How many hours does a Buenos Aires police officer work?

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12 hours of duration interspersed with 36 hours of rest, a system colloquially called “12 x 36”. Compared to most formal jobs, where the day is 8 hours, the length of police service is long.

How much does a newly received police officer earn?

Until November, the basic salary of a new police officer amounts to $26,400.00, which with bonuses and discounts rises to $68,019.03 out of pocket.

How many hours a week does a police officer work?

– Like the “Additional Police Service Hour”, each police officer should have a weekly shift of approximately 30 hours and this arises from the division between the salary and the value of the overtime hour. THAT IS TO SAY A MONTHLY DAY OF 120 HOURS.

How much does a police officer earn in 2021?

In this way, the net salary of an entering police officer without seniority will reach $70,746 in December and $78,246 out of pocket when accumulated with the amount of the value of the uniform that is established from this month at $7,500 from the current $5,000.

What is the salary of a police patrolman?

A Subintendent earns 25% more than a Patrolman, Investigator or Carabinero. Decree 318 of 2020 establishes that the monthly salary of a Patrolman is $1,661,345, while that of a Subintendent is $2,090,988. Please note that these figures are from 2020.

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How much does a 2021 province police officer earn?

Thus, the pocket salary scale of a police officer in command of the Buenos Aires Police in force as of December 2021 was as follows: General Commissioner: $264,863.30. Senior Commissioner: $206,266.73. Commissioner Inspector: $182,548.60.

How many hours does a police officer work a day?

The working day will be from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with a fixed presence schedule in the workplace from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., while the Local Police will work eight days in a row and rest six.

How many days does a policeman work?

There are 20 vacation days a year and the authorization depends on the boss.

How many hours does a local police officer work a day?

Shift work can be carried out in: Daytime hours: It is the one that is carried out from Monday to Sunday between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., generally the shifts will be 8 hours (7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. ).

How much does a police officer earn in Italy?

The average salary of an Italian police officer is around 34,000 euros gross per year.

What is the salary of a Buenos Aires police officer?

This increase is added to those previously established for March, July and September of this year. In this way, officials of the Buenos Aires security forces will benefit from a salary increase of 46.5% in contrast to December 2020.

How many hours does a police officer work in Argentina?

8 hours per day or 48 hours per week, maximum.

When does the Buenos Aires police get paid?

Salary payment date February 2022

According to the official schedule of the General Treasury of the Province, the payment of February/22 for the beneficiaries of the Police Fund will be on March 3, 2022.

How long does a National Police work?

A national police officer has the right to enjoy paid vacations of 22 working days for each year worked. These days will increase depending on how old you are depending on: Fifteen years of service: twenty-three working days. Twenty years of service: twenty-four business days.

How many hours does a National Police work?

3.1 The duration of the general working day will be 37 and a half hours per week of effective work on average in annual computation, EQUIVALENT TO ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FOUR (1,664) HOURS PER YEAR.

How are the shifts in the police?

* According to their rules, a police shift would look like this: 2 pm-10 pm The next day, 6 a . m. -2 pm, rest until 10 pm, time at which work is resumed until 7 am. m., to return the other day to the 2 pm shift

How many days off does a Local Police have?

The calendar establishes an annual working day of 1,642 hours (excluding 22 days of vacation, six days of free disposal, 52 Saturdays and 52 Sundays, 16 non-working days).

Which police officers charge more?

In this case, the Mosso d’esquadra salary without supplements of any kind, which is paid to lower-ranking agents, is €788.42 per month, so the base salary is one of the best in the Spanish police.

How much does a police officer earn in Argentina 2022?

A cadet of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) will have a salary of almost $54,000 from January 2022; a Cape $76,379.48; a 1st Sergeant $93,000, and a Commissioner General will receive $229,885.09.

How much do they pay a police patrol in Colombia 2021?

Patrolman: $1,667,345. Carabinero: $1,667,345. Agent with more than 10 years of experience: $1,236,573.

What is the salary of a police patrolman in Colombia?

The ranks of Major (2,991,815), Captain (2,462,132), Lieutenant (2,150,720) and Second Lieutenant (1,901,499) receive these basic salaries monthly, and the Ensigns also receive a bonus of $255,504.

How much does the Police patrol car career cost in Colombia?

For this 2020, the process to register as a patrolman has a total cost of $862,530 for men and $907,824 for women, which is supported by the registration, tests and different assessments made to the applicants.

How much does a policeman earn per month?

Police Officer: 23,110 euros per year and 1,925 euros per month. Sub-inspector: 25,788 euros per year and 2,149 per month. Inspector: 30,848 euros per year and 2,570 per month. Chief inspector: 32,408 euros per year and 2,700 per month.

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