How many inhabitants are there in the town of Suba?

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1,569,978 inhab.

How many inhabitants does the town of Suba 2020 have?

The town of Suba concentrates the largest population, with more than 1.2 million people.

What neighborhoods make up the town of Suba?

It is made up of 12 UPZ: La Academia, Guaymaral, San José de Bavaria, Britalia, El Prado, La Alambra, Casa Blanca Suba, Niza, La Floresta, Suba, El Rincón and Tibabuyes and 1 UPR Chorrillos.

What municipality is Suba?

The municipality of Suba

Located in the department of Cundinamarca, Suba is a municipality whose area, population, altitude, and other important information is provided below.

What does the word rise mean?

The other origin of Suba is the union of two indigenous words, the first Sua which means sun, the second Sia which means water.

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What is Suba’s story?

The town of Suba has its origin from two indigenous words: sua which means sun and sia which means water. The word Suba means quinoa, which is a chenopodiaceae plant cultivated throughout the savannah of Bogotá, the main food of the Chibchas.

What was Suba like before?

Its origin dates back to pre-Columbian times, when it was a very important Muisca town. Later it was a municipality in the department of Cundinamarca, before joining Bogotá as a locality.

Where is Altos de Suba?

Altos De Suba Neighborhood – Bogota DC – Colombia | Lupap.

What stratum is Suba?

Real estate market in Suba Share

Suba Compartir was born as a neighborhood designed for families from strata 2 and 3 who, in the midst of the expansion of Bogotá, were looking for new places to settle with the possibility of acquiring their own home.

Where is Suba Rincón Bogotá?

Located south of the Town of Suba, El Rincón is located between Avenida Ciudad de Cali, Calle 130c and Carrera 91.

How many UPZs are there in the town of Suba?

The town of Suba covers an area of ​​10,056 hectares (6,271 hectares of urban land and 3,785 of rural land). Administratively, it is divided into 13 UPZs and has a total of 259 neighborhoods.

What are the neighborhoods of locality 2 of Santa Marta?

It should be noted that the historic location 2 Rodrigo de Bastidas includes neighborhoods such as Alambique, Bavaria, Bavaria, Reserved, Bellavista, Bolívar Boston, Downtown, Historic Center, Costa Verde El Mayor, El Prado, El Pueblito, El Territorial, Urbanization, Colon, La Esperanza, La Gran Vía, La Logia, La Tannería, Los …

What is the name of the mayor of the town of Suba?

Julian Moreno Baron – Local Mayor of Suba – Mayor’s Office of Bogotá | LinkedIn.

What stratum is Montevideo?

Fontibón, stratum 5: Roof Farms; stratum 4, Lusitania, Montevideo and Franco.

When was Suba founded?

In 1550 the Spanish town was founded by Antonio Díaz Cardozo. Article 4 of the Law of June 22, 1850 implemented, within a deindigenization plan of the capital, the dissolution of the Suba reservation, which was completed in 1877.

What was the city of Bogotá like before?

Bogotá was a city isolated by communication routes that were very precarious. It was only at the end of the century that isolation began to give way thanks to the railroad and some highways that put it in contact with the Magdalena River and through it with the Caribbean coast.

What locality number is Barrios Unidos?

Barrios Unidos is the 12th locality in the city, it has a total area of ​​1,189.52 hectares, all of them in the urban area, and it is the fifth smallest locality in the District.

How many UPZs does Barrios Unidos have?

In this urban land there are 1,222 blocks that occupy a total of 803 ha. It is specified that for the town of Barrios Unidos, it has issued 4 (four) Zonal Planning Units -UPZ-, which are, UPZ 21 Los Andes, UPZ 22 Doce de Octubre, UPZ 98 Los Alcázares and UPZ 103 Parque el Salitre.

How many people live in the locality of Barrios Unidos?

The locality of Barrios Unidos in 2014 had 241,032 inhabitants, which represents 3.09% of the total inhabitants of Bogotá DC The exponential growth of the locality is 1.02%, compared to the population of 2011 (233,781 inhabitants) .

What neighborhoods belong to locality 3 of Santa Marta?

Location 3:

Los Cardonales neighborhood (Gaira), Cristo Rey neighborhood, Monterrey urbanization, Central Córdoba village of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Circasia neighborhood, La Paz neighborhood, Bello Horizonte sector and El Socorro de Gaira neighborhood.

What town is Rodadero?

Locality III (Tourist-Pearl of the Caribbean) is made up of Commune 7 (Gaira-El Rodadero), Commune 8 (Pozos Colorados-Don Jaca) and the district of Minca.

How is Santa Marta divided?

The urban area or Microdistrict is administratively divided into eight (8) communes: María Eugenia – Pando; Central Commune; Fish – Taganga; Sports Center – The Garden; Santafe – Bastidas; Park – Mamatoco – November 11; Gaira Rodadero; Red Wells – Don Jaca.

What is the UPZ Suba Rincón?

POT Suba UPZ 28 (El Rincón)

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