UBA XXI. Enrollment in courses in intensive mode is open to students already enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires. Only one subject can be taken in intensive format at a time.

How many subjects can be done by UBA XXI in a semester?

Currently the UBA offers the possibility of studying 22 subjects through the UBA XXI program. They all have a single chair, unlike the CBC and the degree courses.

How to study CBC and UBA XXI at the same time?

They can take CBC and UBA XXI at the same time. The only requirement is that they do not enroll in more than 3 subjects per semester between both modalities. A consultation on the page of the CBC of the UBA

What happens if I do all the subjects by UBA XXI?

Through UBA XXI, all subjects of the Common Basic Cycle can be studied. All the subjects studied by UBA XXI are equivalent to the subjects of the CBC, but not identical since they are exclusive chairs of UBAXXI, with their own study program and compulsory bibliography.

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How long does a subject of UBA XXI last?

The subjects approved by UBA XXI are valid for 24 months, they have this period to accredit them in the CBC.

How to validate UBA XXI subjects?


Enter the Management System UBA XXI-CBC (SIU Guaraní) Fill in your username and password. In the Reports tab, click on Academic History. You can view the approved subjects and download a certificate of approval (without signature).

How to do two races at the same time in the UBA?

Can two degrees be studied simultaneously in the same faculty or another academic unit of the UBA? To study two degrees simultaneously, you must have completed the CBC of one of them, and have passed at least one subject in the course taken at the Faculty. The procedure begins at the Faculty of origin.

What is the simultaneity of UBA races?

SIMULTANEITY is called the administrative act by which a student requests to study at the same time another/s career/s in the field of the UBA. The granting of a simultaneity does not imply the drop in the race of origin.

How to sign up for the CBC of the UBA 2022?

Likewise, the University clarifies what the step-by-step process is like: “How to register? Go to the Distance Procedures page of the UBA with your ID and procedure number. You can also do it with your AFIP or ANSES key. Once you have entered, look for UBA Pre-Entry (CBC and UBA XXI) and click on Start procedure”.

What subjects are easier for UBA XXI?

Mathematics, Biophysics, Cell Biology and Chemistry. But, if we put them in a hierarchical order, Cell Biology would be our easiest objective, since from there we will be given an introduction to subjects such as Biophysics, and we will begin to get used to Chemistry.

How do you give up at UBA XXI?

To take the exams, it is not necessary to register in advance, they only show up to take the exam with the proof of registration and the document with which they registered. The place and time of each part will be published on the General billboard on campus, one week before the published dates.

When does the first semester of UBA XXI 2022 start?

On 03/22 the course begins and the subjects are enabled in the Virtual Campus UBA XXI.

What is a simultaneous race?

Simultaneous Study of Two Careers (ESC), is the academic-administrative procedure, by which a student can start studies of another career, parallel to the one he/she is initially studying, where he/she has covered and/or approved a considerable section of the subjects listed in your Study Plan …

How can you study 2 careers at the same time?

6 tips to study two careers at the same time

1 – Be realistic. … 2 – Stay motivated. … 3 – Forget the intense social life. … 4 – Find out about the possibility of revalidating subjects. … 5 – Try (if possible) not to start both at the same time. … 6 – You will have to have excellent planning.

How to study two careers simultaneously?

Studying two simultaneous careers is possible according to the educational programs of each institution; the requirements and parameters are established according to the interests of each one of them, being some of the most common: that the quota of the career or of the requested campus allows it, to have a minimum average and…

How many careers can be studied in the uba?

113 undergraduate courses can be taken in them, but the academic offer also includes intermediate and postgraduate degrees. Here we detail, faculty by faculty, the careers offered by each of them. 1.

What happens if I study two careers?

Advantages of studying a second career

You get a professional title that allows you to climb from lower to middle positions, which is ideal when your company does not see enough time of experience. You complement your knowledge, which allows you to expand the services you offer to your clients.

How many careers can be studied?

To study a bachelor’s degree in Mexico you can choose from a wide range since there are around 2,500 public higher education institutions and about 3,900 private ones that together offer approximately 42,000 university and postgraduate courses.

How long do UBA approved subjects last?

The approved subjects do not have an expiration date and if you are going to change your degree, you must not retake the common subjects between the previous and the current degree.

How to request a UBA regular student certificate?


Enter SUIGA with username and personal password.Select Regular Student Certificate.Complete ALL the data.Send the Certificate in an attached document, indicating in the subject “REGULAR STUDENT CERTIFICATE”, to the following email address: Estudiantes@filo.uba .ar

How much time do I have to render a UBA XXI final?

Method and resolution time: you must solve the exam in writing and you will have a period of time between 90 and 120 minutes, depending on the subject. Contents: the final exam deals with all the bibliography, resources and the compulsory contents of the subject program.

What happens if I do not pay a partial in UBA XXI?

In case of absence from a partial due to reasons of force majeure, they can request to take a make-up exam, which is taken after the second partial, on a date to be confirmed. The registration process is carried out during the 4 business days after each exam in the UBA XXI Student Department at the Pte.

What is the difference between CBC and UBA XXI?

The CBC is completely face-to-face. You will have to attend all the classes and meet the schedules, according to your selection. The theme is much more complete and long since it follows an established curriculum. In the case of the UBA XXI, as it is blended, you follow your own pace and you only have to attend the exams.

When do registrations open for UBA XXI 2022?

Registration for subjects of the 1st semester 2022

Date: 02/14 to 03/07. Where it is carried out: Management System UBA XXI-CBC (SIU Guaraní).

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