How many hours does a PDI work?

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How many hours per week and per year does a PDI have to do? It depends: – PDI on a full-time dedication basis: 37.5 hours a week. -PDI on a part-time dedication basis: between three and six teaching hours and an equal number of hours of tutoring and assistance to students, per week.

How many hours does a PDI official work?

The Administrative Statute (Law No. 18,824), in its Paragraph 2 regulates the working day, providing in article 65 that the ordinary working day of officials will be 44 hours per week distributed from Monday to Friday, not being able to exceed nine hours a day.

How many days does a PDI work?

The measure is already generating controversy, although the detectives value its implementation. By means of a decree, the general director of the PDI, Héctor Espinoza, modified the working day of the troops, who from now on must fulfill 44 weekly hours of work, distributed from Monday to Friday.

How many hours does an associate professor work?

c) Associate Professor: – With a dedication of 6 hours: 180 teaching hours and 180 hours of tutorials or student assistance. – With a dedication of 5 hours: 150 teaching hours and 150 hours of tutorials or student assistance. – With a dedication of 4 hours: 120 teaching hours and 120 hours of tutorials or student assistance.

How many hours of class from a university professor?

Teaching obligations in their working day: in general, it is 8 teaching hours per week, both for civil servants and for contracted employees (except for University School Professors, which is 12 teaching hours per week);

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What is the salary of a university professor?

Their salaries are between 3,000 and 6,000 euros per month, which would give them an annual salary of between 56,000 in university school and 73,000 euros in the case of university.

What level does a university professor have?

University Professors are assigned level 29. University Professors and University School Professors are assigned level 27 and University School Professors are assigned level 26.

What does it mean to be an associate professor?

Adm. Professor who, regularly developing his activity outside the University and being a specialist of recognized competence, is hired on a temporary basis and part-time to contribute his knowledge and professional experience to the University.

What does Associate Professor 6 6 mean?

For example, in a contract called 6+6 (with 18 teaching credits, which are the same -approximately- and with the same responsibilities, that a full-time professor does (with exclusive dedication as a University professor) receives a salary gross of about 596 euros.

How many vacations does a teacher have?

Education sets teacher vacations at 190 days, more than half the year.

How many years do you study to be a PDI?

This implies that their two-year training will be carried out with the following modalities: During 2022, the course will be face-to-face.

What are the tests that are done in the PDI?

To start your registration, you must have the unique password, once this step is completed, you will be able to advance through the following stages: psycho-technical test, psychological control, medical-dental examination, personal interview, declaration of personal history, physical test, English evaluation , transition test (minimum …

How much does a PDI assistant earn?

According to the Transparency portal, PDI police assistants receive a salary that varies between $558,000 and $1,673,000, gross, depending on the grade.

How to distribute the 45 hours per week?

45 hour weekly shift:

It should not exceed 45 hours per week. They should be distributed over 5 or 6 days, so someone who works 6 days a week may have a daily workday of 7.5 hours.

How many maximum hours can you work in a day?

The working day in Spain is regulated in the Workers’ Statute and establishes that the maximum legal working day may not exceed 40 hours per week of effective work on average in annual computation, as well as the daily limit may not be greater than 8 hours of effective work.

How much does an associate professor earn at the Complutense?

The average salary for an Associate Professor is €50,943 per year in Spain; 3% lower than the average salary at Universidad Complutense de Madrid of €52,527 per year for that position.

What is an interim associate professor?

The figure of Interim Substitute Teacher allows the performance of the teaching function of teachers in situations of reservation of jobs with teaching reduction, or to cover teaching during the selection process of the places provided for in the RPT.

How much does a professor emeritus earn?

Despite this, the Governing Council has been systematically approving that all emeritus professor appointments be paid, that is, that they entail a remuneration of 31,000 euros per year as a supplement to the retirement pension.

What is the difference between associate and full professor?

The concerns of both figures, therefore, is different; the purpose of associate professors is to develop a career mainly in the professional field and complete this facet with teaching, however, for full professors, their concern is to dedicate themselves to their teaching work, especially …

What is it like to be an adjunct professor?

Associate Professor.

Regular or interim professor who collaborates with a Full Professor, Full Professor or Associate, in teaching tasks.

What kind of civil servants are the teachers?

Subgroup A2: Teachers, Finance Technicians…

What do you have to study to be a university professor?

Requirements to be a professor in Spain

    Be or have been a university professor or high school and/or university professor. Have a bachelor’s degree in the specialty to be taught. Have a master’s degree. Be in possession of a doctor’s degree. Add at least 60 hours of lessons.

What is university faculty?

Teaching bodies that carry out their activity in university education. … They are made up of the bodies of Professors and University Professors. Both have full teaching and research capacity.

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