How many constitutions are there?

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Spain has had 8 constitutions.

The first is what is popularly known as La Pepa, the 1812 constitution of the Cortes de Cádiz.

What are the 7 constitutions of Spain?

The seven constitutions of Spain

    1812: ‘La Pepa’ opens the way. 1837: The embryo of the Senate. 1845: The first conservative. 1869: The return to the liberal ideal. 1876: The longest lasting. 1931: And the women voted. 1978: The consensus.

How many constitutions are there?

Higareda, The historical dialectic of the Mexican people through their constitutions. The State of Mexico has promulgated four constitutions: 1827, 1861, 1870, 1917.

What are the 9 Spanish constitutions?

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    Constitution of 1812.Constitution of 1837.Constitution of 1845.Constitution of 1869.Constitution of 1876.Constitution of 1931.Constitution of 1978.Royal Statute of 1834.

How many constitutions does Spain have until 1869?

There were six Spanish Constitutions that were in force throughout the national territory during the 19th century: the Constitution of Cádiz, the Royal Statute of 1834 and the Constitutions of 1837, 1845, 1869 and 1876, since the Statute of Bayonne, of 1809, it was only in force in a part of this territory, while …

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How many constitutions has Spain had throughout its history?

Spain has had 8 constitutions.

The first is what is popularly known as La Pepa, the 1812 constitution of the Cortes de Cádiz. The following two were published during the regency of María Cristina: the Royal Statute of 1834 and the Constitution of 1837. While Elizabeth II was Queen, another Magna Carta came out in 1845.

How many constitutions have we had to date?

Bolivia has known 19 constitutions so far.

What are the 4 constitutions of Mexico?

It agglutinates so much by States as by Federal Constitution: Constitution of 1824, of 1836, 1847, 1857, and 1917, all the dates of all the local Constitutions.

What are the 12 constitutions that Peru has had?

Independent Peru has had twelve constitutions (1823, 1826, 1828, 1834, 1839, 1856, 1860, 1867, 1920, 1933, 1979 and 1993), four provisional statutes (1821, 1855, 1879 and 1883) and a confederate constitution ( 1837).

What have been the 3 constitutions of our country?

The scarce one hundred and twenty years of the independent history of Mexico have been governed, for the most part, by the Constitutions issued in 1824, 1857 and 1917.

What are the most important constitutions of Peru?

Constitutional history of Peru

    Political Constitution of the Peruvian Republic (1823) Lifetime Constitution (1826) Political Constitution of the Peruvian Republic (1828) Political Constitution of the Peruvian Republic (1834) Political Constitution of Peru (1839) Constitution of the Peruvian Republic (1856)

Why did Peru have 12 constitutions?

And so, the constitutions succeeded one another in brief terms due to the anarchy in which the country lived, the ideological and doctrinal tendencies of the time, a very strong nationalism, a marked centralism, the lack of a unified political class, a growing opposition between conservatives and …

How many constitutions are there and what are they?


How many current constitutions are there in Mexico?

According to information from the UNAM Legal Research Institute, Mexico has had a total of 6 Constitutions, however, the Chamber of Deputies indicates that there are 5, since the 1843 Constitution is not considered in its report.

What were the first constitutions of Mexico?


    Constitution of Cádiz (1810-1812) Proposals of the insurgents. Constitution of Apatzingán. Beginnings of independent Mexico (1821-1823) Constitutive Act of the Federation. Constitutional Laws and Organic Bases. Constitutive and Reform Act. Constitution of 1857.

What is the first constitution of Mexico?

On October 4, 1824, the first Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States entered into force, this being a legal and political document that established the federal political system and had as its main purpose to declare the independent character of Mexico as a country.[1].

How many constitutions did Bolivia have from 1825 to 2021?

Here is a summary of that story. Bolivia was born to independent life on August 6, 1825 and throughout its history 19 constitutional texts were approved that responded to its times and political moments.

How many constitutions were there in Spain until 1978?

Madrid, November 2 (EFE). – The War of Independence of 1812 and the referendum of 1978: between these two milestones are the seven constitutions that Spain has had, each one of them a reflection of the political convulsions that the country has gone through in the last two centuries.

How many constitutions has Colombia had and what are they?

The eight constitutions of the 19th century (1821,1830,1832,1843,1853,1858,1863,1886) are the product in most cases of the internal confrontations of the country, which shows the appearance and consolidation by those emerging classes both regional as well as national, that favored particular interests, and that…

How did the constitution originate?

It was the result of the Congress of Cúcuta, which took place on August 30, 1821 and whose main objective was to create the Republic of Gran Colombia.

How does the current constitution come about?

At the end of 1915, Venustiano Carranza summoned a Congress to elaborate a new constitution. The congressmen met in the city of Querétaro and on February 5, 1917 they proclaimed the new constitution that has remained in force to date.

What is the origin of the constitution?

The Origin of the Constitution

Constitution is the fundamental law, written or not, of a sovereign State, established or accepted as a guide for its governance. Its origin is found in Classical Greece, which was convinced that the political community is governed by law.

What is the best constitution in Peru?

The Political Constitution of Peru of 1860 was the seventh constitutional text of the Peruvian Republic, which was discussed and approved by the Congress of the Republic meeting in Lima in 1860. It was promulgated by the constitutional president of the Republic, Marshal Ramón Castilla, the November 13 of that same year.

What was the first constitution of Peru?

POLITICAL CONSTITUTION OF THE PERUVIAN REPUBLIC SANCTIONED BY THE FIRST CONSTITUENT CONGRESS ON NOVEMBER 12, 1823. Don José Bernardo Tagle, Grand Marshal of the Armies, and President of the Peruvian Republic, Appointed by the Constituent Congress.

What are the 3 Mexican constitutions of the 19th century?

THREE CONSTITUTIONS AND THREE CONSTITUENTS. 1941. The scarce one hundred and twenty years of the independent history of Mexico have been governed, for the most part, by the Constitutions issued in 1824, 1857 and 1917.

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