How many modalities are there in the IMSS?

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There are 15 insurance modalities in the IMSS: • Permanent and temporary farm workers (Modality 10). Permanent and temporary field workers (Modality 13). Temporary workers in the sugarcane field (Modality 14). Reversal of quotas for subrogation of services (Modality 17).

What is IMSS modality 36 and 38?

2 Modalities 36, 38 and 42 refer to workers at the service of the state or municipal public administration, the difference is related to the type of insurance to which they are entitled. Article 13, section V of the Social Security Law.

What is the modality in the IMSS?

It is the procedure that you carry out as an insured or pensioner to update (modify, correct) your data or those of your beneficiaries to continue receiving the benefits granted by the IMSS. Each beneficiary corresponds to one modality of this procedure, as shown below: Modality B. Spouse

What is modality 32 in the IMSS?

Insured persons without an associated job (or contributors without an associated job): Refers to those insured in modalities 32 (optional insurance, relatives of IMSS and CFE personnel), 33 (health insurance for the family), and 40 (voluntary continuation of the mandatory regime).

What is IMSS mode 30?

Jobs affiliated to the IMSS by agreement (with a reference salary equal to the minimum): Refers to voluntary insurance by agreement in modalities 30 (sugar cane producers), 35 (employers who are individuals with workers at their service), 43 (voluntary incorporation of the field to the regime …

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How much does it cost to register a worker in the IMSS 2022?

What are the membership costs? According to modality 33, each person and family member can access this benefit by paying annual installments in advance, according to the following costs that are maintained this 2022: 0-19 years: 6,200 pesos. 20-29 years: 7,650 pesos.

What is IMSS modality 35?

Employers who are natural persons with insured workers at their service (modality 35), are covered by the Occupational Risk Insurance, for which they must pay the fee corresponding to the premium assigned for their employer activity.

What is IMSS modality 42?

With insurance modality 42, assigned by the IMSS, the benefit of voluntary incorporation into the mandatory regime reached the workers of the Federation, states and municipalities, who, due to the lack of national coverage of the ISSSTE, lack protection.

What is the modality 35 43 and 44 of the IMSS?

Modality 44 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, IMSS, is intended for those independent workers and professionals, who do not have an employer, to join the mandatory regime and contribute resources for their life and disability insurance.

What is IMSS modality 38?

Now what is being regularized is that we will be contributing at real wages, but in modality 38, that is, medical services only in social security. From the start of the administration until this modification, contributions were still made at four salaries, that can no longer continue », he stressed.

What is IMSS modality 40 and 33?

The Voluntary Continuation of the Compulsory Social Security Regime, better known as Modality 40 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), allows workers who have stopped contributing to an employer, to continue with contributions to increase their weeks of contributions.

What is modality 10 IMSS?

This registration allows you to continue contributing to disability and life insurance, as well as old age and retirement insurance, with which you will continue to accumulate weeks of contributions and resources in your individual account.

What is IMSS modality 43?

The ejidatarios, comuneros, settlers and small owners (modality 43), will be able to make the payment bimonthly or annually. Hiring may be individual and collective; to carry it out, at least 25 people are required.

What is IMSS modality 44?

Modality 44 or Voluntary Incorporation to the Compulsory Regime for Urban Workers, is an alternative created by the Mexican Institute of Social Security for those independent workers who need to contribute to the institute, covering retirement insurance for old age, disability and death.

What is mode 43?

Modality 43, ‘Voluntary incorporation of the field to the mandatory regime. Prior to the entry into force of the LSS of 1995, various registration modalities prevailed, which by decree facilitated the access of different rural organizations to the compulsory regime.

What are the 15 IMSS modalities?

The Institute identifies 15 insurance modalities for holders: 10, permanent and temporary city workers; 13: permanent and temporary farm workers; 14, temporary workers in the sugarcane field; 17, reversal of fees for subrogation of services; 30, sugarcane producers; …

How many weeks are needed for modality 40?

It is important to mention that in order to be able to retire under the 40 modality, the worker must have contributed at least 52 weeks of work in the last five years.

What is the 2022 integrated daily wage?

For this reason, as of January 1, 2022 there will be a 22% increase in the minimum wage throughout Mexico, so the general will go from 141.70 to 172.87 pesos per day; and the one that is governed in the Free Zone of the Northern Border (made up of the municipalities bordering the United States of America) goes from …

How much is paid to register a worker in the IMSS?

Article 106 of the Social Security Law establishes that a daily fee corresponding to 13.90% of a minimum wage must be paid monthly.

How many years is Modality 40 paid?

By enrolling in Modality 40 you can decide with how many minimum wages and for how long you will pay directly to the IMSS in this modality, as long as it is less than 25 wages. which would be equivalent to a monthly payment of +/- $5,800.00, and a maximum of 5 years, but it can even be for one year.

What is the modality 33 of the Social Security?

Modality 33 offered by the Social Security Law refers to “Family Health Insurance”, which is intended for those people who do not have a formal job (because they have just lost it, or because they work on their own), want have medical care.

How much do I have to pay in Modality 40 IMSS?

The amount of the payment that you will make regarding your voluntary contributions of Modality 40, is equivalent to 10.075% of the salary with which you register, since as we mentioned, if you register with a salary of $28,000 MXN, you will pay a monthly fee close to $2,821MXN.

How much is paid in modality 40 in 2021?

Increases to the cost of Modality 40 IMSS

According to the second transitory article, these changes will be made gradually, year after year, as follows: From 4.01 UMAs (year 2021) onwards ($359.38 pesos of daily quotation onwards):

How is payment for modality 40 calculated?

The calculation of modality 40 is an IMSS pension projection, it refers to the increase in the pension amount as the contributions of modality 40 are made, each year that the payments with modality 40 are fulfilled, the number of weeks contributed will increase by 52 weeks , the base salary of contribution with the …

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