How many Libertadores does Paraguay have?

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Country championships: Argentina: 19 titles (7 clubs), Brazil: 11 (7), Uruguay: 8 (2), Paraguay: 3 (1), Colombia: 1 (1), Chile: 1 (1).

Which club has more Libertadores?

The club with the most titles is Independiente, from Argentina, with seven conquests. The current champion of the contest is the Brazilian team Palmeiras, who won their third title, second in a row.

How many Libertadores does Cerro have?

The National titles won by Cerro Porteño: From 1913 to the present, there are 34 official titles, obtained by the Cerro Porteño club, from its foundation, on October 1, 1912 to December 4, 2021. Participated in 43 Copa Libertadores , 11 South American Cups and 4 Mercosur Cups.

How many times was Cerro eliminated from the Libertadores?

Cerro Porteño, who needed to work a miracle in Rio de Janeiro to continue in the Copa Libertadores, lost to Fluminense 1-0 at the legendary Maracaná stadium and recorded its 57th elimination from international tournaments.

How many titles does Libertad de Paraguay have?

THE 21 TITLES WERE IN THE YEARS: 1910; 1917; 1920; 1930; 1943; 1945; 1955; 1976; Two-time champion: 2002 and 2003; Four-time champion: 2006, 2007, Opening 2008 and Closing 2008; Closure 2010; Closure 2012; Two-time champion: Opening 2014 and Closing 2014; Opening 2016; Opening 2017 and Opening 2021.

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How many fans does Libertad de Paraguay have?

Olimpia has 449,000 followers on its Twitter account and Cerro Porteño, the “Ciclón de Barrio Obrero”, has 406,000. While Guarani barely exceeds 58,000, Libertad has about 63,000 and Sol de América, 48,800.

How many members does Club Libertad have?

The institution currently has more than 3,500 active members, including life members. The liberteña fans are characterized by being a close-knit family, and their club is known as “el Gumarelo” or “los repolleros”, linked to the institution known as Tuyucuá.

How many Libertadores cups does Boca and River have so far?

Boca has 18 titles and River 12. In addition, Xeneize won 6 Copa Libertadores and 3 Intercontinental Cups, while its rival won 4 times in the continental competition and was only crowned world champion once.

How many Libertadores does each team have?

Country championships: Argentina: 19 titles (7 clubs), Brazil: 11 (7), Uruguay: 8 (2), Paraguay: 3 (1), Colombia: 1 (1), Chile: 1 (1).

Which team has won the Copa Libertadores 4 consecutive times?


Estudiantes has been proclaimed champion of the Copa Libertadores 4 times, three of them consecutively (1968, 1969 and 1970) and the last one in the photo, in 2009 (

What is the team with the most fans in Paraguay?

The Cerro Porteño club is also called “half plus one” due to the drag it has. And his fans always stuck out their chests for considering themselves the majority in the country. However, the company First Analysis and Studies conducted a survey that left Olimpia with more fans.

Who has the most fans in Paraguay?

A pollster assures that Olimpia is the club with the most fans in Paraguay.

What is the biggest club in Paraguay?

“Cerro is a big club in Paraguay, the biggest. It is also among the most recognized in South America, it would be an honor to play there. In Uruguay its fans and the stadium are well known,” he told the 970 AM radio station.

How many titles does Libertad have?

Libertad, with 12 titles, is the club that has achieved the most so far this century, however, Cerro Porteño with 9 conquests and Olimpia with 7 have not lost track of it. Also, Nacional with 3 championships and Guaraní with 2 were able to celebrate in this millennium.

Why is Libertad the most winner of the century?

Adding the eight titles achieved in the last century, Libertad accumulates 22 official championships in its showcase. In addition, Gumarelo was undefeated champion of the Italian Cup in 1920 and champion of the Centennial League in 1913, 1914, 1916 and 1917.

How many times was Cerro eliminated?

With this Thursday’s defeat against Boca Juniors in La Bombonera, the Ciclón reached 38 editions of the Copa Libertadores in which I know that on the road without playing the final, plus the 4 eliminations in the Mercosur Cup and the 9 in the South American Cup, Cerro arrives to 51 in his negative history.

How many international eliminations does Cerro have?

Cerro Porteño suffered a new elimination at the international level, the 39th in Copa Libertadores, adding a total of 54 cup participations. In the disappeared Copa Mercosur he played four editions and in the Sudamericana he has 11 participations.

How many international eliminations does Cerro Porteño have?

The elimination is the 49th in its history -according to the records published by the Paraguayan communicator Andrés Riquelme, Guarani soccer statistician- and it comes through 36 eliminations in the Copa Libertadores, 4 in the Mercosur Cup (a tournament that is no longer disputed) and 9 in the South American Cup.

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