How many neighborhoods does the City of Buenos Aires have?

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It allows access to information on the 48 neighborhoods of the City: limits and geographic location, demographic and historical data, emblems and neighborhood anniversaries, among others.

What are the neighborhoods of the Federal Capital?

The city of Buenos Aires is divided into 48 official neighborhoods:


What is the largest neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires?

With its area of ​​15.9 km2, Palermo is positioned as the largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, currently there are more than ten sub-areas that make it one of the most eclectic and attractive corners of the city in the Buenos Aires geography.

What is the smallest neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

San Telmo: the scene of the smallest neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

How many neighborhoods and communes make up a caba?

The City of Buenos Aires is organized into 15 Communes that are governed by Law 1,777 passed in 2005. These are decentralized units of political and administrative management that, in some cases, cover more than one Buenos Aires neighborhood.

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What neighborhoods make up the 15 Communes of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires?

    COMMUNE 1 Retiro, San Nicolás, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Montserrat and Constitución.COMMUNE 2 Recoleta.COMMUNE 3 Balvanera and San Cristóbal.COMMUNE 4 La Boca, Barracas, Parque Patricios and Nueva Pompeya.COMMUNE 5 Almagro and Boedo.COMMUNE 6 Caballito .COMMUNE 7 Flowers and Chacabuco Park.

What is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires?

It all started there. San Telmo is the neighborhood where Buenos Aires was founded. This is noted by its old buildings, the corners without chamfers and its air that breathes history.

What are the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires?

The three most famous neighborhoods

    Recollect. La Recoleta is a central residential neighborhood of Buenos Aires that has great historical and architectural interest. …Palermo. Palermo is a large residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires that stands out for its beautiful tree-lined avenues and elegant homes. … San Telmo.

What is the largest neighborhood?

At the moment, we can only say that Petare is on the list of the largest neighborhoods in Latin America, along with Neza in Mexico City, San Javier in Medellín, Colombia and Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but if it is first in that category remains a mystery.

How are the zones divided in Buenos Aires?

Three zones are usually distinguished for those GBA matches: The North Zone, the West Zone, and the South Zone.

How are the neighborhoods divided?

A neighborhood is called the set of populated buildings that make up a city or district, as subdivisions of them, whether they are in the center (central neighborhoods) or further away (peripheral neighborhoods).

What does CABA and GBA mean?

The difference between Greater Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires Agglomeration is that the former alludes to a set of districts (plus the City of Buenos Aires) taken as a whole, while the latter alludes to an area that moves over time. and that includes some parties partially.

What is the difference between Buenos Aires and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires, or Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is the Federal Capital of Argentina. The Province of Buenos Aires included the City of Buenos Aires until the end of the 19th century, when the City of Buenos Aires was federalized.

Where do the richest people in Buenos Aires live?

It is located in Palermo Chico and is the place where celebrities and businessmen with a lot of money decide to live. It is called Barrio Parque and it is one of the most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods in the City of Buenos Aires.

What is the most expensive neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

According to the survey, the neighborhoods with the highest and most exclusive square meters are: Recoleta: U$2,106. Nunez: $2,138. Palermo: $2,173.

At the opposite extreme, the neighborhoods with the lowest square meters are:

    Soldati: U$930.Lugano: U$1,124.Nueva Pompeya: U$1,184.La Boca: U$1,232.Constitución: U$1,321.

What is the most expensive area of ​​Buenos Aires?

In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires there are several expensive neighborhoods to live in. But without a doubt, the one that occupies the podium is what is paradoxically the newest neighborhood in BS As: Puerto Madero. The m2 is the most expensive in the city and the rents also exceed those of any other neighborhood.

How is the Monserrat neighborhood in Buenos Aires?

Monserrat is not such a safe area for someone who does not know the movement of the neighborhood. Now, if you stay in Monserrat near Constitución, I would say no, that, for example, is a very heavy area that I do not recommend at all. The best thing for tourists is to stay in the area of ​​Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano.

Where is the neighborhood of Montserrat?

The Montserrat neighborhood was formally born in 1972 and is located in the historic center of the City. Within its limits are the famous Av. de Mayo, the Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Plaza de Mayo, the Plaza del Congreso and the apple of lights.

When was the San Telmo neighborhood created?

In the year 1600 this neighborhood witnessed the cult of San Pedro González Telmo, then appointed patron saint of the old convent of Santo Domingo. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Buenos Aires began to expand and populate this southern neighborhood.

How is the community organized?

Each Commune will have an area for neighborhood participation and another for communal control. The rest of the areas are established taking into account the organizational structure of the Executive Branch, through the provisions of article 128 of the City Constitution and community priorities.

What is CABA?

The City of Buenos Aires or Autonomous City of Buenos Aires – also called the Federal Capital for being the seat of the federal government – is the capital of the Argentine Republic. It is located in the central-eastern region of the country, on the western shore of the Río de la Plata, in the middle of the Pampas plain.

What are those who live in Buenos Aires called?

Buenos Aires has always been a city with open doors. Its inhabitants are called “porteños”, a name that alludes to the port condition of the city. The inhabitant of the province of Buenos Aires is called “Bonaerense”.

Why is it called Buenos Aires?

The name that was decided upon in its first foundation in 1536 was Real de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre. The Spanish conqueror Pedro de Mendoza gave that name to the city in honor of the Catholic patron saint of Sevillian navigators, Nuestra Señora del Buen Ayre, also del Buen Aire or the virgin Bonaira.

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