How many credits does a specialization in Colombia have?

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The specialty program is made up of academic, work, research and other activities determined by the academic committee. The minimum length of the postgraduate specialty programs is 100 credits.

How long can a specialization last?

What is a Specialization? It is a postgraduate program that enables deepening in the same area, profession, discipline or related or complementary areas. Approximate duration: From 12 to 14 months.

How many credits does a specialization at UNAD have?

Its study plan is made up of twenty-four (24) academic credits, 18 of them compulsory and 6 electives, allowing the student to choose a deepening emphasis from the elective courses.

How much does a semester cost at UNAD 2022?

Academic credit value $420,000 pesos. Registration value $223,000 pesos. Student insurance $9,000 pesos.

How much does a diploma at UNAD cost?

Value of the Diploma: until December 30, 2021 it is $3,820.

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What is better to study a master’s degree or a specialization?

A master’s degree lasts longer than a specialization, approximately two years. Its objective is that students obtain a broader knowledge about a specific area.

What is better a master’s degree or a specialization?

Advantages of specialties:

Generally, they are shorter than master’s degrees and therefore cheaper. They are more specific in the area of ​​knowledge they cover. Within the same area of ​​knowledge there are several specialty options. The degree option is simpler.

What is the difference between postgraduate and specialization?

In this type of postgraduate course, an in-depth study is made of theoretical, technological or professional development. Its difference with the specialization lies in the fact that it is full-time and in several cases includes a research paper or thesis as a requirement to graduate.

How many hours should a specialization program have?

Specialization programs

They usually have a duration of between 90 and 128 hours that can be given in 4 months and in this case, their schedules are also designed so that students do not interrupt their working hours.

How many hours does a postgraduate have?

A postgraduate degree usually lasts approximately 150 teaching hours, unlike a master’s degree, which is usually at least one full academic year or even two in some cases.

How much does it cost to do a specialization in Colombia?

On average, the cost of these courses in a year can range from $11.2 million to $14.4 million.

How many credits should a master’s program have?

– Master’s degree: at least 80 (eighty) credits. III. – Doctorate: at least 160 (one hundred and sixty) credits.

What is the highest degree of studies?

Doctorate. The doctorate is the highest level that can be obtained within the academic career of a professional.

Why study a specialization?

Doing a postgraduate degree or a specialization in a specific topic helps to raise the level of knowledge and academics of the person who does it, its importance lies in developing additional skills, their training becomes more solid.

What is higher master’s or postgraduate?

When we talk about postgraduate, we refer to any type of training that comes after the bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, a master’s degree is not only a type of postgraduate study, but it takes longer than many other courses of its kind. Finally, what the person who studies it obtains is a master’s degree.

What comes after specialization?

After the professional title come the titles that are called postgraduate. You can choose between: specialization, which takes about a year; the master’s degree, which takes between one and two years, and finally the doctorate, of which the Ph.D. is the best known.

How much is a diploma worth?

Costs of CESA graduates

One of the advantages of diploma courses is that they require a lower investment than other postgraduate courses. In the case of those offered by CESA, the price varies between $5,000. 000 and $4,200. 000.

How long does a diploma take to graduate?

A diploma has a short duration, from two months to one year. Thanks to this, you will be able to train in a short time and find new job opportunities, while continuing with your daily activities. Studying a master’s or doctorate involves a considerable investment, due to the duration and other factors.

How long does a virtual diploma last?

A free virtual diploma is usually a training that lasts between 2 and 12 months.

What races are there at UNAD 2022?

    Psychology.Industrial Engineering.Business Administration.English.Public Accounting.Environmental Engineering.Systems Engineering.

How much does a semester of Engineering at UNAD cost?

Teleinformatics Engineering Semester value 1,548,000 thousand pesos. Systems Engineering 1,572,000 pesos.

How to study for free at UNAD?

Through the Generation E program, the National Government seeks that those people with a Sisbén of up to 32 points, can study a higher education program free of charge in institutions such as the National Open and Distance University (UNAD).

Where to do a specialization in Colombia?

The best universities to study a postgraduate degree in Colombia

    Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla.Technological University of Pereira.Universidad de los Andes in BogotáUniversidad de Antioquia in Medellín.Universidad del Valle in Cali.

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