How many hits does Prepa 3 2022 ask for?

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According to the Comipems call for admission to upper secondary education, applicants who want to enter Prepa 3 of UNAM must have a total of 105 correct answers. Although it must be remembered that the Comipems 2022 exam is made up of 120 questions from various subjects.

How many hits do the UNAM 2022 high schools ask for?

UNAM campuses

National Preparatory School #3 “Justo Sierra”: 105 hits. ENP 4 “Vidal Castañeda y Nájera”: 97 hits. National Preparatory School #5 “José Vasconcelos”: 105 hits. The National Preparatory School #6 “Antonio Caso”: 111 hits.

Which high school asks for more hits?

* ENP 4, Campus Vidal Castañeda y Nájera requests 97 hits, its password is U611000. * The ENP 5 Campus José Vasconcelos requires 105 hits, its password is U611000. * ENP 6, Campus Antonio Caso is the high school that asks for more hits: 111 and its password is U603000. * ENP 7 which is the Ezequiel A campus.

Which high schools have a direct pass to UNAM?

What are the high schools that have a direct pass to the UNAM?

    ENP 1 Gabino Barreda in Xochimilco.ENP 2 Erasmo Quinto in Iztacalco.ENP 3 Justo Sierra in Gustavo A. … ENP 4 Vidal Castañeda in Miguel Hidalgo.ENP 5 José Vasconcelos in Tlalpan.ENP 6 Antonio Caso in Coyoacán.ENP 7 Ezequiel A. …

What high schools belong to UNAM?

It currently has 9 campuses distributed within CDMX:

Campus 1 “Gabino Barreda” Campus 2 “Erasmo Castellanos Quinto” Campus 3 “Justo Sierra” Campus 4 “Vidal Castañeda y Nájera” Campus 5 “José Vasconcelos” Campus 6 “Antonio Caso” Campus 7 “Ezequiel A. Chávez” Campus 8 ” Miguel E. Schulz”33 related questions found

What do I do to enter a UNAM high school?

Your entry can only be through the Assignment Contest organized by the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (COMIPEMS). Keep in mind that: – If you only register UNAM options, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to one of them.

How many hits does each high school ask for 2021?

For the UNAM, an average of between 87 and 94 correct answers is required, and for the IPN between 86 and 106, according to In last year’s contest, the sixth was the UNAM high school that asked for the most hits, with 114, and the South was the CCH, with 98, according to the site

How many points does Prepa 5 2022 ask for?

CECyT number 4, Lázaro Cárdenas: 83 hits (Code: I504100). CECyT number 5, Benito Juárez García asks for 91 hits (Code: I505300). CECyT number 6, Miguel Othón de Mendizábal: 91 hits (Code: I506200). CECyT number 7, Cuauhtémoc: 90 hits (Code: I507100).

How many hits does prepa 5 2022 ask for?

In accordance with the COMIPEMS 2022 call, UNAM Prepa 5 asks applicants who wish to be part of the student body to achieve a minimum of 105 correct answers in the exam.

How many hits does Prepa 4 2022 ask for?

How many correct answers do I need to enter Prepa 4 at UNAM? According to the COMIPEMS 2022 call, applicants who want to enter this high school must obtain a minimum of 97 correct answers in the admission exam.

What comes in the admission exam for high school 2022?

These are the papers you will need to prepare:

    Applicant information.Referenced payment.General data survey.Capture of Educational Options.Choice of registration type.Integrate electronic file.

How many hits does voca 3 2021 ask for?

Cecyt No. 3 Estanislao Ramírez: 94 hits. Cecyt No. 4 Lázaro Cárdenas del Río: 86 hits.

How many hits do mouths ask for 2021?

In order for a student to be selected at any CECyT campus, they must equal or exceed the line of minimum correct answers to enter the Comipems Contest and have a minimum average of 7.0 in the secondary education certificate (without having to pay for subjects at the time of presenting the exam). allocation).

How many points are needed to pass the high school exam?

Regardless of the schools you are planning to choose as your first options, it is best to focus on reaching 128 correct answers.

What is the minimum GPA to enter high school?

To participate in the High School admissions process, you must follow these steps: You must complete secondary education with a minimum average of 7.0.

When is the registration for High School UNAM 2022?

August 8 to 12: You must bring all the requested papers on the day and time indicated to carry out your registration process for the 2022-1 semester. Remember to be punctual and take everything with you as it is essential to deliver all the documents to complete your registration.

How do I enter the UNAM 2022 baccalaureate?

Which are the requirements?

Original high school certificate with a minimum average of 7. Original birth certificate. Proof of residence abroad. CURP (if you have Mexican nationality). There is no age limit.

How many UNAM preparatory schools are there?

campuses. The National Preparatory School has 9 campuses, all located within Mexico City: Campus 1 “Gabino Barreda” Campus 2 “Erasmo Castellanos Quinto”

What are the 4 areas of high school?


What is the difference between a CCH and a high school?

The CCH system is more open, its students have more freedom, they give you the chance to make your own decisions and be responsible for your actions, and they take their principles seriously: teaching students to learn and to do. It is important that you know that both models provide an excellent education.

How many hits are needed to enter the CECyT 3?

How many hits are needed to enter the CECyT 3 of the IPN this 2022? According to the last call issued by COMIPEMS, to be part of the student body of the CECyT 3 of the IPN, the applicant must obtain around 93 correct answers in his admission exam.

When are the admission exams for high school 2022 2023?

Students take the exam in the third week of June.

How many questions does the 2022 high school admission exam have?

The exam has a total of 128 multiple-choice questions, which cover topics, knowledge and skills that you learned during your three years of high school.

When is the 2022 high school exam?

The exam will take place on June 18, 19, 25 and 26, as indicated by the applicant’s last name. This data will be released once the registration process is completed.

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